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Carving pumpkin - instructions + carving templates for printing

  • Instructions 1: carving pumpkin without carving set
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  • Instructions 2: carving pumpkin with carving set
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  • Put the pumpkin in the right light
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  • Pumpkin faces - carving templates

Creepy pumpkin faces chase away "ghosts" ">

The spooky pumpkin is THE symbol of Halloween - and therefore indispensable for anyone who wants to celebrate the 31st of October as Halloween. Protestant Christians celebrate the Reformation of Martin Luther on this day. In 2017, in the 500th year of the Reformation, 31st October is even a national holiday in Germany.

Apart from that, the candlelit pumpkin face is an attractive decorative element in the autumnal season. There are plenty of reasons to try carving a pumpkin. But beware: With the wrong tool, the project becomes a tedious and sometimes dangerous matter. Stick best with us: We'll show you step by step and with lots of good tips, vivid pictures and practical carving templates how to turn a harmless pumpkin into a scary specter!

An advance notice: For particularly great carving results, it pays to invest in professional pumpkin carving tools. One of the most popular products is, for example, the three-piece set by triangle®, which can be bought for around 20 euros (eg here on Amazon). We provide two separate instructions - one without and one with the use of the carving set.

Instructions 1: carving pumpkin without carving set


  • a pumpkin
  • a pointed kitchen or pocket knife
  • a big spoon
  • Felt pen for pre-piercing or pins for pre-piercing
  • Carving templates and scissors (optional)


Step 1: Pick up pumpkin and felt-tip pen. Mark the lid area of ​​the pumpkin. The lid may be round, square or otherwise patterned. If you are a little more skilled, you can cut out the lid without signing and you will not see the pen lines any more.

Tip: A star-shaped - that has spikes - lid looks particularly chic.

Step 2: Cut out the lid with the sharp knife along the marked lines.

Step 3: Gently lift off the lid and set it aside.

Step 4: Use the big spoon to remove pulp and seeds from inside the pumpkin. Hollow it so far that at the end a wall layer about two centimeters thick is preserved.

Tip: Do not throw flesh or seeds away. Both pumpkin ingredients can be used culinary. Inspirations can be found at the end of our guide!

5th step: The "loose material" is eliminated ">

Note: By doing this, you kill two birds with one stone: the pumpkin does not go bad fast and the candlelight shimmers better.

Step 6: Grab the felt pen again and paint the desired face on the pumpkin.

An even better variant than the Vormalen is the Vorstechen. Fix the template with a few pins on the pumpkin. Now take another pin and use it to follow the contours of the eyes, nose and mouth. Poke a hole through the template into the pumpkin about every inch. If you remove the template, the little holes will tell you where to cut. Especially with very detailed and filigree carvings, this method offers.

Tip: In order to get an accurate result, it is advisable to work with one of our (more or less scary) carving templates. Print the stencils on sturdy paper and cut them out with scissors. The cutting can be a bit "fiddly", but worth it. Place the individual parts (eyes and brows, nose and mouth) on the pumpkin and draw the lines with the felt-tip pen.

Step 7: Cut out the contours with the pointed knife. Act cautiously! Subsequently, the individual elements can be pressed out from the inside with the knife and / or the fingers. Sometimes a little patience is needed at this point. But after the step you have finished carving your pumpkin. How best to illuminate it, we tell you after our second guide.

Instructions 2: carving pumpkin with carving set

With the triangle® pumpkin carving set, you can achieve particularly attractive Halloween pumpkin grimaces. The product consists of three tools and as many decorating knives for "engraving cuts" in the pumpkin skin. We will take a closer look at the latter in the course of the tutorial. First of all, let's briefly introduce you to the three main tools:

a) The short, slim and stable saw blade is suitable for finer cuts.
b) The scraper has sharp edges and is the perfect tool to hollow out the pumpkin.
c) The angled punch blade helps cut sharp corners and edges.


  • a pumpkin
  • triangle® carving set (or a similar product)
  • a felt-tip pen
  • Carving templates and scissors (optional)


Step 1: Cut the lid around the stem of the pumpkin. Whether circular, square or with spikes is entirely up to you. In any case, you should use the jagged saw blade from the carving set for this step. It has just the right length, strength and flexibility to penetrate the pumpkin skin with little (human) effort. In addition, the knife can lead excellent.

2nd step: Lift off the lid.

Step 3: Now you are looking at a jumble of cores and fibrous flesh. These ingredients must be removed. Complete this step with the help of the scratching spoon. In no time the pumpkin is hollowed out, you will see.

Tip: Do not forget to free the inner walls of the squash as much as possible from the attached flesh.

Step 4: Print and / or cut out your favorite stencils. To cut, use a conventional pair of scissors.

Tip: The triangle® carving set comes with a template. Alternatively or in addition, you can of course also use our carving templates. Or you completely abandon templates and carve creative start.

Step 5: Did you decide to use stencils ">

Step 7: It is best to remove the nose with the help of the angle cutting tool. Pierce it twice for the nose - once at the bottom, once at the top. For the subtleties you turn to the saw blade.

Step 8: Last but not least, the most complicated part is the carving out of the wild little mouth, whose serrated shape offers some possibilities for cutting and slipping. Depending on how you proceeded so far, use one of the following two techniques:

Method A: If you have worked with the triangle® stencil in the fifth step, you can apply the angle cutting tool. The jags of the template are specifically tailored to the dimensions of the tool. The latter slides easily into the pumpkin and ensures straight, sharp-edged teeth. When pulling out the instrument, the pulp is not torn.

Method B: Pumpkin mouth comes from a different template "> Put the pumpkin in the right light

Regardless of whether you carve the pumpkin with or without a professional tool, you should give it a light at the very end (s): Take a tea light and a small glass to hand. Light the minicorn and place it in the transparent container, which you then put in the pumpkin. Through the glass you protect the tealight or the flame from wind (gust). Now the scary pumpkin face lights up the dark night!

Around the pumpkin carving

  • Which pumpkin should it be "> Kürbisgesichter - Schnitzvorlagen

    By the way: The pumpkin mustache does not necessarily have scary character. How about a friendly-looking pumpkin face? Maybe such a design can give the Halloween evening an alternative touch!

    Here you will find various carving templates for downloading and printing: //www.zhonyingli.com/halloween-kuerbisgesichter-vorlagen/

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