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Pumpkin Hollow Out - Instructions & Coloring Pages for pumpkin faces

  • Instructions - Hollow out pumpkin
    • selection
    • security
    • The lid
    • Hollow out pumpkin
    • Mark the motif
    • Carve pumpkin
    • lighting
    • Make durable
  • Coloring pages for pumpkin faces
    • Create yourself
    • Our templates

Not only for Halloween makes a pumpkin face something. We show you in our step by step instructions how you can make this almost typical autumn decoration.

To hollow out a pumpkin is not that difficult. We show you in our instructions how to do it and what to pay attention to.

Instructions - Hollow out pumpkin

You need:

  • Pumpkin (Carving pumpkin or Hokaido)
  • different knives, saw from the pocket knife
  • Spoon, bowl
  • Rice purposes or pinpins
  • Maybe a template
  • Maybe a pumpkin carving set


Which is the right pumpkin ">

Use stencil or draw directly on the pumpkin?
You can directly draw your motif directly on the pumpkin with a pencil. It should be remembered that the traces later have to be removed. Alternatively, you can also print one of our free templates and proceed as follows.


Pumpkin often has a thicker shell, which gives way after a few millimeters quickly. So please pay attention to your fingers and hands.

  • make only small controlled cuts
  • Secure the pumpkin from slipping
  • work with calm and thoughtful

Otherwise, the evening will end at the accident surgeon in the emergency room, instead of the candlelit pumpkin.

The lid

Choose a motive and stick it to the pumpkin. Classically, the pumpkin is placed on the flower and the (usually) green stem comes up and forms the center of the removable lid. Now you can decide where you like the chosen motif the best. Now you also know how big and in what shape you can make the hole to hollow out. If necessary, make a few marks and prick your hole.

Tip: Very decorative is a zigzag pattern. By just putting the knife diagonally into the pumpkin and then repeating it diagonally to the other side until you get a round one gets this eye-catcher.

Hollow out pumpkin

Pull the lid out by the handle and remove the inside of the pumpkin with a metal spoon to remove. For the rough inner life is worth a tablespoon. But if you still want to remove pulp, a teaspoon is better. The pumpkin seeds are easy to peel after roasting. Here are the instructions: Pumpkin seeds roast. They are in addition to the delicious and healthy nibbling fun also a nice decoration for the pumpkin soup. Depending on how thick the pumpkin wall is you can also generously scrape out fruit from the pumpkin. So you do not have to cut out too deep later the motive and can get something delicious for the next meal. However, the pumpkin wall should not be scraped too thin as it gives the pumpkin its stability.

Mark the motif

Now hold your template to the pumpkin and fix it either with tape or a Reiszwecke / Pinwand needle. To transfer the motif to the pumpkin, the edge of the motif is tapped with another thick needle / pin. So you get a copy of your motive on the pumpkin. Do not choose the distances between the punctures too large. The time you spend here to save me later again twice to search which point belongs to which.

Carve pumpkin

Now connect the holes and saw out the parts to be removed. It's best to always keep the motif template handy so you can compare where you need to cut in case of doubt.


Now you can light a tealight or a candle and put it in the pumpkin. It is recommended to put the lid back on the pumpkin. On the one hand, this prevents something that falls in and ignites, or that pollutes the pumpkin from the inside (additional danger of mold), and, on the other hand, small children can not catch themselves in the open flame.

Make durable

You should be aware that a pumpkin lantern is just a "fun time". You can spray the interior with hair spray or try to seal it with clear lacquer, so that the mold has no chance. But either the white horse will win or the pumpkin will shrivel up on its own. So look forward to the pumpkin face as long as possible and never leave it unattended. Because if the stability dwindles, he can quickly slip together and the candle is a fire hazard. Even if the pumpkin starts to mold you should dispose of it to love your health.

Coloring pages for pumpkin faces

Create yourself

Your imagination is the limit. From simple faces, like our templates, to complex images and whole landscapes, you can carve into a pumpkin. After hollowing out the pumpkin you just have to pay attention to which part of your picture should be cut out and which part has to stand still. The images work like a stamp, in which the image is "only" an interaction between removed and left parts. The left parts serve the other to the stability and should not be too thin.

Our templates

Here are some simple coloring pages for a pumpkin face. Choose a theme, print it and follow the instructions above.

Tip: The individual parts can also be combined with each other, in which you choose your eye, nose and mouth and put together for your own pumpkin.

  • Click here: To download the template - 01
  • Click here to download the template - 02
  • Click here to download the template - 03
  • Click here to download the template - 04
  • Click here to download the template - 05
  • Click here to download the template - 06
  • Click here to download the template - 07
  • Click here to download the template - 08
  • Click here to download the template - 09
  • Click here: To download the template - 10
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