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Sewing a Jersey Skirt - Free Tutorial + Sewing Pattern

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Every woman is different and every woman has different wishes about how her clothes should look. That's why today we're helping you create an exclusive product that you can design and make for yourself - we'll show you how to sew a jersey skirt.

If you want to have an original skirt that is very comfortable to wear, then sew one step at a time according to our instructions. You can wear a skirt not only in summer, but also in spring, autumn or in a mild winter with matching stockings.

Material and preparation

Difficulty level 1/5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 1/5
You get 0.5 m jersey for about 6-12 €
0.5 m cuffs cost about 5 €

Time expenditure 2/5

For a jersey skirt you need:

  • Classic Sewing Machine and / or Overlock (Recommended!)
  • jersey
  • Bündchenstoff
  • tape measure
  • pen
  • pins
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

material selection

You need two different elastic materials.

Note: If you decide on a fabric with a pattern, it is best to combine it with a plain fabric.

We chose a jersey fabric with flowers and a cuff fabric in gray. The two fabrics fit together well, and so the flower pattern is also more effective.

Tip: If you do not want to buy cuff fabric, you can still work with jersey because the fabric is also stretchy enough to function as a cuff.

amount of material

If you want to sew a skirt larger than the size S, you need 1 meter of the jersey fabric. You will need less than 0.5 m of cuff fabric. If you want, you can also work with the fabric leftovers here.


First, we take a measuring tape to hand and measure our waist circumference (80 cm), as well as the desired length (38 cm).

For the perfect cuff length, the cuff must now be measured.

materialLength (cm)
jerseyLength x 0.8 = cuff length
BündchenstoffLength x 0.7 = cuff length

Note: Each fabric has a different extensibility! Before you cut the cuff, check whether the length is right or sufficient.

After we calculated that our cuff (80 x 0.7) should be 56 cm long, we cut a 56 cm long and 10 cm wide strip. From the same fabric we cut two rectangles (18 x 28 cm) for our bags.

Tip: Please pay attention to the threadline and the motives when cutting!

Now we put the jersey fabric together in the break and cut it in half. We take one half of the fabric and put the pattern for the pockets on two upper corners. Then we cut the pockets according to this pattern:

Sewing Pattern - Bags

For a beautiful, neatly cut edge, we cut a strip (10 x 46 cm) and place it in the break left to left.

If you want to sew a larger skirt, you must take note of this:

  • Prepare about 10 cm wider jersey fabric than the cuff length
  • The lower edge for overcasting longer than 46 cm! - measure it!

Sew a jersey skirt

Now we sew the skirt with an elastic seam, eg a zigzag stitch or with the overlock. After we have cut all the pieces, we first sew the bags. We put the jersey fabric and the cuff fabric on the pockets at the cut-out points according to the pattern.

We fix the fabrics with the pins and turn them around so we can see the bows of the bags. Now we sew the two fabrics together at the edge of the arches. If you do not have an overlock, you will need to trim the cuff fabric with scissors at the edge of the bag.

When we are done, we put the cuff fabric in the break right to right.

Then we sew the lower side of the fabric together at the two pockets. Now we turn the whole thing over.

We take the other half of the jersey and put it right to right. Now we sew the two jersey halves together to form a tube.

We can now sew the jersey stripe to the bottom edge of the skirt. The seam of the jersey stripe meets the side seam and must be secured with the pin. Finally, we attach the whole jersey stripe to the hose. Then we fold the remaining jersey fabric evenly in 4 places. Now the strip is sewn around it.

The same thing is repeated with the cuff. We take the side seam of the cuff and place it on the side seam of the hose so that they meet each other. Finally we make three even pleats at the back and a big pleat at the front (where the pockets are). Now the cuff is sewn around it.

Voila, the skirt is ready!

Tip: Now you can sew on different applications, such as buttons, patches or labels.

Quick guide

1. Measure the waist circumference and the desired length
2. Calculate and trim the cuff
3. Cut two rectangles from the cuff fabric (18 x 28 cm)
4. Cut the 0.5m jersey fabric in half
5. Cut the pockets from one half to the pattern
6. Cut a jersey strip (10 x 58 cm)
7. Sew on the two pockets
8. Sew the two halves back together to form a tube
9. Fold the remaining fabric in four places evenly before netting the bottom edge with the jersey stripe
10. Sew on the cuff and regularly fold the remaining fabric at the back. At the front a big fold is made.

Have fun sewing!

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