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Crochet Jasmine Pattern - Simple Guide to the Star Pattern

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Crochet is more popular than ever - so we'll show you how to crochet the jasmine pattern in this free tutorial. This is also called a star pattern, because the small rays of the individual flowers remind of stars. The pattern is beautiful, but you should pay attention - it needs a lot of yarn.

Have you ever seen such a crochet pattern "> Previous knowledge of jasmine patterns

Before you start, you should have some basic knowledge. These are shown under the following instructions.

Important crochet techniques for the jasmine pattern:

  • stitches
  • solid mesh
  • envelope

Important instructions:

  • four to five times yarn consumption (make sure to make a stitch test)
  • crochet loosely to make the crochet piece soft and flexible
  • The complete jasmine pattern consists of three rows that repeat

Crochet Pattern - Star Pattern

1st row

Start the jasmine pattern with a simple loop that you wrap around the crochet hook. That's the first stitch.

Crochet tufts:

Crochet an air mesh. Pull the loop on the loop about thumb width. * Then get an envelope and stab it into the air mesh. Pull the thread through the air mesh. * Always pull the envelope thumb-wide. Repeat the process ** twice more. Then four loops should be on the needle. Finally, get the work thread and pull it through all the loops that are on the needle. The work thread should be held lengthwise with links. Then crochet a tight stitch between this thread and the tuft. The first tuft of the necklace is ready.

Now crochet together so many tufts that a chain is created in the desired length. This length specifies the width of the crochet piece.

2nd row

It continues with the crochet of tufts.

Crochet an air mesh, which you raise as usual to thumb width. Then crochet the following three envelopes into the tight loop of the tuftstring in front of it. Do not finish this tuft but keep it on the needle. Crochet three more envelopes but into the next tight stitch, which can be recognized as a notch between the tufts. This tuft is also not finished crocheting. Repeat the process with the three envelopes at the next notch. Now there are three tufts on the crochet hook. Close off by picking up the working thread, holding it under the needle and pulling it through all the tufts. Then we closed the element with a tight stitch.

Crochet this way until the end of the row. Each time three tufts are made at the same time. The first tuft is put on the crochet in front of it - that means you crochet the envelopes into the tight stitches of the previous tuft. The two following are crocheted in the next two notches.

3rd row

The third row starts with a single shrub to get one step higher.

Then crochet three tufts at once. For the first tuft, plunge into the underlying loop - the tight loop you just used to close the single tuft. Crochet the following two tufts in the following two notches in the previous row. In the picture we have marked the places for the three tufts.

Crochet, like the second row, in exactly the same way with three tufts at once until the end of the row.

The jasmine pattern is now complete.

Now repeat row 2 and 3 alternately. The pattern is terminated after crocheting the third row - this gives the nicer final edge. You see, you do not crochet the jasmine pattern in a flash, but it's really worth it!

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