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Dry hydrangeas for bouquets - in just 30 minutes

  • Cut hydrangeas
  • Hydrangeas dry
    • 1. Air drying in the flash method
    • 2. Drying in the air
    • 3. Dry in the vase
    • 4. Dry in hygroscopic material

Hydrangeas bloom for a long time and some people do not last long enough. These people could dry the most beautiful hydrangea flowers to enjoy them for much longer, in the article they will learn how it works. At the sight of the lush hydrangea flower, the gardener's heart beats higher, the gardener's heart still takes pleasure in floristic artworks higher: He already sees the magnificent bouquets with the dried hydrangea blossoms, which will soon decorate his home:

Cut hydrangeas

To make great dried flowers, these are cut with some thought and not at some point:

  • Most hydrangea flowers can be cut when the flower has completely opened
  • Not necessarily on the first day, only after opening the flower reaches its maximum maturity
  • When to open depends on the location and is therefore a matter of feeling
  • When the flower has reached full maturity, it begins to wither, from then on it actually dries up
  • Some flowers should better be cut only in the final stage because they recolor again
  • Or just half immature, because you want to have the green-white color ...
  • Drying is considerably faster if you wait for the flowers to become paper-like and not crisp
  • And if you do not water the hydrangea the day before and harvest the flowers in the afternoon of a beautiful sunny day
  • The harvest of the perfect flower can occupy the florist as much as the painter decides when a painting is ready ...

Tip - You will soon learn about methods to dry a hydrangea flower more or less quickly. Nature does it even faster, at least in terms of your time required: Cut off the flowers only when they are completely dry in the fall, and spray the (weather-related slightly battered) flowers with silver lacquer, gold lacquer, colorful lacquer.

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Hydrangeas dry

Hydrangea flowers can be dried in x ways, with more or less patience and cost:

1. Air drying in the flash method

  • If you are in a hurry, dry the flowers in the oven, on a low level, with a wooden spoon in the door
  • Depending on how you define low level, 30-60 min (80 ° C) or overnight (35 ° C)
  • How heat / time and flower color are in proportion, is not known ...
  • If leaves are rubbed with fingers, the flowers are dried through
  • They can now be sealed with hair spray, clear coat or fixator from the florist

2. Drying in the air

  • An equally classic and energy-saving way to dry flowers:
  • It would be perfect if you could hang the flowers immediately, without dents by placing them
  • You could get yourself a hole bar (Do-it-yourself perforate a wooden staff, Practitioners take a plastic bar)
  • Attach at regular intervals clothespins and if necessary a hook for hanging
  • Such a frame dangles nearby, the flower is clamped directly after harvesting with the stem (upside down)
  • Fully stocked, the rack wanders into a breezy, dark room for drying
  • It does not have to be the famous "dry room", unfortunately few households have an extra drying room
  • A closed room, where you do not constantly light or dry laundry, is enough
  • The dark room is the optimum if you want to get bright flower colors
  • If the flowers are white or you like soft tones, they can also dry in bright rooms

3. Dry in the vase

  • When the flowers are ready to decolorize, place them in the vase and let the water and flowers gradually dry out
  • Works in principle similar as well as on the plant, interesting would be a comparison, which flower loses how much color
  • If you add a third of glycerine to the vase water, the color should be preserved, the petals should be soft
  • In fact, the flowers are more leathery and the colors are very dark
  • Such hydrangeas dry with a stalk, if the later to fresh flowers in a vase, he should be protected by paint / liquid wax

4. Dry in hygroscopic material

  • Silica gel = silica gel (no colored blue gel, long recognized as carcinogenic), cat litter, washing powder, salt, zeolite
  • All hygroscopic (= hydrophilic) materials and in principle suitable for use as a desiccant
  • You need a container in which the flower disappears completely, for hydrangea flowers z. B. a mason jar
  • Put some material into the jar, plant the head first, try to cover the flower without kinks
  • After about two weeks, the flowers are dry, the colors should be perfectly preserved

Tip - You can make your hydrangea bloom at unusual times: Cut off branches from a hydrangea that blooms in fall (see "Cutting Hydrangea - Spring and Autumn Instructions") once it's really cold. Keep these branches cool until the flower buds are clearly swollen, and then into a vase into the warm living room. After vigorous chilling and the following heat, the genetic program "flowering" runs whether the branch wants it or not.

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