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Sew hoodie / sweater - basic instructions + pattern for hoodie

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Everyone owns him, everyone loves him: the hoodie. Cozy and practical, this garment is always. We show you today how you can easily sew this hoodie. For beginners, this guide will not be very easy. Some basic knowledge and a little practice are required. We explain step by step how to achieve a nice result with few resources.

This guide is for a sweater size 104/110. For other sizes, of course, the pattern can be changed and adapted accordingly. The measurements are measured directly on the body and transferred to the patterns.


You need this for the hoodie:

  • sewing machine
  • material
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • Pins or paper clips
  • fabric marker

The sewing machine

A special machine is not necessary here. Our machine is from Silvercrest and now costs about 100 euros.

The fabrics

For the hoodie you need 2 different fabrics. For a nice sweat substance, of course. Whether plain or patterned is of course entirely up to your taste. You also need a cuff fabric. This is usually available as a tubular fabric. You get a Sweatstoff starting from 10 euro per running meter, a cuffs starting from 6 euro.

The shear

We recommend to prepare two different shears. On the one hand, it should be a great pair of scissors for cutting the material. On the other hand, a small sewing scissors for separating excess threads and scraps is needed. Important: The fabric scissors should only be used for fabrics, as otherwise they quickly dull.

The pins and paper clips

It is not mandatory to use both utensils. We recommend to use paper clips especially with several layers of the thick sweat substance, because when sticking with needles, the fabric layers can easily slip.

The fabric marker

A fabric marker works like a conventional felt-tip pen, only the fabric marker can easily be removed from the fabric with a few drops of water. Alternatively, you can also use a tailor's chalk or a soft pencil.

Instructions - Sew on sweater

Get all the materials ready and read the complete guide through. So any questions that arise may be clarified right at the beginning. Here we go:

Step 1 First, create a pattern. Work this very carefully to get a nice result.

First, a narrow strip is needed for the middle part of the hood. In addition to the median strip for the hood, of course, the side panels are required.

After that we need half a front. This will be cut later in the break. Similar to the front part and half a back part is needed.

In addition, you need a pattern for the sleeves. And to complete the sleeves, we still need a template for the cuffs.

Transfer the dimensions to paper - since these are sometimes larger than the DIN A4 format, you can not avoid sticking together several pages. You can also apply the pattern to cardboard, which you can cut out of larger cardboard boxes in a larger format.

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Step 2 We start with the back part of the sweater. Lay the pattern on the left side of the fabric. The long side should rest on the fact that the pattern can in principle be mirrored again. Fold the fabric along the long edge of the pattern and poke it all tight. Cut the cut piece and unfold it. The back part should now look like in the photo. Likewise, the front part is worked.

Step 3 Let's cut the sides of the hood. Very important: The side panel is needed 4x. 2x of them are mirrored. Simply flip the pattern over.

4th step First we take care of the hood. For this purpose, the middle part is placed right on right on one of the side panels and pinned. Sew the two parts tightly.

Do not forget to always lock your seams to fix them. To lock, you only have to stitch backwards a few stitches at the beginning of the stitching after a few stitches. This is how you proceed at the end of the seam.

5th step Now the other side of the hood is added. This requires a mirrored side panel. Place this part right to right on the still free side of the middle section and put everything firmly in place. Sew this page as well. The hood should now look like the picture. Process the remaining three parts of the hood in this way.

Step 6 Place the front piece right side on the back piece and pinch the shoulders. Then sew the shoulders tight.

Step 7 Fold the front and back apart with the right side facing up. Pick up a sleeve piece and pin the curve along the cutout. The straight edges remain free for the time being. Sew everything tight. Do the same on the other side. Now your work should almost look like a sweater.

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Step 8 Put the pages together. Start at the sleeve and continue working to the bottom of the pullover. Close both sides with a long seam. Now you could actually wear the pullover.

9th step Fold the cut pieces for the cuff lengthwise. The right side should be inside. Stick everything tight. Close the long open side with a seam. The cuffs should now look like in the photo.

Step 10 Turn the cuffs over so that the right side is on the outside and the fabric is double.

Step 11 Put a sleeve in one of the cuffs. The closed side of the cuff should point towards the sweater. For easy understanding, you can look at our photo.

Step 12 Now sew the cuff tightly on the sleeve. Tip: For this step, it is easier to remove the bottom part of the sewing machine. This gives you more freedom when sewing. Do the same with the second sleeve. The sleeves should now look like in the photo. The sleeves can now be folded forward. For carrying, there are two variants, as seen in the photo. Initially, the cuff can be turned over. If the sleeves are too short at some point, the cuffs can also be worn long.

Step 13 Now we finish the Hoddie hood. Lay the two hood halves together right to right. Stick everything tight. The lower long side remains open. Fix everything with a long seam and apply the whole thing. Your hood should now look like in the photo.

Step 14 Now the hood is attached to the sweater. Put the hood around the neckline and put everything tight. Here are 3 layers of thick sweat substance on each other. Therefore, we recommend that you use the paper clips mentioned above. Sew the whole thing tight. Have some patience here and work slowly. For some sewing machines, this step is a real challenge.

Step 15 Finally, the hoodie should get a nice finish. Put the bottom edge about 1 to 2 cm and pin everything down. Here, too, sew a long seam completely around the sweater.

Her hoodie is ready and waiting to be carried. You see, you sew a sweater with lightning speed. Have fun sewing and wearing!

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