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Tinker heart | Ideas for hearts for Valentine's Day

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The 14th of February is always a very special day, because it is the day of the lovers! A day for floral and chocolaty attentions and gifts. Of course, you want to give your loved one or loved one a small, heartfelt attention. We have put together a few ideas for you, how you can quickly build a magical heart without a lot of time and material.

Tinker with our free instructions to make the heart, easily make small gifts. With it you enjoy not only yourself, but also your dearest or your dearest one! And giving away joy is the most beautiful thing there is, because the glow in the eyes of your loved one or loved one is the best in the world!

Tinkering heart

Quickly tinker little hearts to frame your Valentine's Day gift appropriately. Put the finishing touch on the "i". Surprise each other with small attentions and love messages. Give your purchased bouquet of flowers with a tinkered heart only the personal and individual touch.

Incidentally, on 14 February 1950, the first "Valentine's Ball" in the city of Nuremberg aligned and celebrated. American soldiers brought this special custom through the Second World War to Germany. Did you actually know that about nine million Americans buy gifts for their pets on Valentine's Day ">

In our step-by-step instructions, we show you how to make a heart in a variety of variations .

heart stamp

Tinker heart | Heart stamp from paperboard

With this crafting idea you make a heart stamp from the roll of toilet paper rolls. You only need the paperboard just mentioned, a rubber band and colorful school paints.

required materials:

  • a couple of empty cardboard rolls from the toilet paper, so two to three pieces
  • a few rubber bands or thin hair elastic bands
  • brush
  • colorful school paints in potty
  • Container or glass for a small amount of water

Step 1: Pick up an empty cardboard roll first.

Tip: It is best to use a sturdy cardboard roll that is not just thin cardboard. This remains longer dimensionally stable during stamping.

Step 2: Place the cardboard roll on your work surface and press a notch into the roll from the top. The fold extends longitudinally along the entire height of the paperboard.

Tip: Carefully sculpt the notch, do not apply too much pressure, otherwise it may happen that the roll of paper gets squeezed.

Step 3: The shaped notch now shows a heart shape. Fix the shape by attaching a rubber band to the top of a cardboard roll page where you later hold the cardboard roll in your hand during the stamping process.

Tip: The rubber band should not be placed too tightly around the paperboard, otherwise the heart shape could deform. Alternatively, you can also use a thin hair elastic band. If you make another one under the first notch, just opposite, just this time out, then you will get a heart shape with a point. Also, be very careful when working here, otherwise the roll of paper may deform.

Step 4: Now you can start stamping your hearts. Apply a little of a paint with the brush on the edge of the heart-shaped cardboard roll.

Do not mix the paint with too much water. This would soften the cardboard roll much earlier.

Well-covering stains can also be applied pure and undiluted, so you have a colorful stamping result.

Hint: If you move your heart stamp slightly circularly during the stamping process, you will receive a uniform stamp result. By the way, you can also apply two stains on your heart stamp and then stamp on paper. So you get great color combinations.

And Schwuppdiwupp is your first heart crafted and stamped and it is just waiting to be received by a loved one. Decorate so, with your heart stamps, your very own Valentine's greetings or Valentine's Day cards.

Fanned heart

Tinker heart | Fanned heart

With this crafting guide, you first fold a fan out of a circular shape and then fold it into a heart.

required materials:

  • red construction paper, 80 g / m 2 or pattern paper, also paper remnants are usable
  • scissors
  • compasses
  • bonefolder
  • Craft glue / adhesive or hot glue gun

Step 1: First of all, pick up a piece of red construction paper. Draw a circle with a compass. The size of the circle can be set individually, depending on how big your fan-shaped heart should be. Then cut the circle with scissors.

Tip: If you do not have a compass at hand, you can also use a round object, such as a glass or similar. Even empty gift tape rolls are suitable as a circle template. You can also cut the circular shape with a pair of pinking scissors, so your crafted heart shows up at the end with a curved outer edge.

Step 2: Fold the circle together like a fan. Start with a round outside. Bend the circular, red construction paper up a little bit.

Now turn the circle over to the other side and fold again. The height of the second fold should be equal to the height of your first fold.

This is how you proceed until you have fan-folded the complete circular shape. Fold the individual folds with a folder or similar object, such as a ruler, for example. This makes the individual wrinkles even more even.

Tip: The smaller you choose the size of the fold, the more folds you can make across the circle. Your fan heart will show many small wrinkles at the end.

Step 3: Now fold the resulting fan halfway in the middle.

Tip: Take the folder here too, so that you can tighten the fold to the middle better and easier.

Step 4: Now the fanned heart only needs to be completed. Take some hot glue or other Bastelleim and glue the folded to the middle fan a small piece of this midline.

Step 5: Now fan the resulting heart with your fingers a little bit to the sides.

In just a few steps, a heart is made out of a small round piece of paper. Your second heart, to tinker heart, is done.

Hearty matchbox

Tinker heart | Hearty matchbox message

For this crafting variant, you also need only a few materials to wrap your love message in a colorful matchbox.

required materials:

  • a matchbox without
  • Colored construction paper in orange and red, 80 g / m 2 or sample paper, paper remnants can be used just as well
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • small decorative hearts or decorative material at will

Step 1: First, start pasting the matchbox. Place them on a piece of colored construction paper of your choice. Then cut out a 10.3 cm long and 5.3 cm wide piece of construction paper with scissors.

Step 2: Place your cut piece of construction paper around the matchbox and glue it to the box with some hot glue or craft glue.

Step 3: Now use a small piece of colored paper to decorate the bottom of the matchbox.

Step 4: Now put two small decorative hearts in the matchbox and glue them with a little hot glue.

Tip: You can set the of your matchbox love message individually, even small sweets or chocolates are very suitable for this, as well as small poems brought to paper.

Step 5: Cut out a small piece of clay from a piece of clay and stick it in the center of the top of the matchbox.

Tip: Again, you can decorate as you like, even small, colorful deco stones are good or you paint or label the top of the box with a fiber pen.

And you have already realized another heartfelt crafting idea, about making hearts.


Tinker heart | Hearts made of paper strips

For the hearts, you only need colored paper strips, craft or hot glue and a tacker. Now we show you how to make the hearts and the heart garlands as a variation.

required materials:

  • Colored construction paper in orange and red, 80 g / m 2 or sample paper, paper remnants can be used just as well
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Stapler with staple needles

Step 1: At the beginning cut paper strips out of construction paper. For a strip, we have recorded a measure of 1 cm wide and 21 cm long with ruler and pencil and then cut out.

Tip: If available, use a paper cutter to help cut the paper strips out of the paper even faster.

Step 2: Pick up two of the same colored strips of paper. Both stripes are superimposed and stand up.

Then bend the strips right and left down towards your wrist and bring the two strips of paper together again.

Step 3: Now slide the two overlapping strips of paper of the heart bow centrally between the other two strips of paper.

Step 4: Fix all four pieces of paper between your thumb and forefinger.
Step 5: Pick up the stapler and use it to staple the strips of paper together.

Step 6: After steps one through five, make another heart with different colored paper strips.


1 . Decorate the hearts individually, for example, on the festively set dining table or make a garland. After step 6, simply apply the next two differently colored paper strips to the first manufactured heart and staple it there first at the heart arch and then again at the apex of the heart.

Continue with the steps until your garland has the desired length.

2. This variation corresponds to the hearts of paper strips, except that the middle bridge in the heart is omitted. Pick up two pieces of tonal paper, put them on top of each other and put a tackle pin in the lower part, fixing the two strips of paper.

Then bend the up-facing, open two strips of paper right and left down. Hold the strips of paper between your thumb and forefinger and place two new, differently colored strips of paper right here. Use a pair of scissors to cut all paper strips to a height at the heart arch.

Then staple all the paper strips together at the point. Bend down the paper strips pointing upwards and put on two new strips of paper. Repeat the steps until the heart garland has reached your required level.

3. Another small heart can be conjured from one of the colored paper strips. Pick up a piece of paper tape and fold it in the middle.

At the fold, you now fix the paper strip and then bend down the two upside down paper strip ends, where you hold the paper strip.

With the stapler, you finally fix all paper strips in the lower heart point.

Heart garland

Tinker heart | Heart garland

Also for this crafting idea you need only a few utensils and the time required is also quite low.

required materials:

  • Colored construction paper in orange and red, 80 g / m 2 or sample paper, paper remnants can be used just as well
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Hot glue or craft glue

Step 1: First, start cutting out the paper strips again. Use a pair of scissors or a paper cutter again if you have them at hand. The dimensions of the stripes are again 1 cm x 21 cm.

Tip: You can also set the width and length of the paper strips individually or use paper strips of different widths for a heart garland. How to achieve new effects.

Step 2: Fold a strip of paper centered first. The two open ends point downwards, turn them upwards.

Bend the upper ends down towards the middle and fix them with your index finger and thumb. Glue them together with some hot glue or craft glue about 1 cm wide.

Step 3: Repeat the first two steps with a different tone paper strip, except that after folding a paper strip in the middle, always connect to the previously made heart by connecting the previous heart over the two open top ends of the new paper strip and then Glue the new heart back to the heart arch approx. 1 cm wide.

Again, a loving decoration of interconnected hearts has arisen, just waiting to be staged in the right place.

3D heart

Tinker heart | 3D heart made of several hearts on top of each other

With this guide, you can create small, individually cut out hearts, different sizes, as a plastic heart.

required materials:

  • Colored construction paper in pink and red, 80 g / m 2 or sample paper, paper remnants can be used just as well
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Craft glue / adhesive or hot glue gun

Step 1: First draw different sized hearts on colored construction paper and then cut out the hearts with scissors.

Tip: Alternatively, use heart-shaped cookie cutters for the heart shapes. Or if you want to go fast, print different sized hearts via PC and printer. You can also draw your individual, larger and smaller hearts as a template on cardboard and then transfer them to the construction paper.

Step 2: Start with the biggest heart and put the other hearts on top of it, so that at the end the smallest heart is glued on top.

How many hearts you stick together, you decide yourself at will.

Now we wish you a lot of joy in the tinkering of the hearts, whether you are now tinkering a heart for a loved one or tinkering with your children or grandchildren's hearts. And of course great anticipation when giving away your crafted hearts!

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