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Tinker autumn decoration - 4 ideas for making your own

  • Make a leaf curtain
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  • carve pumpkin
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  • Make autumn windlight
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  • Make owls for the autumn
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The autumn and rain are here and with him the gray, boring days in front of the TV. Bring some variety into the wet season with us by making your own fall decoration. With these crafting ideas and instructions you also bring your children to turn off the TV and put away the phone once.

Below are four simple ideas for individual and creative autumn decorations.

Make a leaf curtain

This playful curtain, with its romantic colors and felting materials, is ideal for cold autumn days - whether at the window or on the door frame. With our various leaf templates for printing, you succeed in beautiful leaf shapes - this simplifies the crafting immensely. If you are creative and gifted, you can of course also create your own sheets.

You need:

  • stable branch
  • Bastelfilz in autumnal colors
  • scissors
  • Wool and woolen needle
  • pen
  • yarn


Step 1: At the beginning you need the sheets templates. For this purpose, we have compiled specially created templates to print out for you. These are printed out once and then carefully cut out with scissors.

Click here: To download the craft template

Step 2: Now that you have cut out all the templates accurately, transfer the outlines of the leaves to the craft felt with a pen. Then cut out the felt sheets as well. For a really big curtain for the door one needs already 60 to 70 sheets, according to discretion and size.

Step 3: Now the woolen threads are cut. Before you decide how to arrange the leaves in your curtain - how many threads you need for the desired number of leaves. In any case, a thread should be the length of the window or door, plus a few more inches for the knot.

Cut as many threads as the length of the window or door.

Step 4: Then thread the individual leaves onto the threads with the woolen needle. Pierce it once in the felt sheet and a few inches further on the same side out again. In this way, the sheet is stretched and it sits in the right place. Leave 10 to 15 cm space between each leaf.

Now fill every single wool thread of the curtain with leaves.

Step 5: Once you have finished threading, knot the thread ends after each last sheet

6th step: The upper ends are knotted to the branch - between the threads you leave it again evenly.

The autumnal curtain is now finished!

Step 7: Make a stable attachment: Drill two holes in the wall - place them at a slightly shorter distance than the length of the branch above the window.

Then insert one dowel into each hole and fasten a ring eyelet in each case.

With the fishing line, you make two loops, which you also attach to the branch. Then the curtain can be hung on the eyelets.

carve pumpkin

If you want to make a very special and eye-catching autumn decoration, such a specially carved pumpkin is just the thing. The carving of a Halloween pumpkin in Germany is almost a fall tradition. And rightly so, as the carving is a lot of fun, the result is a beautiful, spooky autumn decoration and at the same time the ingredients for a tasty dish are left over.

You need:

  • a carving pumpkin (Early Harvest)
  • sharp kitchen knife
  • spoon
  • possibly carving set
  • Carving template and pins
  • tealight


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Step 1: First open the pumpkin with a knife. The lid can be cut out with a curved or serrated edge as desired. Work carefully and slowly with the kitchen knife. Now you can look inside the pumpkin.

Step 2: Remove all seeds, fibers and pulp from the pumpkin. With a spoon, this can be scratched out well. The flesh scraped off the walls can be stored and used for pumpkin dishes, as well as the nutritious pumpkin seeds. Here are two ways to process the pumpkin seeds:

  • //www.zhonyingli.com/kuerbiskerne-roesten/
  • //www.zhonyingli.com/kuerbiskerne-schaelen/

Remove the pulp until the rim is about 2 cm thick.

Step 3: Then of course you need a carving template. If you have already developed your own idea, so much the better. Otherwise simply use one of our carving templates and print them out: //www.zhonyingli.com/halloween-kuerbisgesichter-vorlagen/

After you have printed and cut out the template, pimp your face on the pumpkin exactly where the face is most effective.

4th step: Now you pin the contours of the eyes, nose and mouth with another pin needle. Poke it through the paper into the pumpkin. If you then remove the template, you can see exactly where you need to cut.

Step 5: In autumn and Halloween you can find carving sets in some supermarkets. These often include a short, flat saw blade. Such a knife is perfect for cutting out the pumpkin faces. A long, sharp kitchen knife can do that too, but you will not get around the corners and curves so well. Now cut out your eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 6: Ultimately, the pumpkin needs only its tealight and the lid. When lighting a tea light, always make sure that it is placed exactly in the middle of the pumpkin. Tealights too close to the edge could ignite the pumpkin.

The safest option, of course, is to use electronic tealights.

Make autumn windlight

This romantic lantern may not be missing on any autumn window sill. This autumn decoration you tinker in no time and the wind light is also cheap.

You need:

  • an old jar or marmalade jar
  • Transparent paper in autumn tones
  • transparent drying craft glue
  • scissors
  • brush
  • decorative materials
  • tealight


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Step 1: First, prepare the pieces that you want to use to decorate the glass later. Tear the tracing paper into small pieces - whether red, yellow or orange is of course up to you.

Step 2: Then brush the clean glass completely with Bastelleim.

Step 3: The individual pieces are then placed on the glue and smoothed with a brush. Disguise so now the complete glass with the paper snippets until no gap is visible.

4th step: After the glue has completely dried, it's time to decorate. Decorate the glass with bows, felt or ribbons.

We still stamped the paper. Such a leaf stamp made of sponge rubber, you can do it very easily yourself and that way: //www.zhonyingli.com/stempel-aus-moosgummi-basteln/

Now only a tealight has to be placed in the glass and the scary, romantic lantern for autumn is ready.

Make owls for the autumn

Need a sweet little fall decoration for the table "> Instructions

Step 1: At the beginning, the individual cardboard rolls get a coat of paint. Paint the entire outer surface of the tubes with the desired color - acrylic paints are cheap and cover very well. Decorate the owls as you like, but autumnal tones like brown, red or even orange are best suited for this.

Step 2: Let the cardboard tubes dry well before you continue to tinker.

Step 3: Meanwhile, the eyes and beak can be prepared. Use the compass to draw two equal circles on white construction paper. These are then cut out. Then paint the pupils with a black pen. We cut the beak out of craft felt - just a simple little triangle in orange or yellow is enough.

Let your creativity run free - the colors and shapes you can, of course, depending on the decoration and style.

Step 4: Now you can also prepare the wings, either craft them from construction paper, felt or, as we did, from tracing paper. For this you sketch a wing with the pen on the desired material and cut it out. Subsequently, the first wing serves as a template for the second.

After both wings have been cut out, we zigzagged them a few more times.

5th step: Now we turn back to the owl's body. The ears of the owl are made very simple. Take the cardboard tube by hand and bend its upper edge inwards in the middle. On the left and right, two peaks form. Then repeat the buckling on the other side of the opening and press firmly.

Step 6: Then the owl is put together. Stick eyes, beak and wings with craft glue to the desired location.

The plumage can then be designed as desired, either with pens, acrylic paints or small paper snippets that are glued.

Done are the sweet Tischeulen, which can now serve as a name tag. Making crafts in autumn is fun, even for your children.

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