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Make your own autumn window decoration - instructions and creative templates

  • 3 ideas for autumn window decoration
    • Colorful apples
    • Umbrellas
    • Colorful bird silhouettes

Autumn is the time of craftsmanship - colorful colors can now be seen everywhere. So also on the windows of apartments, kindergartens or offices. We show you 3 creative ideas in this guide on how to make your own autumn window decorations - apples, umbrellas and even colorful birds.

3 ideas for autumn window decoration

Colorful apples

Apples should not be missing in the fall. Red or orange specimens are popular decorative elements, whether paper, plastic or even to eat. Here we show you how to make decorative, bright apples as autumnal window decoration.

You need for the window decoration:

  • Tonkarton
  • Transparent paper or tissue paper (transparent, autumnal colors)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue
  • duct tape
  • Working creatively


Step 1: To start, print out our crafting template for the apples. There are two sizes to find.

Click here: To download the template

Step 2: Then cut out the apple shape, as well as the inside. Likewise, stalk and leaf are cut out.

Step 3: Now transfer the outlines of the template to suitable construction paper. This can be classically the colors red, brown and green. But you can also become more creative and use patterned paper in fall colors.

Step 4: Cut out the apples, stalks and leaves.

Step 5: Now transfer the apple outline to tracing paper. Cut it half a centimeter smaller so that you could stick it on the back of the apple without the paper flashing out.

Step 6: Glue the stem up in the center of the apple.

Step 7: Now glue the tracing paper on the page with colored pieces on it, which will then be in front.

Step 8: Afterwards, the transparent paper is glued to the frame. The stem is covered with it.

9th step: Finally, all that is missing is the hand. This can be glued to the front or back of the apple as desired.

Now the apples can be easily attached to the window with a piece of tape. Finished is the autumn window decoration for the fruit fan!


What better suits autumn than the umbrella. This item accompanies us from an early age, whether as a symbol for your own subject in the daycare or as actual protection in autumn weather.

To make an umbrella as an autumn window decoration you do not need a lot of time, only little material and almost no craftsmanship.

You need for the window decoration:

  • scissors
  • Optional something hot glue gun
  • Pliers (best nose pliers)
  • Wire (aluminum hanger or pipe cleaner)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape (thin) or craft glue
  • Paper not too thin / not too thick (preferably colored or colored)


Step 1: Many circles

First, cut out many circles. It should be at least 10, but the more it gets the rounder the umbrella will look later.

Tip: When the umbrellas are to be hung on the wall, half as many circles are enough. You then simply glue the screen to the unfinished page.

Step 2: Wrinkles

Halve the circles in the middle and then again. So the district is quartered and you are ready for the next step.

Step 3: Gluing

Either use thin double-sided adhesive tape or a glue stick to glue the folded quarter circles together. The splice should be in the middle of the quarter circle.

Tip: Stack all glued parts on top of each other so that the glue gets tight.

Step 4: The stick

As the glue dries and solidifies, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the wire properly. An umbrella usually has a curved handle and so that you can hang the screen later as a window decoration, should you bend in the top yet a small loop.

Step 5: Stretch the umbrella

Take the wire or pipe cleaner and wrap it around the screen.

Stick the two ends of the umbrella together with double-sided adhesive tape. Or fix with some glue and a clothespin.

Tip: If the screen slips on the wire, fix it with a small piece of hot glue.

Colorful bird silhouettes

Outside, the leaves slowly turn colorful on the trees, as the decoration attracts with an autumnal flair for their own home. How about a chirping bird family as a new fall window decoration ">

Step 1: First, print our free craft templates for your fall window decoration. Then cut out the desired bird shape with a pair of scissors. For small curves and the like, it is best to use a small nail scissors.

Click here: To download the template

Tip: You can also record your very own bird silhouettes and use them for your fall window decoration.

Step 2: Now transfer the cut bird shape to colored cardboard. Then cut them out again with scissors.

Tip: You can also cut the bird silhouettes out of cardboard and then decorate them with other decorative material or stick the birds' shapes with fabric remnants, so there is another nice decoration idea for an autumn window decoration with birds.

Step 3: From a dark piece of cardboard you now cut out a perch for the little feathered friends.

Step 4: Now glue the cut out autumn window decoration bird shapes to the cardboard perch pouch.

Step 5: Now tie a thin thread to your window decoration right and left and place your new autumn window decoration on the window.

Tip: Attach your autumn window bird deco to the window frame with a small adhesive hook or simply use a suction cup to attach the new window deco anywhere on the window front.

And jerk is your little colorful bird-autumn window decoration finished tinkering! Have fun with you and your little ones while finishing and if you still have not enough tinkering of the autumn window decoration, we have prepared in this post yet more autumn craft instructions for you.

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