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Home remedies for mosquitoes - These help

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance. Whether in the garden at work, on the terrace when resting and enjoying or at night in the bedroom, mosquitoes are just annoying. Particularly bad are the pests in the vicinity of stagnant water or even of water. At high temperatures, it is often unbearable and one is driven out of his patio or out of the garden. The insects are attracted by the carbon dioxide contained in the breath, but also by sweat and colors. It is often said that mosquitoes are attracted to light. Evidence can not seem to be reliable.

Not every person has problems with mosquitoes. Some seem to be more plagued by them than others. This is due to the odorous substances that each person secretes, such as sweat, amino acids, butyric acid or lactobacilli. The fragrances are very different and depending on, mosquitoes love them or not.

The best remedy - prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Mosquitoes are not allowed to feel comfortable in the surroundings of the house and the garden. This can be achieved by various means.

In the house
In buildings, it is quite easy to do something against the pests. Here fly screens help reliably. If they are closed and well-sealed, mosquitoes and other insects have no chance to enter. For doors, there is this protection also, of course, when you have to go through fast and should also take care that no mosquitoes slip through with. For balcony and patio doors, fly screens are ideal, so you can leave the doors well open and yet no insect can enter. Outside of your own four walls, it is not easy to keep the bloodsuckers off. For prams, there are mosquito nets that protect at least the little ones.

Mosquitoes love water

In the garden

  • Close the rain barrel, put on a tight lid, so that the mosquitoes do not reach the water
  • Empty all standing water-filled containers and saucers
  • Do not leave the watering can standing for a long time
  • In birdwatchers, renew the water every few days
  • In the garden pond move the water, with bubbling, fountain or similar. Mosquitoes or mosquito larvae like still water.
  • Alternatively, for stagnant water Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) use, this eliminates the mosquito brood, is completely natural and has no influence on other living things. Bti you get in the hardware store or garden center, liquid or as tablets.
  • Birds, toads, frogs, hornets and hedgehogs, they all decimate the mosquitoes or their brood
  • Dispose of every mosquito in the house in autumn. These are females who want to lay their eggs.

home remedies

As with all mosquito repellents, it does not help. In one, this effect, in the other, the. Here only helps try.

  • If the rain barrel can not be covered and should not be emptied because the water is needed, a tablespoon of cooking oil will help. This changes the surface tension of the water. The mosquito larvae can not stay there.
  • Cinnamon oil can help too. Two to three drops work in water as an insecticide.
  • Essential oils
    • Citronella, eucalyptus, cedar, rosemary, lavender, scented geranium, tea tree, neem - try out what your own nose is most comfortable with and which scent the mosquitoes reject
    • Do not apply on the skin - it can cause severe skin irritation. Alternatively mix with good oil (jojoba oil) in the ratio 1: 4 and apply the mixture
    • Evaporate - outdoors and the apartment, pay attention to dosage indoors, not too much
  • Smoke, best dried sage leaves, just smoldering slowly, the smell deters mosquitoes, but is also not really pleasant for our noses
    • There are better incense sticks
  • Arrange scented candles - especially those against mosquitoes - Zitronella - make sure that they are also approved for living spaces, otherwise only use outdoors
  • Press dried cloves into freshly cut lemons. The scent is very pleasant and fresh for human noses, mosquitoes do not like it. If you put such a prepared lemon (better several) on the windowsill, this should keep mosquitoes out
  • Wear bright clothes, preferably white or beige
    • Cover as many body parts as possible
    • As far as possible clothes
    • Dark clothes attract mosquitoes
  • Do not use perfume
  • Tomato plants under the windows - the intense smell is designed to deter mosquitoes
  • Herbs on the windowsill inside - similar effects as tomatoes - the essential oils are very intense with herbs
  • Set up dishes with vinegar, lavender or lemon essence
  • Take a shower regularly, as the mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of milk and fatty acids of the skin
  • Set up mosquito trap
    • Make a mixture of 1 gram of yeast, ¼ cup of brown sugar and two / three drops of dish soap. This forms carbon dioxide and attracts the mosquitoes.
    • The rinsing agent dissolves the surface tension of the mixture so that the pests can not escape.

Certain plants

Frankincense plants are popular when it comes to mosquito repellent. There are no efficacy studies, but many mosquito-plagued people swear by frankincense. However, you have to like the scent. Otherwise, it is advisable to plant plants around the seat that produce essential oils. These also look good, so they can be planted around the patio or around other seating areas. Since they also thrive in containers, they can be set up where they are needed.

Among them there are some who fend off mosquitoes, eg

  • mint
  • lavender
  • basil
  • tomatoes
  • incense Essel
  • garlic
  • Catnip
  • Special scented geraniums - 'Lillibeth'
  • walnut tree

Other means

The problem with many natural remedies is that their effects do not last long. For artificial ingredients, it looks different. They work safely and for a long time. The most reliable ingredient is diethyltoluamide (DEET). However, after frequent use in high concentrations, health effects have been detected, eg skin irritations up to disorders of the nervous system. Other active substances are also controversial, for example Bayrepel (hydroxyethyl isobutyl carboxylate), Bayrepel (hydroxyethyl isobutyl carboxylate), allethrin or tranfluthrin. At best, they can cause skin irritation. Some have not been sufficiently researched, and one is even suspected of causing cancer, being damaging to one's health, and damaging to one's genes.

"Anti-Brumm" is often recommended in pharmacies as the ultimate remedy for mosquitoes. According to Stiftung Warentest, it is also the most effective mosquito repellent. Pregnant, nursing mothers and children under the age of three should not use it better. How harmless can this mean? "

In addition to home remedies, there are of course other methods and means to tackle mosquitoes. Again, you have to try. Many commercial products contain substances that are not without side effects. Here it is to weigh.

  • Evaporator with pyrethroid plates - can cause skin irritation, especially in children, continuous use not recommended
  • Anti-mosquito sprays - some have an unpleasant odor, others are not tolerated by the skin. The sprays should protect up to 8 hours, which I do not consider realistic
  • The best known is Autan. Mostly the sprays or lotions work, but not for long. The effect is reduced by sweat, wind and water. In addition, mucous membrane irritation may occur.
  • Anti Brumm Forte - helps against mosquitoes, flies. Fleas, brakes, ticks, lice and mites. Contains 30 percent DEET !!!
  • Although not a home remedy, a natural insect repellent is Chrysanth-ex mosquito repellent
  • Mosquito coils to light - help with appropriate amount, but the smoke is not exactly pleasant

Mosquitoes are really annoying. You can spoil a night's sleep, but also sitting and relaxing in the garden and on the balcony or terrace. In the trade, there are quite reliable means that protect against mosquitoes, but these are all not without. Here you should ask about risks and side effects really his pharmacist or otherwise informed. If you do not want to use chemical products, you can try a wide variety of home remedies. There are no guarantees and a 100% protection is not given with any means. Mostly just trying out what helps and pleases the most personal. Fly screens secure house and apartment really well and outside you have to especially prevent and protect yourself with appropriate clothing.

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