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Sew mobile phone bag yourself - DIY sewing instructions

  • material selection
    • amount of material
  • patterns
  • cut out
  • It is sewn - the preparations
    • The bags are created
    • Make two out of two
    • Endspurt
  • variations

Individually on the way with the self-sewn mobile phone bag - owls are still "in" and sewn anyway! That's why I show you in this tutorial, how you can easily and quickly sew a self-designed mobile phone case. In order to get your cell phone out of the shell, I sewed in a band that you can pull on.

Difficulty level 2/5
(suitable for beginners)

Material costs 2/5
(depending on the choice of fabric between EUR 0, - from the remaining utilization and EUR 12, -)

Time expenditure 2/5
(including sewing pattern about 1.5 hours)

This is once again a guide for your scraps. Of course, you can also buy extra fabrics for this project, but you will not need much of it. If you really want to buy fabrics for this project, "Fat Quaters" from the quilting need, as these fabrics are particularly robust and durable and by the dimensions of 45x55cm also need not be purchased by the meter.

material selection

In this case, a non-stretchy fabric such as cotton is the cheapest, which is reinforced with ironing fleece. Of course, you can also use reinforced jersey or your other favorite fabrics. Just make sure that the fabric you are processing is not too thick, otherwise it will be very difficult to sew and extremely tricky when turning.

amount of material

Depending on the size of your mobile phone you need up to 20x40cm outer fabric and about 40x40cm inner fabric. As you calculate the measurements exactly I'll show you soon.

Tip: For motives, as always, think again beforehand, with which side is sewn up, so that the subject is then the right way around on your sewing. Best of all hang up!


First things first: your pattern. For this you measure your cell phone as follows:

  • Once the width plus height plus seam allowance
  • Once the length plus height plus seam allowance

The seam allowance is usually 1.5cm for me. If you like it a bit looser, you can also take 2cm each.

In my case, these are for:

  • Width 6, 7cm plus 1, 5cm - so 8, 2cm and for the
  • Length 13.4cm plus 1.5cm - so 14.9cm

With 1, 5cm seam allowance, you can be generous and round up if you like.

Then we need the tape to pull out the phone and the two brackets. For this you can use for the width about 2/3 of the cell phone width and expect the length of the band about x2, the brackets should be about 4-5cm long. Here you do not need to calculate the seam allowance separately, which is already included in the case.

In my case, these are for:

  • The band: 27x4cm
  • The brackets 4, 5x4cm

Tip: The band can also be narrower, but you should take at least 3cm, better more, otherwise you despair when turning!

cut out

Now you cut out of the outer fabric two rectangles with your measurements (8.2 × 14, 9cm in my - reinforced with fleece), from the inner fabric as well as the two rectangles (again reinforced with fleece) and from the inner fabric in addition to the band and the Brackets (without fleece).

Tip: Here, too, it makes sense again to first attach the iron-on fleece and then cut it so that the iron-on fleece can also reinforce the seam allowance!

It is sewn - the preparations

First we prepare the tape and the holders. The tape works her right to the right (ie the "beautiful pages" inside) on each other. Ideally you iron it over and sew a short end and the long side with a simple straight stitch.

You sewn the end (a few stitches back and forth again), so it does not rise. You can now cut the seam allowances at the corners of the sewn-in side at an angle. Then you apply this ribbon. I like to use a wooden spoon to help. The narrower this band is and the wider the seam allowance, the more tricky it is. When you've completely turned the tape, it'll hang you nice and iron over it again.

The two brackets you can immediately fold left to left (ie with the "nice pages") to the outside, also short ironing, and sew with a simple, narrow zig-zag stitch narrow edged.

Make sure that the color matches well with the yarn selection, because this seam can be seen flashing if you look into the cell phone pocket.

On the right (the "nice") fabric side of an inner fabric rectangle you now sew in about 4-5 cm distance to the edge of the open end of your fabric ribbon with a straight stitch. Sew well 2-3x over it to keep it looking good. Then you fold the tape on the other side and sew again (2-3x) over it.

By far, sew the two holders on the right (the "nice") side of the fabric of the second inner fabric rectangle so that the rectangle is approximately in thirds. You are welcome to attach them a little further up, as you like. Now you can thread the tape through the brackets, but you can do that later.

The bags are created

Now you fold these two parts together so that the sides with the fleece pull outwards and sew the two sides and the bottom together with a simple straight stitch. Sewn beginning and end. Make sure that you do not have the ribbon accidentally sewn. Then you can become this bag and thread the ribbon through the loops, if you have not done that before.

Then you put the two rectangles of the outer fabric right to right on each other and also sews the three outer sides and sewn at the beginning and end.

Make two out of two

The two resulting pockets are now so intertwined that the right (ie the "beautiful") fabric sides are together.

Then you sew, starting around 2cm in front of the side seam, around the edge (who wants to can pin everything with pins) and ends about 2cm after the second side seam, leaving a small opening through which you can turn. Through this opening, you now pull through both pockets, fold the inside pocket into the outer pocket and then you sew again at the top of the edge a whole round either with simple straight stitch or with a decorative stitch of your choice!

Tip: For decorative stitches please make sure that the fabric is right, so they do not end up on the head!


Now adjust the strap on the inside and put your cellphone in your pocket. Fold the tape forward and mark the spot where you want to close it with a dot or cross and put exactly this place and the end of the tape a push button.

And done!


Again, you can of course let off steam again, as far as the design is concerned. It is a good idea to do this before sewing. For example, I can well imagine a patchwork design or an adornment with rhinestones. Have fun crafting!

Tips for quick readers:

  1. Make cut for inside and outside pocket, tape and brackets.
  2. Cutting with seam allowance
  3. Sew and turn ribbon, sew brackets, sew on both inside pockets
  4. Sew two pockets, nest the pockets and sew them together
  5. Turn and sew together
  6. Attach pushbutton - ready!

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