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Craftsman prices at a glance: hourly rates of 25 occupations

  • Structure of the hourly rates
  • Hourly rates of 25 occupations at a glance

Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship in crafts and want to inform yourself about the possible hourly rates of occupations or build a house, craftsman prizes are an effective method for calculating a variety of projects. Hourly rates of the craft occupations give a good overview of the cost of a renovation, the repair of a vehicle or the production of a violin.

Craftsman prices are an important guideline to calculate possible costs for a project. A typical example is house building. If no company is commissioned for this, you have to assign the craftsmen individually, which requires a detailed cost statement.

Only through these you have your capital in view and make no losses. This is also the case when repairs to your vehicle, renovations to your interiors or cleaning your chimney are needed. The hourly rates of occupations allow you to conveniently plan the costs incurred in advance. This can be particularly effective for particularly time-consuming projects.

Structure of the hourly rates

If you hire a carpenter and are wondering why you have to pay for it by 40 Euro per hour, you should know about the cost of the craftsman prices. The carpenter does not receive 100 percent of these 40 euros as a disbursement, since a large part of the costs incurred by the craftsman are thus covered. Craftsman prices are composed on the average of the following costs.

  • 27 to 35 percent operating costs: salaries, rent, tools, equipment, vehicles
  • 27 to 30 percent craftsman gross wage
  • 10 to 13 percent collectively agreed social expenses
  • 7 to 11 percent social insurance for the craftsman
  • 0.02 to 0.03 percent additional coverage, for example after cancellation by the client

In the end, the craftsman himself only receives between two to six percent of the total hourly wage . That is, if a roofer requires an hourly rate of 60 euros, he gets even at the end of only 1.20 euros to 3.60 euros per hour, which is in the end much lower, perhaps at first thought.

For this reason, as an alternative to the hourly rate, you can find payments based on performance or even flat rates . Depending on the classification in the job, the hourly rate may also be significantly higher. Especially in craft professions that require high qualifications, this can be quite lucrative.

Tip: Please note that the hourly rates of occupations may differ greatly from one federal state to another and even at regional level. Just the availability of raw materials or the corresponding weather conditions at your place of residence can provide significant price differences, since the craftsmen have to adjust to the conditions.

Hourly rates of 25 occupations at a glance

If the above components of the hourly rates are included, there is a corresponding price range, which allows a good overview of the respective costs per hour. If you are looking for a craftsman yourself or want to start one of these professions, take a look at the list of 25 occupations and their hourly rates below. Of course, these are guidelines, which can be subject to strong fluctuations depending on the workload.

Painter and painter

Craft prices for painters and painters are among the lowest at about 30 euros to 40 euros per hour. The reason for this lies above all in the equipment, since painter businesses, unlike other occupational fields, manage without heavy equipment or motorized tools. This keeps the operating costs low.


Craftsman prices for carpenters range from 30 euros to 45 euros, which is heavily dependent on the operating equipment. Some carpenters take care of the completion of individual components made of wood, while others implement complicated projects.


Maurer receive depending on the operational equipment and the difficulty of the project 35 euros to 50 euros. The bulk of the cost here is caused by the fleet, since bricklaying companies have to rely on heavy equipment to deliver materials or to produce them yourself.

electronics technician

Numerous occupations such as the electronics engineer for machines and drive technology, system electronics engineers and information electronics engineers are grouped under this field. For this reason, the craftsman prices in this case vary between 45 euros and 55 euros, which quickly cuts the capital for large projects.

Plant mechanic (sanitary, air conditioning, heating)

Better known as heating engineers or plumbers in the sanitary sector, you can expect here with 45 euros to 60 euros. The reason for this is the high qualification of the staff, because the craftsmen act mostly on a sole basis and are assigned by the company and supplied with materials.


Mechatronics also cover a wide field and for this reason, the hourly rates of occupations in this range from 45 euros to 52 euros. Do not be surprised if you hire a mechatronics technician and have to pay less, as it is usually billed in 15-minute increments. In other words, if you only need minor repairs to your vehicle, the costs will be much lower than in other trades that require the full hourly rate per hour or part thereof.

industrial mechanic

It is not untypical that industrial mechanics often have fairly high hourly rates, as this job can be associated with high risks depending on the field. Average craftsman's prices per hour here range from 45 euros to 75 euros, if they are complicated fields within industrial mechanics.


Similarly, roofers calculate high hourly rates, as the job security causes corresponding costs. Since roofers move at dizzy heights, between 50 euros and 65 euros are required, of which a large part is used for accident prevention and insurance.


Carpenters move in a similar professional field as the joiner and sometimes the crossings are even fluid. While carpenters concentrate on individual workpieces, carpenters are involved in building houses and work closely with roofers and masons. 50 euros to 110 euros are typical here, whereby the higher hourly wages are often required by specialists who implement particularly complicated work.


If you have to afford a tiler, the hourly costs amount to 40 to 45 euros, since the professional field is very specialized. Craftsman prices of tilers are actually always billed per square meter, but on request they also offer hourly rates. Much of the cost is caused by material requirements.

chimney sweeper

Many people are shocked by the prices of a chimney sweep, since the hourly rate can be between 50 and 80 euros, rarely more. Chimney sweeps need good accident prevention, as a fall can not only end your career. In addition, fewer and fewer people have a chimney, which can increase the cost.


Parquets can be put into a category with floor layers, but these are usually a bit more expensive. Parquets rely on high-quality materials that either cost a lot or are sometimes made directly by the company, which can significantly increase the price of craftsmen. Expect 45 euros to 65 euros per hour here.

Construction finishing

This occupational field is the craftsmen who, for example, finish your house. Depending on performance and qualification, you have to charge between 50 Euro and 55 Euro. The reason for this lies in the numerous materials, tools and insurance that ensure a smooth flow of work.


Floors are slightly cheaper than Parkettleger and vary in the range of 40 euros to 60 euros. If, however, it is a special product, for which experience in mosaics, for example, has to be used as a floor covering, the hourly rate can grow up to 100 euros. The simpler the soil should be, the cheaper.


Cleaning workers are among the craft trades with extremely low hourly rates, as this requires little material. In addition, the risk of injury is very low and there are no measures used, for example, include the processing of raw materials. For this reason you have to reckon with prices from 20 Euro to 25 Euro. If it is a window cleaner, they can rise to 35 euros, as a good accident prevention must exist.


If you need a glazier, the hourly rate is quite high. The reason is the high material requirement and the procedure, which requires a lot of time, because glass is a sensitive material. Depending on the difficulty of the project, the hourly rate can increase dramatically. It is not rare that you have to pay 50 euros to 90 euros per hour for a glass. Above all, the cost of materials, equipment and transport of the glass components provides for these high craftsman prices.


A drywall installer often works closely with extension workers and the hourly rates amount to similar prices. However, since the drywall elements are installed in a different way, this is located between 35 euros and 45 euros, since often a smaller amount of work is needed.


Stonemasons are still active today, and in addition to classic works such as the completion of a stone staircase, they are also used for artistic work. Since stonemasons work with heavy materials, for which appropriate tools are necessary, here hourly rates from 50 euros to 75 euros are required.


Interior decorators are not cheap despite their work. On average, between 35 euros and 45 euros per hour required. The high price compared to other craft professions lies in the fact that this is a partly artistic profession.

Furnace and air heater builder

Ofenbauer receive between 45 euros and 55 euros per hour, since not only the installation and the construction, but the planning are taken over by these.

Body and vehicle construction mechanic

Depending on the effort and necessary spare parts, the price is between 50 and 65 euros. Especially for difficult repairs with high material requirements you have to calculate more for your reusable vehicle.

change Schneider

Craftsman prices from 25 euros to 35 euros are required for tailoring services. Alternatively, many change tailors instead charge prices for performance.


The classic plumber requires between 40 euros and 70 euros, as these are also dependent on whether the plumber needs spare parts.


Metal workers require between 50 and 60 euros per hour, which is related to the material and tool requirements.


A new well can be expensive. Between 60 euros and 120 euros can be calculated for one hour, as the well is often used heavy drilling equipment.

Of course, these are not all manual occupations that can be learned in Germany. In total there are 130 craft trades ranging from retail to opticians and photographers to instrument makers or modists. The above are mainly related to fields that connects the majority of people with the craft .

Although a banker is also a part of it, only this is usually not paid by the customer per hour. The same is true of a bow maker for violin or cello bows. These usually charge according to effort or quantity . Especially in craft trades that have to do with buildings, vehicles and installation, there are fixed hourly rates .

Tip: If you want to find out the hourly rates of occupations in your area before a larger project, you should contact the relevant Chamber of Crafts. This can give you the appropriate information about how high the corresponding craftsman prices are per hour and occupation.

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