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Crochet gloves - Free instructions for warm mittens

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Mittens are not only warm and cuddly, mittens are trendy, they are the new favorites under the gloves. Mittens can be put on and taken off quickly and sit loosely on the hand. Restrained fingers that cool down quickly are no longer with them. What could be better than crocheting a pair of stylish mittens? With our free guide, which can easily be reworked by any beginner, you can quickly and easily crochet to any outfit matching mittens.

These mittens can be used by beginners quickly and easily

You do not have to be a crochet artist to crochet mitts yourself. Our instructions are designed so that they can easily be modified for any size and also for every yarn. We demonstrate the basic principle and crochet your own gloves quickly and easily following this guide. It does not matter if it's children's gloves or mittens for big men's hands.

For the stitch pattern of the gloves also no unusual crochet skills are needed. Solely fixed stitches and half sticks conjure up these fashionable mittens. You do not need to bring any crocheting experience for our model. Our instructions are so simple that reworking becomes a pleasure.

Material and preparation

With yarn and pattern you give each pair of gloves that you crochet, its very special character. This is what distinguishes craftsmanship and makes them so valuable.

For our crocheted gloves, we have chosen a fancy yarn made of new wool and acrylic. A mixed yarn, therefore, because such yarn blends are particularly well suited for accessories such as mittens, hats or scarves. Virgin wool blends are durable and have a first-class heat storage, so that the fingers remain comfortably warm even in cold temperatures.

Tip: Each yarn shows a different stitch pattern for the crochet hook's thickness. This means that the one who loosely crochets, requires a different crochet hook strength, than the one who crochet rather hard. Therefore, you should do a small stitch test with two different strengths before doing any crochet work. In this way, you can quickly see which mesh pattern suits you better.

You need:

For a pair of mittens, suitable for a narrow lady's hand, we have processed 100 grams of virgin wool blended yarn. The crochet hook had the strength 5.

Other preparations do not have to be made. To get the gloves the right size, you can easily measure them directly by hand during crochet work. Accordingly, crochet more rounds or shorten our crochet work accordingly.

Instructions: Crochet gloves

Our crochet pattern begins with the top of the glove and ends with the cuff. At the very end, the thumb is crocheted.

The mitten is crocheted in spiral circles. That is, the last stitch of a round is not completed with a chain stitch, but the first stitch of the new round joins without transition to the mesh of the preliminary round. This then gives the character of a spiral.

You can work with stitch markers so that the beginning of a lap or the end of a lap is always easy to recognize. These are available in every craft shop or online. As a lap marker we simply use a small piece of differently colored wool in our gloves. This always lies between the last and the first stitch and accompanies the entire crochet work from the first to the last round.

1 round:

The first round begins with a magic ring / thread ring. Here are the exact instructions for the thread ring: Crochet the thread ring

2nd round:

Crochet 4 stitches into the Magic Ring, lightly tighten the ring thread and close the ring with a slit stitch. This is the only chain stitch to complete a round. Otherwise, only crochet in spiral rounds. When you have closed the round, you can tighten the thread ring more tightly.

3rd round:

Then double each stitch of the preliminary round. That is, every single stitch from the previous round is crocheted with two single crochet stitches. The round now has 8 strong stitches .

4th round:

In this round every 2nd stitch is doubled. The round now has 12 stitches . The finger coping is already visible.

5th round:

Every 3rd stitch is doubled. The round now counts 16 stitches .

6th round:

In this round every 4th stitch is doubled = 20 stitches .

7th round:

Then double every 5th stitch. You now have 24 stitches in the cap.

8th and 9th round:

These two rounds are crocheted with no increase only with fixed stitches. The point of the mitten is now finished.

Tip: Of course you can shorten this glove tip according to your idea or extend by 1 round fixed stitches.

10th round:

From the 10th round begins a new crochet pattern. It continues to work with half rods.

Half a stick is crocheted like this:

  • Use the working thread to put an envelope on the crochet hook
  • into the stitch of the preliminary round and get the work thread
  • There are now three loops on the crochet hook
  • Get the work thread again with the crochet hook and pull through all three loops at the same time

From the 10th through the 20th round, only half the sticks will be crocheted.

At the end of the 20th round begins the opening of the thumb. For this purpose 14 air meshes are struck.

21st round:

Right at the beginning of the 21st round the crochet chain for the thumb is crocheted in the 5th stitch of this new round with half a stick.

Crochet this round as usual with half sticks. The thumb hole is ready.

22nd round:

The round starts at the aerial chain.

In this chain of stitches always 2 stitches are crocheted together. That means you crochet two half sticks together. The first half of the stick is only half crocheted, then the second half of the crochet is crocheted, there are now 5 loops on the crochet hook, with the working thread both half sticks are then abgemascht together.

23rd - 24th - 25th and 26th rounds:

Crochet these rounds as usual with half sticks.

27th round:

From the 27th round begins the cuff. The cuff we crocheted again with fixed stitches. You determine this length of the cuff yourself. We crocheted 7 rounds with fixed stitches.

Crochet your thumb

The entire thumb stitch results from the chain of stitches and the skipped stitches on the thumb hole. From these stitches the thumb is crocheted. Crochet every 2nd and 3rd stitch together in the first round. For our thumb, this resulted in 14 thumb stitches at the end.

Crochet these thumb stitches with strong stitches up to the tip of the thumb.

When you reach the tip of the thumb, the tip begins to decrease.
To do this, always stab in every other stitch and crochet a tight loop. Do this until the top is crocheted.

Tip: If you lose weight normally and crochet two stitches together, this will be too bulging for the thumb tip. Therefore, at the tip of the thumb always prick only every other stitch.

Cut the thread and then pull it through the stitch. The thumb is done and the glove is almost finished.

For sewing, pull the thumb thread inwards and sew the thread with two or three stitches. Also the beginning and closing thread should be sewn well with a few stitches.

A mitten, of course, still needs his twin.

The second glove moves exactly like the first glove. You do not have to worry about the thumbs. He always sits with both gloves on the right - or left - stain.

For our mittens we have turned a drawstring.

Then we sewn this cord to the left and right of the finished gloves. So the mittens can not be lost individually and always remain connected to the winter jacket.


Of course, you can change our guide to a pair of fashionable mitts in a number of ways.

Crochet all rounds with sturdy stitches, making the gloves a different character. It is also interesting if you work with different colors. For example, the glove top, cuffs and thumb can be worked with a contrasting color. For children the gloves can be crocheted very colorful. The tip, palm, thumb and cuffs each receive a different color. The glove will also be interesting if you crochet with two different colors. The tip, thumb and cuff are crocheted in one color. In the middle part of the glove, work each spiral round alternately with a different color.

quick start Guide

  • Magic ring / thread ring
  • Crochet 4 stitches into the thread ring
  • Double every stitch = 8 stitches
  • Double every 2nd stitch = 12 stitches
  • Double every 3rd stitch = 16 stitches
  • Double every 4th stitch = 20 stitches
  • Double every 5th stitch = 24 stitches
  • Crochet 2 rounds of normal tight stitches
  • Crochet half-crochet 10th to 20th round without increasing
  • Crochet the thumb hole
  • At the end of the 20th round, strike 14 Air Meshes
  • Crochet this chain in the 5th stitch of the 21st round
  • Crochet this round normally with half sticks
  • The 22nd round starts at the aerial chain. Always crochet two stitches together
  • Continue crocheting with half sticks until the 23rd to the 26th round
  • From the 27th round begins the cuff
  • Crochet 7 rounds of sturdy stitches


  • Crochet each 2nd and 3rd stitch together in the first round of thumbs
  • Crochet the entire length of the thumb with strong stitches
  • From the tip of the thumb, crochet a single crochet in every other stitch until the lace is crocheted.
  • Sew all threads.
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