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Crochet half and whole sticks - how it works!

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  • Instructions: Crochet half sticks
  • Instructions: Crochet whole chopsticks

At the latest since the beginning of the cap crochet boom, half of the stick has blossomed from the marginal phenomenon to a fixed size in the crochet shop. When it comes to crocheted headgear, there is nothing left without the mixture of sturdy mesh and classic chopsticks. Here is a detailed guide on how to make a half stick. It also explains how to crochet a stick.

The difference between the mesh types

When crocheting you can determine the height of a row or a round through the selected stitch type. Fixed stitches are short, stocky and result in a "fixed" stitch pattern. Half sticks are worked with an additional envelope and are therefore already a bit higher than solid stitches. Even taller, the chopsticks finally present themselves.

Instructions: Crochet half sticks

As with the fixed mesh, the puncture site for half a stick may be the loop of an air-knit chain or the stitch head of a previous round or row.

Tip: The finished half-stick has about the height of two air meshes. To reach this height at the beginning of the row, always crochet two air meshes at first, so-called spiral air meshes. This can prevent the crochet piece from contracting on the sides.

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1. In the case of a half stick, a thread is drawn - before the puncture - which lays around the needle as a loop. So there are already 2 loops on the crochet hook before piercing.

2. Now insert the crochet hook through the desired puncture site.

3. A thread is retrieved and pulled through the puncture site.

4. Now there are 3 loops on the crochet hook.

5. As last step, pick up the thread again and pull through all 3 loops. That gives half a stick.

Instructions: Crochet whole chopsticks

A puncture site also needs the rod. It does not matter if the loop of an air chain, the head of a fixed loop or the loop head of already existing sticks: where you can push through the crochet hook, it is possible to put on a stick.

Tip: At the beginning of the row you reach the stick height with 3 crocheted air meshes.

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1. Get the thread before plunging (there are now 2 loops on the crochet hook).

2. Guide the needle through the desired puncture site, ...

3. ... pick up the thread and pull it through the puncture site only. There are 3 loops on the crochet hook.

4. Get the thread again and pull it through the front two loops. There are 2 stitches left on the crochet hook.

5. In the next step, the thread is taken a fourth time and pulled through these last two stitches.

The small crochet pattern shows 1 row of warp knits, 2 rows of fixed stitches, 2 rows of half pieces and above a row of sticks. The marking on the edge makes the different heights of the individual types of mesh clear.

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