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Making hair clips yourself - ideas and tips for the material

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You want to decorate yourself a boring hair clip and thereby express your creativity. However, if you have no idea for a hair clip design, you can be inspired here by the appropriate materials and some ideas. Due to the simple principle, you can choose from a variety of different options that lead to new, attractive hair accessories.

Hair clips have long been no longer just intended to fix the hair, but to inspire visibly with a unique accessory . Especially young girls are enthusiastic about hair accessories, as they are often held in colorful patterns and funny designs.

Creative hair clips

This variety also makes itself felt if you want to make hair clips yourself, for which you can use a variety of materials. If you are looking for a suitable design idea, here is a detailed overview of the necessary utensils and how they are used together to realize the idea.

Materials and utensils

As such, you can let your imagination run wild when choosing the material and use whatever you want to use creatively . The big advantage: some of these selected fabrics and decorative elements have ideal properties to make hair clips yourself. These are listed below in detail.


Felt is a fabric for hair clips that is easy to cut and sew. Due to the hardness, various shapes can be well represented, such as petals.

rucksack material

Backpack fabric is very robust and can be used especially for dressing the hair clips. For this they are simply sewn around the clasp.


You can easily make decoration out of wool yarn for the clips. It can, for example, create small figures, which is fixed to the clasp and will especially delight children.


Fabric scraps of any kind are recommended for this use. From fabric remnants you can implement flowers, small hearts, loops and other artistic ideas . The larger the color difference of the individual fabric remainders, the more possibilities you have here.


Yes, buttons are great for decorating boring clips. These are fastened together with scraps or fleece on these.


Leather can be used in a similar way to felt and has the advantage that it is quite rigid on this scale and therefore does not fold down during use.


Sequins are used with other fabrics such as ribbon, leather or plain cotton.


Ribbon is one of the classic materials if you want to make hair clips yourself. It is easy to work with and is available in many different colors.


All sorts of plastic parts, from figures to simple discs with hole decorations, are applicable here. Depending on craftsmanship, the components do not even look like cheap plastic. For example, you can cut and use plastic molds.


Feathers are a bit more difficult to work with, but they are also great as they present an elegant and playful character .

Decorative stones

Deco stones are next to sequins super easy to use. In most cases, they are easy to stick and hold themselves on plastic surfaces, which makes them especially interesting for your protégés when you want to decorate hair clips together.


Yes, you can make a hair clip out of a whole shell. The natural look and ease of use are worthwhile.


Jewelry such as earrings can be used in a decorative way as a material for hair clips. Depending on your creativity, light pieces of jewelry can be used and either fixed over fabric or strong glue. However, you should not overdo it in this variant with the amount, otherwise it comes quickly to overload.

artificial flowers

You can not go wrong with artificial flowers. They can be cut easily, weigh only slightly and can be used for numerous ideas.


Use false beads to make hair clips yourself. The style is very appealing.

This selection alone makes for a wide variety of designs that you can imagine. Of course, you can easily look for suitable materials in your jewelery box or other containers in your home. The above are very suitable for this purpose because you can easily handle them. Furthermore you should have the following utensils next to the material at hand when crafting.

  • superglue
  • stapler
  • staples
  • scissors
  • sewing needles
  • yarn
  • spray paints
  • hot glue
  • Wool or thin yarn, crochet hook

Of course, you should not forget the actual hair clips that you can buy at numerous online retailers, drugstores and supermarkets. Depending on the manufacturer, these are made of plastic, metal and rare wood and all three are good for making hair clips themselves.

However, some material is easier to use for certain processing forms. This makes it particularly easy to stick to wood while sewing around metal to provide a sturdy accessory.

Tip: You can even use Lego bricks and turn them into funny hair clips for your kids, which will definitely be eye-catchers. For this you make something out of Lego and stick it with super glue on a hair clip to fix the Lego artwork.

Make hair clips yourself

3 ideas for homemade hair clips

The variety of hair clips that you can make yourself is huge. Numerous designs present themselves, with which you make your old clips again in a short time attractive. A big focus of ideas is on the use of simple materials that can be combined into something attractive.

The material is adapted according to the ideas and brought into an appropriate form. Three interesting ideas illustrate this process, so that you can implement your own problems afterwards.

Tip: Do not hesitate enough while crafting the hair clips, because this can prevent possible problems. In addition, the slow process can be changed a bit, if you came to another idea in your mind and you want to implement them necessarily.

Bat Hair Clip | manual

The classics of the braces include models that are reminiscent of a bat. These are ideal for example for the alternative style or costume parties on Halloween, because their shape can be integrated into numerous outfits.

For this you need:

  • 1 piece of black leather or another thicker fabric, also felt is suitable, as well as sponge rubber
  • 1 hairclip
  • light or dark thread (depending on taste)

Leather or a thick cloth is needed for this clasp, otherwise the wings of the bat would fall down and destroy the desired effect.

Then proceed as follows:

1. On the felt or leather, mark the shape of bat wings with a head represented as a circle or square. The clasp is only about the wings, the body is used for fixing on the clasp. For this reason, she receives no head or legs. You can also use our bat templates for free download.

Download bat templates

Cut out the desired bat shape and place it on a piece of felt. Then cut the bat shape out of the felt with a pair of scissors.

2. Now cut out the bat. At the same time you optionally cut a strip of leather in the width of one centimeter, whose length should not be too short. This will be adjusted later. Alternatively, use a black bow ribbon.

3. Now stick the bat body in the middle of the upper half of the clasp and wait until the glue has dried. Then wrap the strip once or twice around the body of the bat so that it can be finally fixed. The wings on the body are folded a little bit to make the effect of real wings even clearer.

4. After wrapping the ribbon or leather strip around the two bat wings, cut off the rest of the piece.

Optionally fix the center piece with needle and thread. To do this, sew the strip over the edges so that the body is visibly separated from the wings by the yarn. Ready is your bat.

Flower Hair Clip | manual

If you want it to be a bit simpler, use artificial flowers and remove the flower heads.

You can of course choose the flower, because there are many colors and shapes on the artificial flower market that are not common in nature.

Alternatively, you can make small crocheted flowers from some wool or yarn. In the article "crochet Easter baskets" we show you under the point "flowers" how you can crochet such a small flower very fast.

A finished crocheted flower can be seen in the following pictures.

Pull the thread ring tightly together and knot the wool threads from the beginning and the end on the back of the crochet flower. By contracting the crochet flower waving something and it creates a beautiful flower shape.

Now glue your crocheted flowers to the hair clip with some hot glue.

After cutting off the flower heads, simply stick them on top of the clasp.

Alternatively, if you have enough skill, you can attach them with needle and thread. The adhesive variant is in most cases perfectly adequate.

Shell hair clips | manual

If you want to implement a clam hair clip, you need a clean clam in the desired size. Likewise, the clasp itself should no longer be wide like the clam, unless you have no problem with the clasp being visible. The following instructions explain the individual steps for the Mediterranean acting hair clip.

  • Hold the clasp to the bottom of the shell
  • check the desired position according to your preference
  • then place one drop of superglue at each end of the top of the clasp
  • Now carefully press the clip to the shell
  • Wait a few moments for the glue to dry
  • finished is the clam hair clip

Clam hair clips clearly show how easy hair clips with the right material are feasible without great effort.

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