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Crochet patterns for hats: 7 free patterns

At the latest when the warm season is over, you are looking for a new outfit for cool autumn and cold winter days. So what could be more obvious than opening the crochet season with a new fashionable hat? We have put together 7 crochet patterns that are ideal for classic and trendy headgear.

If you have chosen a nice wool and the right crochet hook is ready, nothing stands in the way of crocheting. Our crochet patterns for hats will help you to crochet the most beautiful headwear for a new fashionable season.


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    • Half double crochet
    • relief chopsticks
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    • Jasmin pattern
    • finger crochet
    • heart pattern
    • cross chopsticks

Crochet pattern for hats

Basics So you succeed in a nice hat

It is important when crocheting a hat that the wool, the crochet hook and the pattern match perfectly. It may be that you like a pattern wonderfully, but it doesn't harmonize well with your yarn. Perhaps the wool is too thick or too thin for the hat's crochet pattern.


So that you can be completely satisfied with your choice, we recommend that you crochet a stitch sample. Work with your yarn, the matching crochet hook and a selected crochet pattern for the hat. It should be 10 centimeters wide and 10 centimeters high.

Crochet pattern, wool and stitch stitch

You can now see exactly how your crochet pattern relates to your wool. And, which is also very important, you can now use the stitch test to calculate the stitch count for your hat.

Half double crochet

Half chopsticks have finally prevailed. For a long time they left an orphaned existence in the family of chopsticks, now they are the number one crochet stitch in hats. The height of the half double crochet is between the single crochet and the normal double crochet. It is a very dense stitch and therefore very suitable as a crochet pattern for a hat.

A hat crocheted with half a double crochet shows a very nice and clean stitch pattern . The shape is stable and firm, so that a crocheted hat with half sticks will not easily warp.

Crochet half and whole chopsticks - how it works!

half double crochet

relief chopsticks

Relief sticks are also part of the large family of chopsticks. A wide variety of patterns can be conjured up with these chopsticks, and relief sticks have a plastic appearance . The basis for a relief stick is a normal stick. And depending on how you work this stick in the next row, it takes on a completely new and distinctive shape.

A relief stick is always "crocheted". Its appearance depends on whether you crochet around the stick from the front or from the back. Relief sticks are an ideal crochet stitch for hats and cuffs . The example of "crochet long beanie" shows us very well how a hat with relief sticks can be made.

Crochet relief sticks (front and back) - learn the basics

relief chopsticks

Crochet long beanie - free guide for beginners

Relief stick stabbed in the back

Double relief stick

Like a simple relief stick pattern, this crochet pattern for hats looks very plastic . The type of crochet is the same, except that a double double crochet is used instead of one double crochet. That means that instead of one envelope, this double stick is worked with two envelopes.

Then the stitch is worked as usual. Depending on the pattern from the front or from the back. Our instructions "Make your own crochet hat" shows how easy it is to crochet this pattern. The fact that a stronger yarn is already processed and the stitches are still very plastic, makes a hat with double relief sticks a very warm hat for cold days.

Make crochet hat yourself - Instructions + crochet pattern for a hat

double relief stick

Jasmin pattern

The jasmine pattern is a particularly beautiful crochet pattern. It is often called a star pattern due to its many rays in the flower. As a crochet pattern for hats, it is particularly important for girls.

As the crochet pattern describes, a little more wool is used for this pattern. But at the same time this means that these plump flowers that are crocheted here are very warm.

Crochet jasmine pattern - Simple instructions for the star pattern

Jasmin pattern

finger crochet

Finger crocheting is another way to crochet a warming hat. Crocheting the stitches with your fingers is easy and also very quick . It is not the crocheted stitch that is decisive for this crochet pattern, but the yarn. This should be very thick so that it can be worked well with your fingers.

With this crochet technique, mostly crochet stitches and double crochets are crocheted. The hat is guaranteed to be very thick and therefore very warm. The example here shows a small insight into this technique.

Finger crochet - basic instructions and ideas for crocheting

finger crochet

heart pattern

This pattern is guaranteed a welcome hat variant for little girls. Hearts on the hat not only look very cute, they are also easy to crochet . This crochet pattern can also be easily reworked by beginner crochets made of chain stitches, single crochet and double crochet.

Crochet heart pattern - free pattern with pictures

heart pattern

cross chopsticks

The cross-crochet is a slightly airier and finer crochet pattern for hats. They consist of normal chopsticks, which are crocheted crosswise. A simple technique that looks very beautiful and above all very fine.

This crochet pattern for hats can also be processed with a finer wool . It also looks very nice with cotton. Little girls in particular will be very happy with such a crocheted hat.

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cross chopsticks
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