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Measure hip circumference - Instructions for hip in man & woman

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Your own body measurements have always been important in terms of clothing choices. Whether you want to order a pair of pants or are looking for a dress on the Internet, the hip size is essential for a variety of garments. Many people do not know what size to choose, although it is not difficult to measure the hip circumference.

Measuring the hip circumference is often difficult because many people do not know where the hips are directly. Now you have to measure over the back pockets or at the widest part of the hips

Before you can measure your hip circumference, you need the right equipment. Since not all utensils are suitable for this task and can lead to incorrect results, you should rely on the following measuring instruments.

  • Measuring tape made of cloth
  • paper
  • pen

When selecting the measuring tape, make sure that it is flexible and can be fitted tightly to the body. With a garage roll, you'll never get good results and buy over-sized clothing. Therefore, only use a measuring tape or tape measure which is used in the textile industry or for sewing. Alternatively, you can use string and measure it with a yardstick after putting it on. This ensures an almost as good measurement result, as long as the line is not round, but flat. However, measuring errors may creep in, for example if you strip the cord again. Man and woman can read the result directly on the body using measuring tapes.

Tip: You can, of course, use your smartphone or other electronic device to capture readings instead of pen and paper. There are even numerous apps in the stores, with which you can save the values ​​and compare them over a longer period of time, if you want to lose weight or pay attention to your figure.

Hip circumference ladies

Measure hip circumference: Instructions for ladies

For women it is usually easier to measure the hip circumference, as the hip bone is more pronounced. This will allow you to see exactly where the measuring tape is and you do not always have to correct it. If you have trouble measuring yourself, be sure to ask a friend for help, as this will prevent any errors in the measurement result. Follow this guide to measure your hip circumference:

1. It is best to measure your hips in underwear. Jeans, jogging pants and even tights can negatively affect the measurement result. The timing of the day is not important because food or drinks do not affect the hips.

2. Just stand in front of a mirror. Never measure yourself from the side, otherwise the measuring tape will not be in the right place. Her feet should not touch and her legs should not be spread.

3. Check your posture before measuring. Even at the hip, a sunken posture can lead to measurement problems. So do not sink and keep your back straight. Do not pull or tense your abdomen as this will change your posture.

4. Now put on the measuring tape. To do this, locate the widest point on your hip that can be recognized by the hipbone. Look in the mirror and hand over your side to find the widest point. At this point, place the end of the tape measure with the digit 0.

5. Pass the measuring tape around your hips once and make sure that it fits over the widest part of your hips. Do not pull the meter too close, just to keep it flat against the skin.

6. Check in the mirror if the measuring tape has twisted and correct the affected area. Then make a note of the result.

Tip: Please keep in mind that your hip will be significantly wider after having a baby if you regularly measure the circumference of your hip.

Hip circumference mens

Measure hip circumference: instructions for men

Measuring hip circumference in men and women is quite different, as you will read here. The biggest problem facing men measuring hip circumference is their straight shape. Only a few men, the hip bone is slightly outward, which makes it much easier to take the measurements. However, the majority of men have to fight with it. The following instructions will help you to take the measurements correctly and not to give up.

1. Accurate measurement results are achieved if you do not wear pants. Underpants are fine as long as they are made of a material that is not too thick. Ideally, you wear men's briefs, as this leaves more skin exposed and the measurement result is even more accurate. It does not matter when you measure yourself, as the hip can not be bloated with food or drinks compared to the waist.

2. Just stand in front of a mirror. This facilitates the creation of the tape measure, as this must be exactly. The feet should not be closed, but relaxed to be open. But do not spread them, otherwise muscles or fat can push up, which leads to wrong results.

3. Check your posture as described above.

4. Now, take the measuring tape in one hand and place the end with the number 0 on the outermost part of your hips. This is located over the hip bone. Be careful not to put it too high on top, otherwise you will measure the waist circumference, which is smaller even for men, instead of the hip circumference. If it is too difficult for you to measure yourself, you should ask a family member or friend for help.

5. Once you have created the tape measure, run it around your waist once. Make sure the tape does not shift or knot all the time. Pass it over the hip bone, as this makes it easier to measure. Check the position on the mirror.

6. Write down the result.

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