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Pack vouchers - 15 original ideas and tips

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When giving away vouchers or money, many people are faced with the question: How do I best pack the paper present ">

Of course, putting the coupon or the money in a traditional envelope, everyone can do that. Original is clearly different. In most cases, you do not have to spend a lot of money on alternative packaging or make a complicated purchase. In fact, you often have the necessary utensils already in stock at home and need to use them skillfully. In this DIY guide you will receive 15 very different ideas with appropriate tips and instructions that guaranteed the recipient of the voucher or gift of money guaranteed. First, we present you with ten general variants. We will then provide you with five recommendations that relate to specific topics (such as the reason or the specific nature of the voucher).

Pack coupons - simple ideas

Idea # 1: Paint and decorate the envelope

As already indicated, the simple monochrome envelope is anything but imaginative. But he does not have to come along in his traditional look. If you have pencils at home, you can paint the paper wonderfully colorful - preferably, of course, matching the theme of the voucher. Alternatively or additionally, you stick the envelope with pictures or stickers, glitter stones or other utensils. Let your creativity run wild and rummage through your household for matching decorative elements. If necessary, buy the few little things that you have in mind. The main task is: Personalize the normal envelope. Everything else is up to your imagination.

You can become even more creative if you make the envelope yourself. Here are three great ways for a great DIY envelope: tinker envelope

Idea # 2: Creative collage with coupon

Depending on which topic the coupon deals with, you can collect suitable pictures from old newspapers and magazines that are still lying around at home and cut them out. Be sure to choose really beautiful and expressive photos that are ideally built on each other and connected, but also illuminate different aspects. Then glue the pictures onto a sturdy piece of paper before you put the finished collage into a frame. You roll up the coupon. Then tie it to the picture frame with a gift ribbon - of course, so that the picture story is clearly visible.

Idea # 3: Make paper candy

Roll the coupon together. Then cut out a piece of wrapping paper that at best harmonizes with the coupon theme (but otherwise it is also a design that simply elegant or colorful comes along). Wrap the wrapping paper around the already prepared voucher. If necessary, shorten the edges of the gift paper a little. Then attach a gift ribbon on both sides and tie ribbons, so that the whole thing looks like a delicious candy - and that's the coupon basically yes, at least in a figurative sense.

Idea # 4: Heavy cardboard

The person to be gifted does not have to guess right away that the present is a coupon, is not it ">

Idea # 6: Balloon with Coupon I

Making the voucher with a balloon is very appropriate in many different situations - especially because there are now countless forms of balloons (eg heart balloons for the Valentine's or Anniversary, animal balloons for a zoo coupon or classic Balloons in bright colors for a balloon ride). Obtain a balloon corresponding to the topic of the voucher, inflate it and knot it. Then roll the "treat" together and tie it with a matching ribbon to the knotted balloon area.

Idea # 7: Balloon with Coupon II

And we are not finished with our balloon ideas. You do not have to tie the coupon to the knot. Instead, you can put the main element in the balloon as well. This is a bit tricky and you have to be careful not to damage the balloon. Again, roll the coupon as close together as possible and then try to transport it through the hole in the balloon. Then you inflate the balloon normally and knot it. For decoration, you may still tie gift ribbon around the knot.

Idea # 8: Tealight with coupon message

Now it's getting fiery - and very secretive. Take a normal tealight to hand and pull the light element from the aluminum shell. It requires a lot of patience and tact, because: Pull too vigorously at the wick, it dissolves. Write now with an Edding the value of the voucher inside on the floor, for example "1x Massage". Then return the tealight. Carry the "coupon light" into a classy matchbox (or make it look rather unsightly). Also, keep a few matches in it, as the tealight will burn down until the message comes out. A really romantic solution for couples!

Idea # 9: Hammer idea - voucher in ice block

From the fiery to the icy cold: In the freezer compartment of your refrigerator or in the freezer, make an approximately ten to fifteen centimeters thick layer of ice (in a sufficiently large, freezer-suitable shape). It is best to use boiled water. This results in relatively clear and transparent ice. After the first layer is finished and stable, get them out and put the airtight wrapped in frozen foil coupon on it. Then you fill the container with more (boiled) water and carry the whole thing back into the cupboard, so that over the first a second layer of ice is formed (in which your voucher is hidden). Finally, pack the block of ice in a foil bag and hand it over to the lucky one within the next hour, preferably with a hammer, so that the recipient can get his gift faster.

Idea # 10: Cut out the jeans pocket

If you want to give away money or a cool coupon, you can put the item in a denim pocket. The procedure is conceivably simple: You just need to pick out an old pair of jeans, cut out a butt pocket, neatly decorate the piece, possibly decorate with glitter pens and put in the money or voucher.

Special coupon ideas

Idea # 11: Shopping coupon with clothes

Cut out of paper or felt feminine or male garments (depending on whether the person to be gifted is a woman or a man). Of course, you can pre-draw on a (separate) sheet of paper with pencil, cut and use as templates. Then take a simple paper bag (preferably in a nice color) to the hand and stick the clothes made on it. Put the shopping coupon or the money in the bag.

The crafting instructions for the paper bag can be found here: Make paper bag

Idea # 12: Numbered Envelopes

If you want to give away an event voucher (for example, for a concert or football game), you can build it up as a little puzzle for the recipient. All you need is ten to fifteen simple envelopes, paper, pens and a little creativity. Consider several features of the event and put a further note in each envelope. Only in the last envelope is the actual voucher (or the concert ticket, the football ticket, etc.). Fictitious example of the structure:

Envelope 1: On the 30th of April we do something nice together.
Cover 2: We drive to Leipzig.
Envelope 15: Here are tickets for the match RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich. ????

Tip: Spice up the individual envelopes by painting them colorfully. But beware: Do not include telltale symbols or stickers. It should stay as exciting as possible until the end!

Idea # 13: World map with travel coupon

Print a simple world map with the outlines of every continent. Carefully cut the outlines with a sharp pair of scissors. Patience and tact are required here. Then write something on the picture (in a place that offers space), for example: "Every adventure begins with the first step!". Then take a picture frame that fits the size and place the picture in it. Behind them you "hide" the bills - in such a way that they are visible through the shapes of the continents. Close the frame and you're done with a great, creative gift.

Idea # 14: Book voucher in the book

Grab an old book from your collection that you no longer need. The best is a hardcover book with a beautiful cover, after all, should the present properly hermachen. Cut a medium sized hole through all pages of the book to create a kind of casket. The cut out parts can be thrown away or used for heating. In the hole you put the coupon or the money, depending on, in which form you want to present your gift.

Idea # 15: Voucher in the heart envelope

With a romantic voucher for the loved one or loved one, we recommend that you pack this in a sufficiently large heart envelope. The envelope is made in a few minutes. This is how it works:

Step 1: Cut out a uniform heart of beautiful pattern cardboard.
Step 2: Now fold the left and right sides to the middle.

Note: The center is the point where the two "hills" meet.

Step 3: Then fold the top part down a bit.
4th step: Finally, fold the lower tip upwards and thread it in there.

Tip: Now you can unfold the heart envelope again to adjust the voucher and put it in. Then close again and the gift is ready!

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