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Knitting gum gum socks - knitting instructions for beginners

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They always wanted to knit classic striped socks ">

We show you the knitting of striped socks in size 28/29 .

Children love striped socks. Striped socks do not stop at any age and do not look like girls or boys. They just swap colors and every gum gum socks looks different again.

We have knitted an extravagant roll cuff for our Gum Gum children's socks. Thus, the stocking looks once more smart. For boys, we would rather recommend a normal cuff.

This gum gum pattern is knitted with two different colors. The cuffs, the heel cap and the toe are knitted with only one color. Only the roll cuff is an exception here.

Material and preparation

You need for GumGum socks:

  • 2 needle size 3 games
  • a darning needle
  • Scissors and measuring tape
  • Stocking yarn (Wool Roedel, 4-ply, superwash)

Of course, depending on your sock size, you also need different amounts of wool. For children's socks in size 23 you only need 50 g. From the size 33 are already about 80 g of wool.


Before knitting, make a knit - knit a sample of needle size 3 and one of size 2.5. You can see the difference in the size of the piece of knitting. On this basis, decide which size from our table you want to knit.

Size chart for socks

Here you will find all the important measurements and information you need for knitting various gum-gum socks.

Instructions - Gum Gum Pattern


To knit the roll cuff:

Make 52 stitches in one color - 13 stitches on each needle - and knit 20 rows in this color. The cuff rolls already.

Use a second double-pointed needles, but a different thread color, to score another 52 stitches. Distribute these again on 4 needles with 13 stitches each. Knitting in this color only 15 rows high.

Now put the longer part of the sleeve in the shorter cuff. And in such a way that exactly the two work threads lie one above the other. You now have 8 needles to be knitted together into 4 needles.

There are always 2 stitches of 2 needles knitted together at the same time. Take one stitch from the front needle, one stitch from the back needle, and knit these two stitches together on the right work needle.

Work stitch-by-stitch and needle-by-needle, using two pieces to knit a cuff.

At the end of the 4th needle, you have 52 stitches on each needle and 13 stitches.
Now knit 3 rounds with the foreground color in the right stitches. The cuff is ready.

Shank in the GumGum pattern

So knit this striped pattern.

Knit 3 needles in a new color. This was pink for us. The 4th needle remains untouched, it is simply skipped. You come now to the needle, in the already a yarn from the cuff hangs, in our pattern that was the color pink.

With this color, knit 2 needles right now. Put out a needle again. Because at the next needle is already the new color, with which they continue to knit and knit again 2 needles.

You put out a needle again and immediately go to the next needle. There, too, the yarn is hanging, with which you will continue to knit.

1st color: Only in the first round do you knit 3 needles with the 1st color.

Then knit like this:

2nd color

  • Knit 2 needles
  • Expose 1 needle

1st color

  • Knit 2 needles
  • Expose 1 needle

2nd color

  • Knit 2 needles
  • Expose 1 needle

1st color

  • Knit 2 needles
  • Expose 1 needle

In this order, knit the entire shaft. The shaft length is 12 centimeters in this size.


The heel work only in a foreground color. This is the skullcap. How exactly this heel is knitted, you will learn in this basic guide: coping heel This sits very comfortably on the foot. The heel height is 4 centimeters at this size.


Work your foot in the gum gum pattern again. They always only knit right stitches. The foot length is 15.5 centimeters.


The top of the stocking is knitted in only one color.

At the toe, divide the needles into two groups:

  • Group 1: 1st needle and 2nd needle
  • Group 2: 3rd needle and 4th needle

Needle 1:

  • Knit right to the last three stitches.
  • The second and third last stitch of the needle are knitted together on the right.
  • Then knit the last stitch on the right.

Needle 2:

  • Knit the 1st stitch on the right.
  • The second stitch is lifted off to the right.
  • Knit the 3rd stitch on the right.
  • The lifted stitch is pulled over the knitted stitch.
  • The remaining stitches of the needle are knitted as usual.

Needle 3:

  • Work this needle like the 1st needle.

Needle 4:

  • Knit the 4th needle like needle number 2.

In every second round, the decrease takes place up to half of all stitches on the needle. This means you take one round and knit a round normally. If only half of all the stitches are on a needle, remove the stitches in each round for the top. The last two stitches on each needle are all removed in one turn. Cut the thread off for a sufficient length of time. Knitt the first stitch and pull the thread back through the stitch. So you keep working until the thread has been pulled through the last stitch. Then tighten it and sew it inside the sock.

Total foot length with the top is then 19 cm.

In the end, it is only necessary to sew all the threads and knit the second GumGum stocking according to this manual. And already the GumGum socks are done! Are not you beautiful "> Further links

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