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Join Granny Squares - crochet crochet squares together

  • 3 crochet techniques for joining
    • Visibly connect Granny Squares
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    • Crochet crochet squares together

Granny Squares are very popular among the crocodiles - the small, colorful crochet squares are made fast, decorative and versatile. From pillows, over blankets and clothes you can make almost everything out of them. In this tutorial we show you how to connect Granny Squares. There are several ways that crocheting can be done. How to do it.

3 crochet techniques for joining

Why should there be three different techniques for crocheting Granny Squares, though one would be enough ">

It is very important when crocheting Granny Squares that they are "same" designs - this means that the crocheted squares must have the same number of stitches at the edges and of course the same side length. Therefore, for a consistent image, we recommend always connecting the same Granny Squares.

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Visibly connect Granny Squares

With the visible variant, you can create a decorative, uniform border in your crochet piece. Between the individual Grannys, where they are crocheted together, a Häkellinie made of Kettmaschen, with which one can set accents. That's how it works:

Step 1: If you want the crochet edge on the outside of the beautiful side, place the two Granny Squares left to left on each other. This means that the two beautiful outsides of the Grannys are now on the outside and the backs face each other.

Step 2: For this method always crochet the two inner mesh members of the outer edges together. Use the crochet hook to drive from above through the first inner mesh of the upper Granny Squares. Then you also guide the needle from above through the first, inner mesh member of the lower Granny Squares. Now pull the working thread (here: light brown) through the two stitches on the needle. Then attach the working thread with an air mesh.

Step 3: Then you work in this way from beginning to end of the edge. It will always be crocheted Kettmaschen. To do this, pull the thread through the two stitch links and then through the loop of the thread on the needle.

4th step: When you arrive at the end, the thread is generously cut off and fastened with a last slit stitch. Now you have connected two granny squares that are optically separated by a decorative seam.

On the other hand, the work thread can also be seen, but only as small points.

Note: If you would like to work a larger Crochet piece from Granny Squares, we recommend that you put all the Grannys together and then completely crochet the individual pieces horizontally and then vertically. So do not reposition for every seam edge between two Grannys with the work thread, but work directly through the track. This saves you many superfluous threads that need to be sutured later.

Connect Granny Squares invisibly

The invisible variant has the advantage that one sees no seam on the one hand, the beautiful side. The granny squares seem to stick together and do not overlap. We show how to do it:

Step 1: Lay the Granny Squares right to the right - the beautiful outsides are therefore on each other.

Step 2: Initially, guide the crochet hook through the outer loop of the lower crochet square and then through the outer loop of the upper crochet square.

Step 3: Now pull the working thread through both mesh links and work an air mesh. The work thread is now attached and it can be crocheted.

Step 4: Work the same way until the end of Grannys Squares. First, pass the needle through both outer mesh links and then pull the thread through all three stitches on the needle - this is a chain stitch.

Step 5: At the end of the row, cut off the thread generously and do a warp stitch again. So the seam is attached and both crochet squares are connected to each other.

On the not so beautiful back, where you have just worked, is now a thicker seam.

On the beautiful front you can see no remains of a seam or the work thread. The Granny Squares are invisible and yet firmly connected - what more could you want ">

Note: Again, if you want to join several Grannys Squares, a horizontal crocheting of all Grannys is recommended. Then crochet all vertical seams completely over the entire length.

Crochet crochet squares together

Another option is to connect the Grannys directly while crocheting. There is no real interface - the pattern of the squares merges into each other. Here you will find the detailed crochet pattern for this type of Granny Squares, as well as for the connection technique:

Join Granny Squares

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