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Size chart for knitting baby socks

Knitting in itself is not complicated. A real challenge in knitting is rather to achieve the right size - as with knitted baby socks. Especially the small baby feet complain about it quickly, if the knitted socks do not fit and pinch. Therefore, we have put together a size chart for knitting baby socks for you. With these numbers and hints, you will not be able to make mistakes when knitting baby socks in the future.

The following size chart is based on this sock model. Cuffs, upper and heel are ideal for small baby feet.

The knitting of these baby socks was done with the following materials:

  • Depending on the size 15 to 25 g sock wool: sock wool with a length of 425 meters per 100 g per ball was used. This wool you get colorful and in different colors for about 10 € per ball in stores. The colorfast material can be washed at 40 degrees. The exact yarn consumption for each sock size can be found in the sock chart.
  • Needle Game 2.5: Baby feet and baby socks are pretty small. A glove needles game makes the job immensely easier. This has a length of 15 cm and is handier than the conventional long sock needles with a length of 20 cm.
  • Stopfnadeln for sewing the beginning and end thread
  • a measuring tape to measure the feet and to check the information in the table
  • of course our size chart for knitting baby socks

Size chart for baby socks

The header of the size chart divides the information according to the size of your baby. At an age of 0 to 3 months this is around 50/56.

But even more important for the knitting of the socks is of course the sock / shoe size. This is calculated as follows:

Sock / shoe size = (foot length with heel + 1.5) / 0.667

Example: (9 + 1.5) / 0, 667 = 15, 75 ≈ 16

If your baby has a foot length of 9 cm, measured from the heel beginning to the tip of the big toe, it has a shoe and sock size of 16.

Furthermore, you can read off the required yarn consumption in the table. This is the consumption for knitting a pair of socks.

The stop stitches describe the number of stitches that start knitting.

Then follow the instructions for the cuff and shaft length. These details are made in centimeters. When knitting with a guide, always orient yourself to the centimeters - counting rounds can confuse and vary the number of rounds from yarn to yarn, according to different knitting techniques and the looseness of the knitting pattern. Therefore, you should always measure your knitting pattern to achieve the perfect size.

Following you will see the information on the lateral stitch pickup. This is important when picking up stitches from the heel wall when the upper and heel are joined together.

Finally, the numbers follow for knitting the sock top. To taper in front more and more stitches are taken off and knitted.

This size chart offers you the necessary tools for knitting baby socks - a detailed knitting instructions can be found here: //www.zhonyingli.com/babysocken-stricken/

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