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Fiberglass wallpaper - do advantages or disadvantages outweigh?

  • Advantages of fiberglass wallpaper
  • Disadvantages of fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper has many advantages and some major disadvantages. It certainly looks beautiful and simple, but whether you need at home necessarily a wallpaper that hangs in your local office, with your gynecologist / urologist and your dentist on the wall, should be considered first really good. On closer inspection, by the way, with the advantages of glass fiber wallpaper - at least in the light of the demands of a private household - it is not very far.

Fiberglass wallpaper is the latest craze, at least some manufacturers and others, in the field of establishment and earners, we want to make believe. Incidentally, this is an argument against the incredibly durable fiberglass wallpaper, who wants to live in 2045 in the "latest craze" of 2015 "> Benefits of fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper has a lot to offer, here are the arguments:

  • is also called Glasdekogewebe because of their varied structures
  • Structure of the glass fiber can be painted over
  • Colors usually look elegant and gentle on fiberglass
  • Fiberglass wallpaper is extremely durable
  • Fiberglass wallpaper has a very dense structure, the material is shock resistant and fire retardant
  • they do not rot, repel water and should be very durable, up to 30 years is estimated
    • extraordinary resilience makes it an attractive wall decoration for public and private much used rooms
    • Because of the water-repellent property, they can be used in the kitchen and bathroom
  • They can be freed of some colors by washing, therefore often recommended for use in the nursery
  • Allergy sufferers can benefit from fiberglass wallpaper because they can be washed off and disinfected, and mold spores do not provide a livable environment
  • Fiberglass wallpaper is a bit easier to paper because, unlike woodchip, it can still be easily corrected on the wall

Disadvantages of fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper is also known as glass fabric wallpaper, and this name quite rightly states that glass fiber wallpaper is made from filaments of molten glass on a weaving machine.

Thus, the glass fiber wallpaper is not a completely unproblematic material, namely, it consists of so-called KMF, artificial mineral fibers = inorganic synthetic fibers . The fibers are made of bottle glass, window glass (around 60 percent), sand, soda, lime, chemical additives and flux, melted mineral and made into a fiber by means of jet or spin processes. This (and at the later removal) may cause glass dust, irritating the respiratory tract and skin, sensitive or health-conscious people should therefore process fiberglass wallpaper only with appropriate protective measures.

For fiberglass wallpaper you need special dispersion adhesives whose MSDS you should also study carefully, often contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

The fiberglass wallpaper is ecologically harmless if you make sure that the product is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 .

The wall color relativizes the environmental idea:

  • to paint the fiberglass wallpaper you need washable emulsion paint
  • Washable means mixed with plastic binders and solvents
  • Furthermore, a coat with "latex paint" is recommended, which would produce a particularly homogeneous surface
    • Latex (rubber) as a binder sounds nice and natural
    • But this is no longer used today, but today's latex paints are also made with plastic binders
    • they are therefore only special emulsion paints, which are called "latex paints", if they are suitable for highly stressed surfaces
  • even acrylic paint is recommended for painting fiberglass wallpaper, not only because of the high price of a doubtful wallcovering
  • All these colors for fiberglass wallpaper are not for people who want to live in an unencumbered living environment
  • Sensitive people should carefully examine the associated safety data sheets for critical substances with every combination of fiberglass wallpaper / adhesive / wall paint

However, the biggest drawback to using fiberglass wallpaper is that they bring a nearly dense layer to the wall, and the special adhesive and "slightly diffusible" latex paint do not make things any better.

Such walls do not have the ability to store and release water vapor between when the room air is drier. However, these moisture-regulating properties are a prerequisite for a good room climate, "living health" is not conceivable without breathing walls.

Already many classic wall paints are not diffusion-open and a consistently plastic-containing wall coating seals the wall completely, with moisture regulation is nothing more, you live in closed cubes, in which perhaps still various pollutants evaporate.

In summary: Glass fiber wallpaper in the living area are recommended on a single wall of a room, which should get a very special design.

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