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Making garlands from crepe paper yourself - instructions

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From the birthday over the carnival to the graduation ceremony - at special festivities a decorative element may not be missing: the garland. It's best to hang up some of the pretty chains to turn each room into a colorful little paradise. The cheapest and at the same time most creative way to get garlands is by hand. We will show you how to make the jewelry from cheap crepe paper quickly and easily!

A function room receives its solemn note only when it is decorated appropriately. In this context, garlands are wonderful ways to transform the sought-after room into a colorful party location. If the decorative elements are in and of themselves very affordable, then they become a real bargain with the independent production. You need nothing more than crepe paper and a few utensils that you certainly have at home: scissors, rectangle or ruler, pencil and Tesafilm or adhesive. Below we present you different variants to conjure visually appealing garlands. Thanks to the detailed instructions, all models can be easily rebuilt - regardless of whether you are a regular tinker or your first trip into this profession!

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There are countless options to create garlands of crepe paper. Many of them are nowhere written - they are created through experimentation. So dare to fumble on new ideas beyond our selections. With certainty you will succeed in this way particularly chic creations. We chose three methods, the results of which we call Fire, Dragon Tail, and Flower garland based on their final designs.

garland fire

Your celebration should be really fiery ">

For your fire garland you need:

  • a roll of crepe paper in red, orange or yellow
  • pencil
  • Geodreieck or ruler
  • scissors
  • Tesafilm (optional)

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Pick up the crepe paper roll and cut it with the scissors once in the middle.

Step 2: Remove one of the resulting halves from the work surface. In the end, you will do exactly the same with the part you are now dedicating to.

Step 3: So grab the other half and roll it apart.

Step 4: Then put the strip you see in front of you three times in length. He should now only be about 30 inches long.

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Step 5: Fold the paper as it is in front of you, from bottom to top together - so the bottom edge to the top edge.

Step 6: Repeat step 5. If you've done everything right here, the strip is now about five inches wide, while the length is still about 30 centimeters.

Step 7: Now grab your rectangle or ruler and draw a line vertically upwards from the bottom edge every two centimeters. The strokes should each be so long that only about two centimeters remain at the top.

Step 8: Turn the crepe paper 180 degrees - now the former upper edge points to you.

Step 9: Then do the same as in step 7, just offset by one centimeter, otherwise the strokes would be on the same path. In the end, the whole thing looks something like this:

Step 10: Then pick up your scissors and cut the lines painted in steps 7 and 8.

Step 11: Carefully pull the garland apart - the good piece is ready and ready for use.

Step 12: Now repeat all the steps for the second half of your crepe paper.

Tip: If you want to make a long fire garland instead of two shorter, then you can also connect the two chains just made. For this purpose, Tesafilm is very good. Such a double garland is about ten feet long, so a decent pound.

Supplementary design idea: In order to enhance the fire impression of the decoration, it is advisable to make several such garlands in the colors red, orange and yellow and then to "whirl" each other on the wall or ceiling. The result is really impressive!

Dragon's Tail garland

The dragon tail garland is the right decoration element for children and adult birthdays, but also other celebrations that are all about "having fun"!

For your dragon tail garland you need:

  • Crepe paper in two different colors (such as yellow and green or red and blue)
  • scissors
  • Geodreieck or ruler
  • pencil
  • Glue

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Let the crepe paper be rolled up first.

Step 2: Using your triangle or a ruler, measure a two-centimeter-wide piece of each of the rolls you want to use, using a pencil to make small-to-millimeter-long orientation lines.

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Step 3: Cut off these two-centimeter-wide pieces.

Step 4: Then roll the cut paper apart. After this step you will have two narrow but very long crepe paper strips in front of you.

Step 5: Glue the two differently colored creping strips over each other at right angles, but for the time being only at one end.

Step 6: Now fold the strips alternately back over the splice. Continue this until they are used up.

Step 7: Once you've completely interwoven the strips, glue the other two ends together as well. Ready is the first dragon tail garland!

Tip: This way you can make a lot of dragon tail garlands - from your used crepe paper rolls there is still plenty of material left over. Each garland will be about one and a half to two meters long.

Frans garland

The garland with fringes is versatile and fits every occasion. With several and different colored layers, you can use this variant to make every party location an eye-catcher.

For the fringe garland you only need:

  • a crepe paper roll
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • rope

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Take a roll of crepe paper in the desired color. When rolled, cut off a wide piece - about 7 cm to 10 cm. The wider you cut off the piece, the longer the fringes become.

Step 2: Now you simply roll out the piece completely. Fold the resulting strip once lengthwise.

3rd step: The now almost last step looks like that you now use the pair of scissors to cut 1 cm - 1.5 cm wide fringes into the band. Do this until the end of the strip.

Step 4: Now simply hang the garland on one side. To make the whole thing a little more decorative, you can screw in the garland before you attach the second end. Finished!

Crepe paper is very wavy and therefore ideally suited to make interesting decorative elements such as garlands. The rolls of special paper are very cheap to buy in the trade - a roll usually costs not more than 50 cents to one euro. And the other necessary utensils - scissors, ruler or set square, pencil, glue and Tesafilm - can be found in almost every normal household. The tinkering itself is just as uncomplicated as the procurement of materials. For our fire, dragon tail and flower garlands you need neither much time nor special craftsmanship. The results prove to be tremendously effective: With many self-created garlands your event space will definitely make a lot!

Tips for quick readers:

garland fire

  • Crepe paper in red, orange or yellow
  • Plus: Pencil, Geodreieck / ruler, scissors, Tesafilm
  • Cut paper roll in the middle and divide one half apart
  • Merge strip three times to a length of approx. 30 cm
  • Lower edge twice to upper fold for a width of about 5 cm
  • Alternately draw a 3 cm long stroke from top to bottom per cm
  • Cut the painted lines and gently pull paper apart
  • Do the same with the second half and glue the two together at one end

Dragon's Tail garland

  • Two differently colored crepe paper rolls, such as yellow and green
  • Plus: Pencil, Geodreieck / ruler, scissors, glue
  • Cut off each 2 cm wide piece and roll it apart
  • Glue the ends over each other at right angles
  • Fold strips alternately back over the splice
  • Finally glue the two remaining ends together

Frans garland

  • Crepe paper, pencil, scissors
  • Cut off 7 cm to 10 cm pieces and roll them apart
  • Cut strips with 1 cm to 1.5 cm fringes
  • fasten on a tight rope
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