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Making carnival masks / instructions - children's masks made of paper plates

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The carnival season is for many the best time of the year - the dressing and celebration is popular with young and old. In this tutorial we'll show you how to make carnival masks - and not just any. These children's masks are made of paper plates! This is cheap, easy and you can create individual animals, characters and monsters. Even if the masks are only for children at first glance - young adults have fun with them!

These white paper plates from BBQ evening can be used for creative crafting ideas - you knew that "> Carnival masks make children


In itself, they have everything at home for simple carnival masks - of course, paper plates are the most important thing. The rest you can improvise or buy quickly in any craft store. Let your creativity run wild!

You need:

  • Paper plate (diameter of 23 cm)
  • Craft glue, hot glue
  • scissors
  • compasses
  • Rubber band, punch or sturdy straws (depending on the bracket)
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • Construction paper and craft board
  • pipe cleaners
  • markers
  • pencil
  • possibly a craft template
  • Felt pompoms, cotton wool, glitter, feathers etc.


cut out

The paper plate must first be brought into shape at the beginning. The shape of the animal or the monster must be recognizable by the cut paper plate alone. The fox has a small beard on the side. We did not halve the plate. Then cut left and right small indentations and curves.

Then draw a circle with two circles on the plate surface. The circles have a diameter of 2 cm to 2.5 cm - perfect to see through. Then cut the circles clean with a small craft scissors.

Tip: Make all marks on the plate surface. So pencil lines are not visible later, because they are on the back of the carnival mask.

Now, the mask needs more elements, such as ears, noses, other eyes or even a mane. Draw these elements in pencil on the rest of the paper plate or use another plate. Cut out the elements.

Of course, you can trim additional elements out of cardboard or colored paper. That's up to you.

Tip: The curves of the paper plate can be used well for the rounding of the ears. Place the pre-drawn ears in the box so that you incorporate the curvature.

Stick on

Now all elements are glued to the mask. For this you should use hot glue. With conventional craft glue that works just fine, as you only have to wait a little longer to dry.

Important: If you have prepared elements made of construction paper, they are not attached to the mask yet, but only after painting.


Now it's time to paint. Acrylic paints provide a covering coat. First, think about which parts of the mask should be color-coded. The fox has white cheeks and a pointed nose. You paint this part orange, as well as the ears. The dividing lines run through the eyes, towards the middle, down to the edge.

For larger surfaces use a wide brush and for fine, small lines, of course, a thinner. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before proceeding with the details. These can now be painted on the dried acrylic paint with felt pens. The fox's nose and the inside of the ears - they just paint with a black felt.

Attach bracket

There are two ways to mount the carnival mask. We introduce you both now.

Straw as a handle

The handle is very practical and a lot of fun, because with this you can quickly put on and off the carnival mask. The straw is attached to the back of the mask with a large blob of hot glue. The important thing is: the handle must of course be mounted on the right side - for right-handed right and left-handed left.

Note: Plastic straws melt and shrivel through the hot glue. It does not matter, just let the glue dry long enough to lift the mask again.

rubber band

The second variant is the classic rubber band. To do this, punch two small holes on the left and right of the mask with the punch in the cardboard. Then cut off a sufficiently long piece of rubber band and knot it at the holes.

Tip: Try the length of the band once around the head before knotting, so that the carnival mask is not too loose or tight later.

design ideas

Here are a few ideas for children's masks made of paper plates:

How about, for example, with a funny monster, with big teeth and many eyes "> Download Crafting Template Unicorn Mask

Fox and Rabbit are also made quickly. The two are definitely together at a party!

Or do you prefer exotic animals ">

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