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Burning Iron Pan Made Easy - DIY Tips

  • Heat iron pan
  • Add ingredients
  • Fry the potato peels
  • Clean the iron pan
  • Instructional Video
  • Alternative method

In the restaurant area, there is at least one iron pan in each kitchen. In the home, these cast-iron pans are not quite as common, but clearly on the rise. They are ideal for making steaks and fried potatoes. You can roast quite crispy. In contrast to stainless steel pans or coated pans, they must be made of iron, whether cast iron or wrought iron. By baking a patina is formed, which acts as a natural non-stick coating. Almost everything burns without them. The patina is also formed without burning, simply over time, with each use a little more.

The best way to burn in, if potato peels are used. In addition, highly heatable oil, so for example sunflower oil is needed. Also important is salt, a lot of it.

  • potato skins
  • Highly heatable oil
  • salt
  • Cooking gloves, because the Pfannenstiel is quite hot

One should stop at the cast iron pan and adjust the temperatures if necessary. With too hot pan and hot oil, it has probably happened that the potato peels began to burn. Be extremely careful and use lower temperatures and repeat the process several times.

First, the new iron pan is cleaned. It is cleaned with lukewarm water and a mild detergent, just to remove the production residues. Then it has to be dried off. Incidentally, this is the first time the only rinse in which a detergent should be used.

Tip: It is recommended to turn off the fire alarm. To burn in a lot of heat is needed, it creates a lot of smoke. In the case of heavy smoke, the fire alarm sounds an alarm. In addition, the hood should be set to full power, preferably already about 15 minutes before the start of the action, so that they are already running full load.

When all the necessary things have been provided, you can start. It is important not to lose sight of the pan during the whole process !!!

Heat iron pan

Turn on the stove, put it to full capacity and pour oil into the cast iron pan. The oil should cover the entire bottom of the pan and be about 3 mm high. It is important that the pan is centered on the matching hob.

Add ingredients

Once the oil is hot enough, the potato peelings come in. Whether the oil has the right temperature, you can check with a shell. Just dip one in the oil. If this hisses and sizzles, it is hot enough. If there is still nothing, you should wait a bit and then test again.

The trays should completely cover the ground. It may quiet two layers are filled. After the potato peels, plenty of salt is added, about a handful. The salt serves as a kind of exfoliation. All production residues are removed in this way.

Tip: If you are afraid to burn yourself when filling in very hot fat, you can heat the pan slowly and fill the bowls much earlier if the oil is not really hot. After filling then raise the temperature to maximum strength.

Fry the potato peels

The potato peels are fried until brown to dark brown. You do not have to stir, just keep the temperature up and fry. It develops a lot of dark smoke, but that must be so - so air well! If the bottom is burned, turn it all over once so that this side gets dark too. If in the cast iron pan only "black" is visible, switch off the stove. Allow potato peels to cool slightly and discard. The kitchen should now be thoroughly ventilated so that the smoke can be removed again.

Clean the iron pan

Only after the iron pan has cooled completely may it be cleaned. It is simply rinsed with warm water. Do not use detergent. Even if the pan stays dark, do not try to remove the baking layer. Never clean with abrasives. Simply rinse and wipe with a cloth and dry. Nothing else to do. The pan can then be used, conveniently for fried potatoes.

Iron pan before and after baking

Tip: To enjoy the pan for a long time, it should be rubbed with oil after each use and subsequent cleaning. The corrosion protection is gone and this is important for iron. An oil layer helps to extend the shelf life.

Instructional Video

Alternative method

The above method is not the only one to brand iron pans. If you prefer to work without potato peels and salt, you can only use oil. For this, the pan is also cleaned and dried well and then lubricated with hocherhitzbarem oil. Pour in some oil and spread with a kitchen towel, over the bottom and the whole edge. It is important that oil puddles do not stop anywhere. Make the hob but only at a lower temperature. Pan and oil must be heated for two to three hours, the oil film must be renewed again and again. Since the cast iron pan gets hot, it's best to help by crumpling one or two kitchen towels, dipping in oil with a pair of barbecue tongs, and then wiping the pan off. That works fine. The pan develops its typical dark patina during this time. In the end, the pan has to cool and is wiped with kitchen towels. More is not necessary.

Iron pans should be baked to form a natural patina that prevents food from burning in the iron pan, which they do very easily. Although this patina forms with time, if the pan is used regularly, but that lasts. Burning in quickly ensures good frying results. It is important not to lose sight of the cast-iron pan during the process. Take care when handling such hot oil and a hot pan. Better to work with slightly lower temperatures!

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