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Simple Christmas crafts for kids with instructions

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  • Tinker snowman
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Mini gingerbread house
  • Tinker gift box
  • Making angels

Christmas is about the time and at the same time the time of crafting. When it's snowing outside, there's nothing better than sitting and working with the kids in the warmth. We present you with great ideas and simple Christmas crafts for children, which you can easily tinker with your little ones.

The pre-Christmas season is here and Christmas Eve is not far away. Enjoy these days with your children - the best way to do that is to work together. In the following we show you creative Christmas crafts for children, which are very easy and real eye-catcher.

Tinker snowman

How about a snowman ">

All you need is white wool, a few buttons, wobbly eyes, ribbon and pipe cleaner. First you make two pompoms, a big one and a little one. In this manual, we show you in detail how you can make a pompom yourself: //www.zhonyingli.com/bommel-selber-machen/

Then the two pompoms are tied together. Then add the buttons and the eyes - with a dab of glue they should adhere to the wool. From the pipe cleaner you form earmuffs and put these on the snowman. A piece of ribbon serves as a scarf. Finished!

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Or the sock snowman "> 1 of 6

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Make Christmas cards

Greeting cards should not be missing at Christmas. These can give away your children, for example, to grandparents or friends. We have three great ideas ready.

Christmas card with window

This Christmas card has a great surprise effect. But you should help your children with this. Use pencil and ruler to draw a window on the cover of the card. Then the windows are cut out with a craft knife. Inside, a small, lockable bag with artificial snow is glued. That's how it is snowing on the map. The inside can now be filled with a text or a matching image, which will still be visible through the "window panes". When the snow stops, it's white Christmas.

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Christmas card with buttons

Buttons can be very decorative - especially if they are color coordinated. In selected craft shops you can buy a whole bag of buttons already for less than 3 €. The card can be decorated in many ways - we have chosen a green fir tree. For this, draw a pointed triangle on the cover of the Christmas card. This is then painted with green paint. Then the different buttons are glued to the tree with glue. A small yellow star ultimately forms the top. Finished!

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Embroider Christmas card

Promote your child's dexterity with embroidery - you can also embroider paper. Thick woolen needles that are not too pointed and yet can pierce through paper are best suited for this purpose.

This card shows again a Christmas tree. The stippled triangle on the cover sheet serves as a template. Now it is repeatedly stitched along the triangle with needle and thread. So that your children can hit the right spots, you can measure and mark the points beforehand. Now the card needs a final touch - the red star on the top spice things up a bit.

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Of course you can also embroider another picture. Just adjust the template accordingly.

Mini gingerbread house

Sweets are a must during the festive season. Create small mini gingerbread houses with your little ones.

For a house, you only need three shortbread biscuits, some frosting and, of course, sweets as decoration. Put two biscuits on the third to a small roof. The edges are glued together by frosting. Finally, add gummy bears, smarties and liquorice - the mini gingerbread house is ready.

A big gingerbread house means more effort, but also brings a lot of fun. Here is a detailed guide: //www.zhonyingli.com/lebkuchenhaus-selber-machen/

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Tinker gift box

A perfect packaging for the perfect gift - this gift box is really easy to tinker. You only need one sheet of paper - Christmas and sturdy sample paper is of course most suitable for this.

Lay the paper on the table in front of you in landscape orientation. Divide then two left and right two 4 cm wide strips. These are folded inwards. Then fold both left and right sides to the opposite edge. The folds will be opened again. Then eight cuts are made - the circles in our picture show exactly where. Now glue is put on the adhesive tabs and the box is assembled. Fix everything well with staples until the glue has dried. The gift box is ready.

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Making angels

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Here are some more ideas for crafting angels: //www.zhonyingli.com/engel-basteln-weihnachtsengel/

You see, with only a few materials you can realize different Christmas crafts for children. Christmas can come!

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