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Simply awesome: towels fold like in the hotel

  • Easy folding to stack
  • Heart from a towel
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  • Fold flower
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  • Cake for the birthday
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  • Two swans from 4 towels
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Do you know that too - nicely folded towels in the hotel ">

Easy folding to stack

At the beginning, we will introduce you to the classic variants of simply folded towels - you also have to be able to do that first.

Nice edges and even stacks

The most important thing with simply folded towels are the clean edges. With these three variants, you succeed in neat stacks. Especially the medium to large towels can be piled on the way clean and drape.

version 1

Lay the towel lengthwise in front of you. Now fold the lower edge up to the horizontal center line. The upper edge folds down over the lower half, down to the lower outer edge. Then fold this strip once from center to center. They leave two fingers on the left. Now the towel is folded once again in the middle, from right to left. Done is the narrow pile of towels!

Variant 2

This variant differs from the first in that the ends are all wrapped and no seam edge from the edge of the towel will be visible. Repeat the folding as in variant 1. The strip is now not folded in the middle, but the left and right side are folded towards the vertical center line. Then just fold the towel together.

Variant 3

A slightly wider stack than that in variant 2 succeeds you so. Fold the longitudinally spread towel as follows: beat the bottom edge up to the horizontal centerline, then fold down the top edge to the centerline. Now fold the left and right sides towards the vertical center line. Finally, the towel is just folded up, as before. All edges are thus beaten and no longer visible around.

Heart from a towel

You would like to surprise your guest or guests with a romantic gesture "> Step 1: Place the towel in a horizontal position in front of you, using your left index finger to locate the center at the bottom edge and place your finger firmly on it Point.

Step 2: Then roll up the lower right corner. The index finger of the left hand remains firmly on the center. Make sure that you curl up the towel tightly. Roll in the right side until the towel protrudes a few inches above the top edge. Now change the finger that holds the middle and repeat this process on the left side. The towel is now like a "V" in front of you.

Step 3: Then join the two protruding ends in the middle. Make the typical heart top out of these. To keep things alright, the ends are twisted together. If you have done everything right, the lower heart point should stick up tightly. Finished!

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4. Instructional video

Fold flower

For a beautiful decoration in spring or summer, this water lily is best. The towel flower is folded at lightning speed. You only need a rectangular towel, which, when folded, becomes square.

Step 1: Lay the towel in front of you and fold it once in half so that it becomes square.

Step 2: Then fold all four corners towards the middle.

Step 3: Then gently apply the towel to the back. You need some skill that the folds from step 2 do not work again. Then fold all four corners again towards the middle.

Step 4: For the time being, the towel must be fixed with one hand in the middle. Now pull all four flowers from bottom to top. You grab the bottom layer of the towel at each corner and pull it up. The towel now retains its shape, and you can let go of the middle. Done is the towel flower!

3. Instructional video

Cake for the birthday

You would like to surprise someone's birthday?>> Step 1: Place the large towel in landscape orientation first, then fold the top edge down to the centerline, then fold the bottom edge upwards, and then the towel will become centered from the top folded down below.

2nd step: The towel is then rolled up. Make sure that it is rolled up tightly and evenly.

Step 3: Now take one of the two small guest towels to hand. Lay this also in front of you. Fold it, like the big one in step 1, into a narrow strip.

Step 4: Then place the towel roll in the middle of the strip. Now insert the ends of the narrow towel strip into the roll left and right. The package should now be compact by itself.

Step 5: Now design the birthday candle of the cake. Take the second, small towel to hand. You place this in portrait orientation.

a) Fold the upper, left corner a little bit inwards. Then fold the top edge down so that the edges close together. Repeat this also for the left outer edge.

b) Now pull the triangle tip, which is now completely covered, upwards. This little corner becomes the flame of the candle.

c) Now strike the right side once. Then roll the candle from top to bottom. But beware, do not roll to the end, just a few inches to just before the end. This is provided from left to right with a folded triangle, which they then wrap around the candle.

Step 6: The towel is now placed in the top of the roll. And the birthday cake is ready!

2nd Guidance Video

Two swans from 4 towels

A classic among the towel techniques that you often see in hotels is the swan. Below we will show you how to fold two swans from four towels. This romantic way to fold towels is definitely something for lovers - perfect for the bridal or Valentine's Day! A swan consists of a medium towel and a small guest towel. So you need for two swans: 2 times a small guest towel and 2 times a medium towel.

Step 1: Let's start with the first swan. Place the middle towel lengthwise in front of you. Using your index finger, locate the middle of the top edge of the towel. Hold this point with your finger and roll the right corner downwards. Roll in the corner until the roll is vertical. Repeat this step on the left side as well. To do this, hold in the middle with your right hand. Be sure to roll up the towel properly. Finally, run your fingers a few times through the groove in the middle, making sure that the rolls are straight and even.

Step 2: Then fold down the top pointing upwards once, leading them straight back in an arch. The swan can already be seen from the side. Now set this swan aside and complain to him with an object that he does not unroll again.

Then repeat the first step with the second middle towel. Now you can set up the two swans with their heads aligned. The necks form a heart and must hold each other.

Step 3: Now pick up a small guest towel. Fold these along once in the middle. Then this is folded in a zigzag to a narrow strip. This strip is then folded once longitudinally. Laterally, the waves are clearly visible.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with the second small towel and drape both towels on the back of a swan. The long ends of the swans are now only beaten and well hidden. Done is the sweet swan pair!

1. Instructional video

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