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Knit egg warmer - easy DIY guide

  • Simply knit egg warmer by yourself
    • Material and preparation
    • pattern
  • Knit simple egg warmer as a hat
  • Egg warmer for St. Nicholas Day
  • Egg warmer as Easter bunny
  • Chicken for the breakfast egg
  • Owl as egg-warmer

Colorful egg warmer not only fit on the table at Easter. Funny designed egg warmer are a must on every breakfast table. They not only keep the fine breakfast egg warm longer, they also spread a certain charm and good mood in the early morning hours. In this DIY-instruction we show you how you can knit such friendly egg-warmers yourself and at the same time bring good mood to the breakfast table.

Simply knit egg warmer by yourself

Egg warmer do not need a complicated pattern to make the breakfast table friendly. It is enough a little colorful wool and it is already cozy at the table and the morning meal tastes much better. Your kids will have fun with their little hats.

You do not need a lot of wool to knit egg warmers. Usually a look in the bag with the wool remains, there are certainly several colors that can be knitted together well. Wool strength does not matter, so you can not go wrong with knitting egg warmers.

Material and preparation

As a material, all residual wool can be used because the yarn consumption for a egg warmer is very low:

  • 1 needles match the wool thickness
  • 1 darning needle
  • possibly a crochet hook

Tip: If you knit several colors on an egg warmer, these different wool remnants should have the same yarn size.


We show you a basic pattern that can be used for different forms of egg warmer. But when the colors are changed, Christmas, Easterly colorful or simply crazy egg cups are created. Just as you put together the colors or patterns. And if you screw a little bit on the pattern, you get a completely new design with the same basic pattern.

The basic pattern is always knitted with only right stitches. Our sample is knitted with a needle size of 2.5.

Step 1: Make 40 stitches on the needle punch and divide them so that you have 10 stitches on each needle.

2nd step: These 40 stitches are knit smooth right, which means you only knit right stitches.

Step 3: Knit the back of the egg warmer 22 rounds.

Step 4: If you are knitting a hat or bunny, put these 40 stitches of the last row on the knitting thread using a darning needle and pull them together tightly.

Step 5: While knitting an owl, these 40 stitches are all chained off

Step 6: For a head-held egg warmer, skimp 20 stitches and divide the remaining 20 stitches into four needles and tie them to the head.

Tip: With this basic technique, you can knit all egg warmers and let your imagination run wild. Often the best ideas come in the middle of knitting.

Knit simple egg warmer as a hat

This egg warmer is easy to knit and works very fast. Put together a color combination from your leftover box or knit the cap all together and simply add a special accent with a colorful pompom.

Step 1: Cast 40 stitches on the double needle and knit 22 rounds in the basic pattern.

Step 2: Lay all the stitches on the cut knitting thread with the help of a darning needle and pull it together tightly.

Step 3: Sew on the knitting threads.

Step 4: Make the bobble as in the picture sequence and sew on the hat.

Egg warmer for St. Nicholas Day

For St. Nicholas Day and for Christmas always egg warmers in red color or in a red-white combination, like our Santa Claus hat, or all in fir green with a red pompom.

Step 1: For the backbone, beat 40 stitches on a double needle and distribute 10 stitches on each needle.

Step 2: Then knit a white cap edge in the cuff pattern. 2 stitches on the right - 2 stitches left alternating. Then you should knit the cuff for 8 to 10 rounds.

3rd step: After the cuffs with the right stitch, knit to a height of 22 turns.

Step 4: Put all the stitches on the knitting thread with the help of a darning needle, pull together and sew well.

Step 5: Finally, make another pompom of white wool and sew it firmly on the cap.

Egg warmer as Easter bunny

At Easter, the Easter bunny may not be missing on the breakfast table. He looks guaranteed in other color combinations funny and sure every child's heart.

Step 1: Start with 40 stitches on a double pointed needles, so that there are 10 stitches on each needle.

2nd step: Knit this stitch with 22 stitches in the right stitch.

Step 3: Put all stitches on the knitting thread with a darning needle and tighten everything tightly.

Step 4: Sew the threads well.

Step 5: Now knit your ears:

  • Cast on 10 stitches on a needle
  • Knit 20 rows of garter stitch to the right, that is, only knit stitches in the back and the back row.
  • from the 21st row knit each 2nd and 3rd stitch (in back and back row) to the right.
  • until there are only three stitches left on the needle
  • Put these three stitches with the darning needle on the cut knitting thread and tighten

Step 6: Then work the second ear as well. Then both ears will sew on the egg warmer. We have the edge of the ears with a thin yarn crocheted - which gives the bunny even a sweet look.

Step 7: Embroider the eyes and nose with a darker yarn. Two or three stitches are sufficient for the eyes, the nose can be embroidered with a Y.

Chicken for the breakfast egg

The little chick fits every day on the breakfast table. Children are especially happy when their egg is hidden under such a chick.

Step 1: Punch 40 stitches on a double pointed needles needle and put 10 stitches on each needle.

2nd step: Knit 22 rows in the basic pattern of right stitches.

3rd step: Now cast off 2 needles and spread the remaining 20 stitches on four needles and knit together at the back, so that a closed round is formed again.

Step 4: Knit this 20 stitches 10 rows high and put the stitches on the knitting thread with the help of a darning needle and tighten all stitches.

5th step: Tie a small pompom for the tail feathers and sew on.

Step 6: Embroider the comb of the chick with red wool or crochet a few strong stitches.

Step 7: Embroider two dark eyes and a red beak for the face again.

Step 8: The head can be stuffed with some natural wool, but it does not have to be.

Owl as egg-warmer

This owl is very easy to knit and brings variety and momentum to every breakfast table.

Step 1: Cast on 40 stitches on a double needle, spread the stitches on four needles and knit 22 rows of right stitches.

Step 2: We knit a small pattern in the owl's stomach. For this we used a second color and always knitted these two colors alternating two stitches.

3rd step: Knit the belly of the owl 24 rows high, then bind off all stitches.

Step 4: The chained stitches are now sewn together.

Step 5: The ears, eyes and beak of the owl are crocheted with a few stitches. The ears and the beak are each crocheted as a triangle and the eyes are simply crocheted around.

Step 6: Sew ears, eyes and beak on the belly of the owl and the breakfast owl is ready.

These egg warmer are so easy to knit that they are also good for any knit beginner to rework. Also as a gift, together with a pretty egg cup, the egg warmer guaranteed to give pleasure.

For those of you who prefer to crochet the crochet hook, there is also the option of crocheting egg warmer, just like this: //www.zhonyingli.com/eierwaermer-haekeln/

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