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DIY Guide - Win Tomato Seeds

You want to grow tomatoes yourself without having to buy the seeds ">

A tomato contains up to 40 small, yellowish seeds that you can use to grow your own tomato plants. Yes - the little annoying things can do more than stick to the kitchen board forever. The seeds are encased in a clear, slimy shell that prevents them from germinating. Accordingly, it is necessary to remove the skin.

How to win tomato seeds

Use ripe, flawless and strong fruits to grow the seeds. So the chance is great that the later plant also carries strong tomatoes. A big tomato will bring you many seeds already - so one fruit should be enough to grow a plant.

1. Cut the tomato into quarters with a knife.

2. Then scrape the seeds out of the pulp with a spoon.

3. Remove these from the excess pulp.

4. Now put the tomato seeds in a jar of lukewarm water. Leave the seeds in the water for 24 h. In this way, the slimy coat dissolves from the seed.

Tip: The 24 h should not be exceeded because the seeds may start to germinate after a long time. This would render the seeds unusable for rearing.

5. Tilt the water together with the seeds into a sieve.

6. Rinse the remaining pulp under running water.

7. Then put the seeds on a piece of kitchen paper and rub them dry with another piece. So should the last remnants of the pulp can be removed.

8. Now spread the small seeds on the kitchen paper so that they are all lying and drying as well as possible. After 1 to 2 hours, the seeds are likely to be dry.

9. Now the seeds need only be stored dry, cool and in the dark. You can put them in a glass jar or in a small paper bag.

The seeds are now ready to be sown. A bright, warm location ensures a compact growth. You will see, after not too long, small cotyledons will sprout out of the growing bowl.

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