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The cost of a house demolition - EFH-demolition costs per m²

  • The cost per square meter
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  • Legal requirements
  • Self demolish or a demolition company
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If the house is no longer rehabilitative, then a home demolition is inevitable. But there are several questions about the costs. What expenses do I have to expect when demolishing a detached house on average ">

A house demolition can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Often buyers purchase a lucrative property with a dilapidated building at a particularly good price. The house is demolished and a new building carried out. In order not to fall into any cost trap, you should calculate the expenses for the house demolition already in advance and include in the purchase price. Another possible reason for the demolition of a house are bad purchases. If you have bought a house and it turns out in retrospect that the building can not be rehabilitated, then you must also carry out a demolition.

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The cost per square meter

The costs for the demolition are not primarily dependent on the living space, since there are various influencing factors. If a lot of asbestos is installed or other hazardous waste exists, then the costs increase. On average, the expenditure for an average single-family home amounts to around 50 to 90 euros per m² . This estimate allows you to determine the expected minimum and maximum costs.

A calculation example to determine the probable costs
In the following, the minimum and maximum costs for a 200 m² single-family dwelling are given by way of example. If one calculates with 50 euros per m², then arise

50 € x 200 m² = 10.000 € demolition costs

If the costs amount to 90 euros per m², then the expenses increase

90 € x 200 m2 = 18, 000 €


  1. The size of the building

The bigger the single-family home is, the more work and machine time is needed for demolition. The time required is in most cases one of the calculation bases for the cost determination at the demolition company.

  1. The building materials used
Container big

Building materials have different weights, sizes and disposal costs. If, for example, Eternit flaps were used to cover the roof, they must be disposed of separately. When dealing with the toxic plates, special care is required, which costs time and money. Special containers are used and the disposal costs are higher. Many other materials are disposed of as mixed waste.

  1. The local features

For the demolition, the location and the surrounding area are crucial. If the house is easily accessible from all sides and there is enough space, the demolition is simplified. If the building is off the road and is difficult to reach with the machines, or if other houses are right next to it, then the effort increases, which results in higher costs.

  1. Security measures are necessary

The more extensive the necessary security measures are, the more expensive the demolition will be. If the house is next to a pedestrian walkway or a street, then these areas must be closed off.

  1. Protect neighboring buildings

The more densely adjacent buildings are, the more problems arise. Especially in the case of immediately adjacent houses, protective measures are generally required on them, which cause costs.

  1. The interior of the houses

The cost of demolition also depends on the interior of the building. If hazardous waste is found here, it must be disposed of separately. The time required increases and the costs increase. For example, asbestos panels on the ceilings or other pollutants are possible.

  1. The cellar

If the detached house has a cellar, then it must be dredged. The resulting hole is filled up and the soil is compacted. Note that this point is crucial for the safety of the later new construction. Without sufficient compaction, the new building can not be built.

Tip: Proof of professional compaction is necessary for the new building.

Average cost

If it is a one-family house with a Teilunterkellerung, then the costs are on condition that the house is easily accessible, on average around 10, 000 to 25, 000 euros. In a smaller weekend house, which does not have a cellar, you have to expect between 5, 000 and 12, 500 euros. The bigger the building, the higher the cost.

Legal requirements

Before you begin with the demolition, you must register the planned work with the building office . In some regions more permits are needed. The staff of the responsible building office inform you on request about the necessary formalities. Special requirements apply to listed buildings. If it is such an object or protected buildings in the area, then a clarification and a decision-making must take place. Exceptions apply to houses with a size below 300 m². In this case, no indication is necessary, provided that the subject "monument protection" is not involved.

An example for the demolition of a detached house
Assuming the building has a living space of 150 m², is free-standing and basement, then there are the following costs:

  • Demolition planning by a specialist company: 1, 000 euros
  • Disposal of interiors and other preparatory work: 2, 000 euros
  • Demolition costs for the building: 10, 000 euros
  • Dredging the foundation, fill with soil and compact: 4, 000 euros
  • Disposal of hazardous waste 1, 000 euros
  • Disposal of the rubble: 2, 000 euros

This results in the following total costs: 20, 000 euros

Self demolish or a demolition company

A home demolition is a big business that needs professional execution. Above all, the consideration of all safety precautions is crucial. If you already have experience in the demolition of buildings, then under certain circumstances you can carry out the demolition yourself by renting suitable machines yourself. Here you have to consider the size and condition of the house. Older, smaller and already dilapidated half-timbered houses can be torn relatively easily with the help of a large excavator. However, in this case, you must take into account the legal circumstances of your place of residence. For masonry stone houses, however, a wrecking ball is always required, which is used by specialized companies, which requires the commissioning of appropriate companies. Also note the expense incurred after the actual demolition. If the house is torn, then it is important to transport all materials into containers and dispose of them professionally. Should the materials be sorted, you save costs. Here a specialist company has a large number of different machines, many employees and a wealth of experience, so that the disposal proceeds relatively quickly.

cost reduction

Especially in the preliminary work you can reduce the costs. Do as many of these jobs as you can and then reduce your expenses. If the house is still furnished, then you can carry out the cleaning and disposal yourself. This saves working time later and thus costs.

Another way to reduce costs is to create space. The better the building is accessible, the easier the work will be. Therefore try to increase the access, possibly by felling trees. Obstacles must be removed and the house should be vacated.

Some materials can be successfully resold or given away as long as they are still in good condition:

  • beamed
  • window
  • Slate roofing
  • bricks
  • Metal parts (piping, metal braces, steel girders)

This saves on disposal costs, which are calculated according to cubic meters or weight.

Tip: Please note that you must carry out a necessary demolition as soon as possible. If there is a risk of collapse in a dilapidated building, appropriate safety precautions must be taken. Violations lead to fines and a risk to people and property. If dilapidated buildings collapse despite taking security measures, the subsequent costs increase.

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Tips for quick readers:

  • 50 to 90 euros per m²
  • on average 10, 000 to 25, 000 euros
  • depending on the construction method
  • Special waste increases the costs
  • Asbestos ensures higher costs
  • Cellar must be dug
  • Then compact the soil well
  • Take security measures for demolition
  • Contract specialist company
  • You may do some preliminary work yourself
  • Obtain permits
  • Register demolition at the building office
  • ensure free access to the house
The cost of a house demolition - EFH-demolition costs per m²
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