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Make distilled water yourself - distill water

  • Boiled or distilled
  • Distilled water from own kitchen
  • water distiller
  • waste product
  • Tips for quick readers

For the iron, the radiator of the car and many other purposes, distilled water is needed. This water is free of salts and minerals, as well all germs and impurities have been boiled with distilled water. If you need a distillate on a regular basis, you can do it relatively easily yourself, here we show you how to distill.

The small steam locomotive of the children or the humidifier in the living room should be filled just like the car battery only with distilled water. Also, many aquarists prefer pure Aqua Dest for a saltwater aquarium, as the distillate from water is technically correct. The Aqua Dest is also important for certain cleaning processes. Especially in medicine and in a laboratory, the glass containers are cleaned with it. But you do not need special tools or devices to even distill water. Here we show you how to do this with normal household utensils.

You need this:

  • Saucepan large / Einkochkessel
  • Cooking pot small
  • grill
  • copper pipe
  • Copper tube angle
  • glass bottle
  • glass pitcher
  • kettle
  • tap water

Boiled or distilled

In many households there is still the misconception that boiled tap water would be exactly the same as a distillate of tap water. While tap water is quite clean and almost germ-free when boiled, only the condensation of water is the only safe way to dissolve salts and minerals. These trace elements and minerals can not rise with the steam and do not condense either. In the boiled tap water, however, these substances are completely preserved.

Tip: Again and again, warn against drinking distilled water. However, this is only a problem if you only drink distilled water and at the same time eat one-sidedly and with low mineral . Researchers have found that up to 17 liters of distilled water are still safe in an adult healthy human. Then, however, the limit of so-called water poisoning has long since reached, which is about eight liters in an adult. Already with five liters of water, which you drink within a few hours, the electrolyte balance of the body is confused.

Distilled water from own kitchen

The finished distillate should never be placed in the fridge for faster cooling. Even a very clean refrigerator always has some germs ready to settle in the pure water. Nevertheless, the distillate should be cooled quickly and later stored in a well sealed glass bottle in the refrigerator.

Tip: If you make a distillate more often, you should set a small cost and benefit, because the electricity or gas costs for the cooking of the water should not be ignored. Ready-distilled water usually costs from about 0.40 euros per liter. The larger the amount, the cheaper it will be converted to the number of liters. So there are sometimes for less than two euros a 5-liter canister.

1. pot and lid

If available, a large pressure cooker is the best choice for making your own Aqua Destillate. Fill the pot with tap water up to about one third. On the water you can swim an aluminum bowl or a smaller saucepan. To be on the safe side, if you place a grill as a spacer in the bottom of the big pot. This way the small pot can not sink and distilling works perfectly. Then the stove is switched to the highest level.

The large pot should have a lid as round as possible, because this must be turned upside down so be placed upside down. So the steam of the boiling water can collect on the lid. If the steam now cools on the cooler lid, the drops run to the lower center and drip into the smaller pot. This is where the distillate of water collects.

Tip: Steam condenses even faster on the underside of the lid when the top of the lid is filled with ice cubes or at least cold water. As a result, you no longer win distillate, it just goes a little faster.

2. Copper pipe and tea kettle

You know the sections of copper pipe that exist in the construction market for water pipes ">

Tip: This is certainly not a perfect solution, but it allows for the quick production of some distilled water. In addition, this way you can make a distillate casually by heating the teapot on your stove and attaching the copper tubes. Then you have the additional advantage that distilling in this case not even energy costs are needed.

water distiller

If clean, purified water is needed daily, there are small water distillers for home use. Some are so light and practical that you can even take these devices on vacation. In areas with poor water supply, this is certainly an alternative - at least if there is electricity. While most appliances promise to produce distilled water in an instant, each process lasts at least four hours.

  • 4 liters of pure water in about 5 hours
  • high power requirement with 750 watts
  • low weight with about 4 kilos
  • Prices from 180, 00 Euro

Tip: Without any work, however, it is not possible with these stills. The devices often have to be descaled depending on the hardness of the water. In addition, the device must be cleaned very thoroughly, because after all, only in a clean distiller really clean Aqua Dest can be made.

waste product

If your distilled water is just to fill up the iron or to provide the humidifiers with really clean water, you can also use the water from a condenser dryer. This is a waste product when drying the laundry, but only in Kondenstrocknern. As a precaution, the condensed water should be additionally poured through a coffee filter.

Tips for quick readers

  • Fill the cooking pot halfway with tap water
  • small saucepan or aluminum bowl floats on it
  • Turn on the stove to the highest level
  • Put the lid upside down on the pot
  • Condensation collects on the lid
  • Distillate drips into smaller pot
  • Ice in the lid shortens the process
  • Cool water and store cool
  • Connect copper pipe with spout from teakettle
  • Collect water in glass container and fill up
  • Electric distiller makes little work
  • Distiller must be cleaned regularly
  • Water is automatically distilled in condenser dryer
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