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Decoration ideas for the nursery - design and craft instructions

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Children's rooms are the most colorful spaces in any home - colorful pictures and posters hang everywhere, shelves and cabinets are decorated and pasted, and the cuddly toys pile up in a corner. That's not bad, because a child's life should be colorful too. Here we reveal creative decoration ideas that your children can implement and make their own home to make their own four walls even more individual.

The room of a child is like a little kingdom unto itself - the little ones among us love to present, decorate and shape all their belongings. With these simple ideas, you can inspire your children even more - the great thing about it: you can do so much just yourself.

Carpets for the children's room

An important part of a children's room is the carpet. Of course, this is not really possible on a large scale. But choosing the right rug is crucial to the well-being of the child - whether it's a smaller runner or the complete rug. One thing is certain: it has to be robust, easy to clean and, of course, colorful. There are numerous designs and patterns: Animals, figures, carpets on a specific theme such as pirates, cars or maps, man does not fret or the classic with city and streets to play. Among other things, you will find a selection of children's carpets at Knutzen-Wohnen.


Then comes the wall design - the walls, as far as you can see them among all the pictures and posters, should not be made too dark. With wall tattoos or painted motifs you can set individual accents. So it does not always have to be painted completely with one color. For example, handprints from the whole family and friends are a fun way to spice up white walls in the nursery.

Hanging decoration

Children love to decorate the walls and ceilings - curtains on windows and walls, as well as small roofs made of cloths above the bed create comfort and security. Especially in rooms with high ceilings, children feel even smaller.


These hanging balls of tissue paper are especially for little girls a dream. In white, pink and pink, but also in bright blue tones, the balls seem like little clouds. In this tutorial we show you how to make such balls yourself with your children: making pompoms

leaves curtain

The connection to nature is especially important for children at home. Therefore, we would like to share with you this leaf curtain for the window. You can customize the felt sheets - we also offer a template for printing. Click here for the instructions: Making a leaf curtain


Lights provide a cozy atmosphere. Lanterns and fairy lights are therefore a must for every nursery. In this tutorial we show how children can easily create their own lampshades in their favorite colors: make a fairy lights

Practical decoration

Of course, practical decoration ideas are an important part of the nursery especially for "something too creative children". You will be amazed what you can do with a few materials yourself.


Make saving for your children a breeze. Savings boxes do not always have to be practical, they can also look fun and be part of the room decoration. We show three great variations in this guide that your children will love: making money boxes

pen holder

Bring some order to the desk with your children. With self-made pen holders and boxes you can give your child creative order. Whether from wood, salt dough or old paper tubes - these instructions are clever and practical at the same time: tinker pen holders

Birthday Calendar

Bring your child's friends into the room - everyone will find a place on the homemade birthday calendar. We present you two variations for birthday calendars to make yourself. These tell you and your child when it's his birthday - be it from the family or friends: birthday calendar

Ideas to set up


Wind turbines are among the classics among children's decoration and play ideas. Whether in the room or outside the window - wind turbines are moving and bring joy. The great thing about these two guides is that your kids really need to work accurately to make a working bike. This challenge really pays off in the end: make a wind turbine

Origami Picture Frame

Photos of friends, family or favorite hero can be found everywhere in the nursery. Heavy frames with glass are then sometimes just too much. These must always be fixed firmly and guarantee a danger for the child, if it nevertheless breaks once. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to this origami picture frame. It's all made of paper, very light and really not complicated: folding origami picture frames

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