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Clown / clown face tinker - craft instructions with ideas and template

  • Ideas and instructions
    • Confetti cannon with clown face
    • Clown made of paper
    • Felt clown for hanging
    • Clown as a jumping jack

Carnival - the time of disguise, the time of celebration and the time of the clowns - in this crafting guide, we show you four creative ideas for self-made clown faces. Whether as a jumping jack, confetti cannon or felt clown - there are numerous ways to make a clown. Take a look and try it!

Ideas and instructions

Confetti cannon with clown face

You need:

  • pen
  • Craft knife / cutter
  • scissors
  • 2 € piece
  • Paper cup or empty yogurt cup
  • balloon
  • glue
  • Craft paper / cardboard or thick wool (best colored rests)
  • pencils
  • Tape / Washi tape
  • mandatory Wiggle eyes, felt drum, cotton ball
  • Confetti, Räppli, Punscherli


The easiest way to make a monochrome paper cup our clown confetti cannon.

Otherwise, the cup must first be prepared. To do this, paint the mug with craft paper, wrapping paper, adhesive film or paint, in one color to obtain a reasonably even surface.

Step 1

Place the two euro piece on the bottom of the cup and trace the border.

This hole must now be carefully cut out.

Tip: The easiest way to cut out a hole is to first drill a hole in the middle with one of the sides of the scissors or to make a small cross in the middle with a craft knife. From here, the hole is easier to cut from the inside out.

step 2

  • Cut off a piece at the top of the balloon
  • knot the lower mouthpiece
  • put the balloon over the cup from below
  • Stick the balloon to the cup with the washi tape or tape one round

The confetti cannon is already finished, so it's time to add the clown.

step 3

For the hair you take either a rectangle made of craft cardboard or thick wool.
Variant of cardboard

One side of the rectangle should be about half the height of the cup and the length should be about 2/3 of the circumference of the cup. A few strips are cut into the cardboard box with the scissors. Always cut into the short side, but not completely cut through. The strip left over from the top is then glued to the top of the cup. The individual fringes bend a bit more and the hair is ready.

Variant wool

It is best to take the remains of thick wool, if it is different colors it is not bad at all. The wool threads should be as long as the cup is high.
The threads are "folded" in the middle once and then glued with glue or hot glue to the top of the cup around. Leave some space at the front so that you can still attach a face.

Tip: You can also just stick cotton balls around the mug.

Step 4

A clown's face is really just a big mouth, a big nose and oversized eyes.

For the eyes you can glue funny wiggle eyes to the mug or paint with a thick black pencil and then one more.

The nose can be a small red fruit quark mug or a felt ball. The mouth is either cut out of craft paper or even painted directly on the mug.

For a clown, there is no "wrong". A clown may be as colorful as you would like or as the material is just there. Whether you are making a happy, sad or funny clown, he will certainly look great.


Now fill the crafted clown with some confetti. A small handful is enough for the first try.

Shake the confetti in the middle of the cup so that they fall into the hole. Grasp the clown cup with one hand and pull down the knotted balloon with the other. Build some tension, but do not overdo it - otherwise the tape will tear off.

And let the balloon end go quickly. PENG - confetti everywhere!

You can vary the amount of fill and try out how much can be done with your Clown Confetti Cannon.

Tip: You can not just shoot confetti with this clown cannon. Small candies or small chewy candy packages also fit in very well. BUT only "fire up" in the air! Never shoot at living beings! Do not look up if I just want to fire the cannon!

Did you know "> Paper Clown

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a concertina clown in a short time.

You need:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • Craft paper in the colors pink, white and blue
  • Glue stick or craft glue
  • black or red fiber pencil for painting
  • possibly wobbly eyes
  • blue pipe cleaner for arms and legs
  • Felt bobbins for the nose
  • duct tape
  • Wooden stick or wooden knitting needle

Step 1: Lay the pink colored paper upright on the table in front of you and fold a narrow strip inwards at the lower edge. Repeat this step in the opposite direction to create the characteristic accordion structure. You carry out this process until your complete paper strip has received an accordion structure. If at the end of a small rest survive and the accordion is not even, you can shorten this with the scissors.

Then pierce the folded leaf in the middle with your wooden staff so that you can stretch the accordion. If the piercing proves to be too sluggish, you can pierce the holes with a knife or other pointed object and insert the wooden stick afterwards.

Step 2: First draw a circle on the white construction paper and cut it out. On the blue construction paper you draw a few blue hair, the design of the hair of the clown is here completely with them. Cut them out as well and glue the hair to the circle to define the head. Then stick the wobbly eyes and the felt nose, in our example, this consists of three small felt pompoms. Finally, draw a mouth for the clown with red or black marker.

Step 3: Now attach the clown's head to the accordion body by attaching it to the wooden stick. The easiest way is to use some tape to attach the head to the rod. If the head is a bit unstable and maybe swings to the right or left, then fix it with some tape on the body.

Step 4: In the last step, the clown gets arms and legs. Shorten the pipe cleaner for arms and legs to the desired size. You can attach the pipe cleaner either with glue stick or adhesive tape.

In our version with the tape, we have wrapped the place where we want to fix the pipe cleaner with the body, once wrapped tightly with tape. As a result, the tape, which is to attach the pipe cleaner to the body, much better.

Felt clown for hanging

Not only at carnival time are these little colorful and funny companions thought. As a colorful decoration, they are just as good as a cute little gift for a visit to family or friends. We've put together another clown crafting tutorial for you to quickly and easily make the funny little figurines.

You need:

  • Felt in different, colorful colors
  • small colored felt ball (pompon) as a nose
  • Plastic surprise egg, table tennis ball or other round shape as a head
  • scissors
  • Roulades Needle
  • colorful wooden beads
  • a metal bell
  • Wool thread and thin string or thin thread
  • needle
  • brush
  • Acrylic paint in white
  • black fiber pencil for painting
  • hot glue
  • Ballpoint pen for marking the shapes on felt
  • Wiggle eyes in oval or round
  • Adhesive tape roll as a shelf when painting


Step 1: Carefully prick a plastic surprise egg with the roulade needle at one point and then use the roulade needle as a holder for painting. Now the surprise egg can be painted. First paint a mouth with a black pen. Then paint this shape with white acrylic paint and a brush.

Tip: You can also use cotton balls or a table tennis ball as the head for the clown and color this ball with acrylic paint.

Step 2: Then paint the eyes with the black pen. Then stick the wobbly eyes on these surfaces.

Tip: An adhesive tape roll is great as a shelf, while painting, for the plastic surprise egg.

Step 3: After drying again, stick the small pompom felt ball with a little hot glue as a nose. Then paint your mouth and eyebrows with the black pencil.

Step 4: Now pick up some red wool. Wrap the wool in the form of an eight around your fingers. Knot the wool and glue it to the head with some hot glue. Now the clown's head is ready.

Tip: You can also use longhair plush or crepe paper as hair for the clown.


Step 5: Use our crafting template prepared for you for this step.

Click here: To download the craft template

Print them out, cut out the stars and the arm shape and apply these stencils to the felt using a ballpoint pen or fiber pen. First cut out the arms of red felt. Then cut your hands out of beige felt.

Step 6: Using colored felt, cut out the ten felt stars with a diameter of 8 centimeters. Then cut out two small felt stars in 4 centimeters in diameter.

Step 7: Now pull a thread through the needle and thread first the bell and then a wooden bead. Now thread a felt star and then a colorful wooden ball. Now thread two felt stars in a row and then a wooden bead again. Shortly before the end then bring two felt stars, the arms, a last big felt star and the two little felt stars on the thread. Complete this step with a wooden bead.

Step 8: Now thread your head open the plastic surprise egg and knot the thread inside. Now add a piece of thread as a suspension loop at the head.

Tip: Alternatively you can stick the head on with some hot glue.

And jerk is the little funny clown ready made! Have fun with you and your little ones while finishing and if you still have not enough of the clown crafts, we have in this post yet more funny clown craft instructions for you.

Clown as a jumping jack

How to make your very own jumping jack clown! With our template you succeed in no time!

You need:

  • Working creatively
  • Sample clips
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • crafting cardboard
  • glue
  • String or wool
  • wooden bead
  • Lochzange


Step 1: At the beginning you print out our craft template. These we have in colorful and for coloring.

  • Crafting template - jumping jack "Clown"
  • Crafting template - jumping jack "clown" for coloring

2nd step: Then cut out the individual elements roughly with scissors.

Step 3: Glue the elements to crafting paper with glue.

Step 4: The individual cardboard elements are now cut out clean.

5th step: Now the clown needs small holes in many places, so that you can connect it later with the threads. Punch them into the cardboard with a pair of punch pliers. In our pictures you can see exactly where the holes have to be placed.

Step 6: Then attach the arms and legs to the clown. You use sample clamps for this.

Step 7: First, connect the arms with a piece of wool. Thread the string through the upper, small holes. In the same way now also the two legs are connected.

Step 8: Now you need a longer piece of wool. Connect the string between the arms and the string between the legs centered, vertical and taut with this thread.

Important: Keep your arms and legs hanging downwards.

Step 9: Finally, attach a wooden bead to the end of the thread.

10th step: Now the clown needs only one suspension - just thread another piece through the hole in the hat. Done is the jumping jack clown!

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