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Embroider flowers: Instructions for the flower spike

Flowers are among the most beautiful and decorative embroidery. The flower spike is a quick and easy way to attach romantic floral motifs to a fabric. You do not have to be a pro for this embroidery technique to create a beautiful embroidery image. Our guide will help you.

At the beginning, you proceed as in the conventional satin stitch. However, you should not pull the yarn tightly against the fabric and leave a little space between the stitches. To learn more about the slab technique, click here: //www.zhonyingli.com/plattstich-sticken/

Embroider flower stitch

1. Pierce the needle from the back to the front through the embroidery base
2. Leave about 3 cm of yarn for later sewing
3. Grasp the needle from the front
4. Guide the needle on the fabric by the desired width of the surface to the right and pierce
5. Guide the needle to the left by the same length on the back side of the fabric and puncture it again at a clear distance next to the previous stitch.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until the motif has the desired size. Make sure that the lines of the yarn are wider in the middle of the surface than on the outside.

7. Now, above the last yarn line, pierce the needle in the center from the back through the embroidery ground.
8. Pass the needle on the front under the resulting surface.

9. Grasp the needle from below and repeat step 8 two or three times, then tighten the yarn.
10. Prick the needle under the created flower through the embroidery ground to the back. From here you can start the next flowering or finish the project and sew the yarn on the back.

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