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Flowering of lavender in Germany and Provence

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The heyday of lavender ">

The lavender varieties of Provence grow mostly in the industrial plant production and are so closely observed that the flowering time is fixed to the day. This is not the case with German garden or bucket lavender, if you want to see lavender flowers for a specific season (for wedding?), You must include a few variables when choosing the type of lavender.

The heyday - Provence

The flowering time of a plant is observed by plant researchers, breeders or industrial plant production, which have set for the real Lavandula angustifolia a flowering period from June to August . According to www.provence.de, the landscape of Provence turns from mid / late June to early / mid-August through huge lavender fields in a blue or violet-blue carpet of flowers.

Which lavender can be seen exactly on the web pages, is not necessarily safe. In Provence, Lavandula angustifolia grows mainly in the mountains from about 600 to about 1, 500 m altitude. He brings the most valuable lavender oil, but is not very productive and can only be harvested after two to four years. Therefore, there is now a "second Provence lavender", the lavandin, which thrives in the lowlands at 300 to 600 m altitude and later than the real lavender flowers, from late June to well into September. This Lavandula × intermedia is a naturally occurring, sterile hybrid of the L. angustifolia with the broadleaf lavender L. latifolia . (see our overview of lavender varieties).

Lavandin is a nice cross that grows predictably, can be harvested after just one year, and is much more productive than the real lavender. This is paid for with unpleasant side effects, Lavandin brings lower quality essential oil with less healing agents. The higher and more uniform in the appearance of the lavender that blooms in Provence, the more likely it is that you have a lavandin in front of you.

Tip: In Provence, Lavandin is just about to peel away the real lavender, if you depend on the real rich lavender oil for sensitive, allergic, inflamed skin, you should probably start slowly with the cultivation of real lavender before his lavender oil is priceless. Calcareous soil can be overcome, we hope that the lack of solar radiation can be replaced by LEDs, and the bees needed for pollination are already held in cities by city residents.

From both Provence lavender there are numerous varieties that may bloom at other times, here are some "dissenters":

  • Lavandula angustifolia , Imperial Gem ', is not expected to flower until the end of July / August and thus very late
  • Lavendula angustifolia , Lady ', flowers after early breeding in the first year
  • Lavandula angustifolia , Mailette ', flowers in time, but with a particularly large amount of flowers that contain a lot of essential oil
  • Lavandula angustifolia , Miss Katherine ' flowers relatively late, from July to August (and bright pink)
  • Lavandula angustifolia , Munstead ', very early flowering
  • Lavandula angustifolia , Irene Doyle or Two Seasons flowers twice a year, mid to late June and September / October
  • Lavandula x intermedia , Blue Dwarf ', rather low lavandin with very lush flower
  • Lavandula x intermedia 'Speciale', lavandin with the latest flowering, does not start until the end of August and still blooms when other lavender have long flown out

Flowering of other types of lavender

Other lavenders sold today are flourishing at other times:

  • Lavandula x allardii, uptake lavender or giant lavender, flowers from May to December
  • Lavandula dentata, tooth lavender or French lavender, flowers from June to July
  • Lavandula heterophylla, room lavender, produces its blue flowers almost all year round
  • Lavandula latifolia, Speicklavendel, flowering from June to September.
  • Lavandula multifida, fern-leaved lavender or oregano lavender, flowers from late spring (May) to autumn (October)
  • Lavandula stoechas, lavender-lavender, flowers especially early from March to June
  • Lavandula viridis, Lemon Lavender, flowers from July to August with creamy white to yellow flowers

The heyday - Germany

These were the "official heyday" in Provence, which is more likely to be reached in Germany the more the German winter hardiness zone coincides with the winter hardiness zone of the home of lavender (zone 8 to 9).

Hardiness Zones

There is a winter hardiness division according to Heinze, W. and Schrieber, D. which also applies to woody plants in Central Europe.

Zonelower limitupper limit
1-below - 45.5
2- 45.5- 40.1
3- 40.0- 34.5
4- 34.4- 28.9
5- 28.8- 23.4
6- 23.3- 17.8
7- 17.7- 12.3
8th- 12.2- 6, 7
9- 6, 6- 1, 2
10- 1.1+ 4.4
11over + 4.4-

Data in degrees Celsius

However, since the temperature ranges in Central Europe do not vary so much, so-called half-zones have been established.

Division into half zones (excerpt)

Zonelower limitupper limit
5b- 26.0- 23.4
6a- 23.3- 20.6
6b- 20.5- 17.8
7a- 17.7- 15.0
7b- 14.9- 12.3
8a- 12.2- 9.5
8b- 9, 4- 6, 7

Data in degrees Celsius

Germany has four winter hardiness zones or seven half zones (from 5b to 8b). These are significant differences in climate, in the coldest areas of Germany (winter hardiness zone 5b, average minus temperatures of -26 ° C), the flowering will come later and sparser than in the warmest regions (winter hardy zone 8b, average maximum -9.4 ° C).

Overview Hardiness Zones in Germany

  • High Alps - zone 4 to 5
  • Alpine Space - Zone 5 to 6,
  • Lowlands of Germany - Zone 6 to 7
  • Rhineland (partial) - Zone 8a
  • Coastal regions of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Hamburg - zone 8a
  • Areas around Lake Constance - zone 8a,
  • Heligoland - zone 8b

In addition, your lavender could be in a particularly warm or cold microclimate and in a city, maybe he is also in a greenhouse, conservatory, room and flowers anyway nonstop until it has spent itself (or is deliberately sent in between hibernation, so he just did not spend so fast).

Furthermore, the flowering joy depends on the soil used, your "green thumb" and the sufficient amount of light.

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