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Bed and slatted squeaks and creaks - quick remedy

  • Material and preparation
  • Cause research - tracking down squeaks
  • Quick remedy for squeaky and creaky beds - the instructions
    • Bed frame creaks
    • Slatted frame squeaks in itself or in moving parts
    • Slatted frame moves on bed frame

A restful sleep is extremely important to our health. But if the bed makes noises, it can not be a quiet, healthy sleep. We all move much more in sleep than we think. If each of these movements causes a squeaking or creaking noise, the sleep is of course greatly disturbed. How to stop the squeaking and creaking is here.

Sounds caused by the bed begin at first quietly and creepingly. But with increasing duration, the sounds are getting stronger and more disturbing. This is often not only because the noise is actually amplified, but because we are really waiting for the next annoying noise. Whether slatted or the bed itself, the squeaking and creaking can be eliminated without you have to buy a new bed system immediately. How to find a quick remedy for the different problems, we show you here in the instructions.

Material and preparation

You need this:

  • screwdriver
  • Open-end / ring spanner
  • abrasive paper
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • iron drill
  • caulking gun
  • candle wax
  • wood oil
  • strips of cloth
  • felt pads
  • silicone spray
  • silicone
  • Soap / baby powder
  • Screws / machine screws with nut

Cause research - tracking down squeaks

The hardest part in eliminating bed noise lies in the cause research. It can be done more easily in pairs, so a helper can lie down in the bed to make the noises. You should check which element of the bed is ever to blame for the noise. We have divided the elimination of possible sources of error into these three instructions.

  1. Bed frame creaks
  2. Slatted frame squeaks in itself or in moving parts
  3. Slatted frame moves on bed frame

Costs / prices / craftsmen "> You do not need a craftsman to eliminate annoying noises on the bed. The remedy is usually to realize with some small aids. Sometimes even home remedies, such as soap or baby powder are sufficient. Even some felt gliders will weigh on your budget with little more than five euros. You also get a bottle of silicone spray for less than five euros. The rich silicone spray can later find application in many areas.

Quick remedy for squeaky and creaky beds - the instructions

Many of the methods we show here can be applied to both a wood bed and a metal bed. However, some things may need to be done again after a few months. The wood oil, for example, is absorbed by the wood completely over time and disappears.

Bed frame creaks

A wooden bed frame changes slightly due to temperature changes and humidity. Wood always works lightly, which often loosens the screws. The screws should therefore be firmly screwed again. If you feel that the screws are not holding properly, you can either screw in additional screws or replace the old screws with slightly larger screws.

Change screw

Tip: If a screw breaks out or does not find any support, you can use a larger wood drill to widen the hole.

Use a carving knife or a pocket knife to cut a small piece of wood that fits exactly in the hole. Put this plug in the hole with some wood glue . After drying, the plug should first be sawn off flush and then the hole for the screw should be pre-drilled with a fine wood drill bit. Then the normal screw is screwed back into the repaired place.

Oil and lubricate

Especially real wood dries out over time, which causes the individual woods to squeak, even when all the screws are tight. The sounds can usually be eliminated either with wood oil or with candle wax. You should use as possible candle wax made of real beeswax.

wood oil

Tip: Also for this problem, there are various old home remedies. Even our grandmothers swore on soap or baby powder to eliminate the squeaking of the bedstead. However, this solution does not last long. You must therefore re-execute them in relatively short time intervals.

With a metal bed frame, you can easily eliminate many sounds with a little silicone spray . But you have to put the mattress aside for a few hours, otherwise you will have the silicone spray on the mattress and duvets. While you can be relatively generous with the silicone spray, you should stay away from a metal bed of oil. It will seek its way and dirty your bedding ugly.

Silicone spray against the annoying squeaking

Tip: Whether metal or wood, if you have to disassemble parts of the bed anyway, you can give at the joints each a little clear silicone compound between the elements. This then serves as a soft buffer between the parts and a squeaking is almost impossible.

Double bed squeaks in the middle

Many older twin beds are designed as two single beds that were simply put together in the middle. So there are two long boards in the middle, some of which are so close together that they make noises at night. These boards just need to be separated from each other. So you can either disassemble the entire bed to stick felt glides between the boards or you stuff with a thin screwdriver, a ruler or the like, strips of cloth between the two boards.

Slatted frame squeaks in itself or in moving parts

The slatted frame contains the most moving parts that can squeak. Here you should first check whether all screws and rivets are still present and firmly tightened. If rivets are broken, you can replace them with small machine screws with nuts.

silicone oil

The individual slats are usually located at both ends in small plastic trays. In all bays that you suspect to squeak, you should spray some silicone oil into it. Here, too, soap or beeswax can achieve a similar effect if the individual slatted frames can be removed.


Tip: Wood oil is also always a good solution for all wooden elements on a bed. But if you have very good bedding or want to keep the mattresses as spotless as possible, you should rather put on silicone and let this dry for several hours.

Moving dishes in the slatted frame

The modern slatted frames often have movable plates in different zones, which adapt exactly to the body. As each plate moves individually, each plate can make noises at night. Ideal here is again the silicone spray . You should spray each plate from the bottom with a little silicone spray. Ideally, lay the slatted frame upside down on a large tarpaulin and gradually spray all the plates with the spray.

Slatted frame moves on bed frame

The slatted frame is usually loose on the brackets of the bed. Since there is always some play, the slatted frame can of course easily move through the nocturnal movements of the sleeper. That then causes the noise. There are different solutions for this:


The frame of the slatted base is usually made of metal, while the support for the bed is either made of wood or metal. If both elements are made of metal, the best solution is screwing. If there are no holes for it, you should drill holes through an iron drill bit and secure the bed to the slatted frame with a machine screw.

Tip: The machine screw is of course a third element on the bed, which could squeak. Therefore, you should lubricate such screws with silicone spray or even with silicone compound. Thus, the elements each have silicone pads between them to prevent squeaking.

Secure screw with silicone

If you want to bolt the slatted base firmly to a wooden bed, there is always the risk that the screw will soon break out of the wood due to the steady movements. You could use it to ruin the entire bedstead without any lasting benefit.

Felt glides / damping

The overlay of the slatted frame should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Then stable solid felt glides are glued here. If possible, you should do this work in the morning, so that the glue under the felt glides has enough time to dry.

Tip: Here too, silicone compound can serve well. In some bedsteads, the support for the slatted base is very long or uneven. Then the felt pads can be attached only badly. The silicone in this case is more durable and longer lasting.

Tips for quick readers

  • Determine cause for noises with helpers
  • Tighten or replace screws on bed frame
  • Reinstall broken screws with pieces of wood
  • Lubricate wood oil or candle wax between wooden parts
  • Baby powder or soap also lubricates wood
  • Spray metal parts with silicone spray
  • Silicone compound provides cushioning between parts
  • Strip of cloth between middle boards at the double bed
  • Check slatted base for damage
  • Spray plastic cuffs for slats with silicone oil
  • Glue pads for slatted frame with felt glides
  • Pad pads with silicone compound if necessary
  • Fix slatted frame with metal bed
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