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Handicrafts for Father's Day | Sayings and poems for dad + templates

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Father's Day, like Mother's Day, is a very special day, when we think about our dear parents and give them a little joy. This time we are talking about Father's Day. Not only the little ones may want to compose poems for dad.

The adults are also involved in the crafting for Father's Day! Because such a small present or such a small attention, softens every so big and usually quite unshakeable men's and father's heart ! That's why we've put together a few sayings and poems in our contribution for Father's Day crafting that are perfect for Papa's day of honor. For this purpose, we have created templates that you can download and print for free, and so you can quickly create an individual gift!

Father's Day

With our templates for tinkering for Father's Day, you can easily make small gifts and give them the icing on the "i". This not only pleases you, but also the proud dad ! Give your purchased gift with a poem for your father only the very personal and individual touch.

useful information

Father's Day is celebrated as a custom in many different countries of the world and, depending on the country, on very different days and months. In the northern countries, such as Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in November. In Portugal, Italy, Spain and Croatia in turn, the men's day is celebrated on 19 March. In Great Britain, China, France, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, the Netherlands, South Africa, the Czech Republic and the USA, this day of honor will take place on the third Sunday in June.

In Germany, Father's Day is celebrated on Ascension Day and it is also referred to as a Men's Day or Lord's Day. Since the year 1934, Ascension in Germany has become a public holiday and a custom. In the Christian faith, Ascension is the return of the Son of God to his Father. The Risen Jesus Christ is going to heaven to be nearer to his Father and to take his place at the side of God. Since the fourth century, the Christian holiday is regarded as a holiday and little by little it has developed for Father's Day, as we know it today.

Just say thank you to your father on this day with a small gesture and make little attentions with our templates for crafting for Father's Day . Also, the big and small children and grandchildren like to tinker for dad and so arise loving gifts that come from the heart and express great gratitude.

Handicrafts for Father's Day

Decorating a chocolate box

With this crafting idea, you can make a personal Father's Day gift from a chocolate or chocolate packaging.

Materials needed to decorate the gift box:

  • our print templates (printout without page customization, otherwise the actual printed final format will change in its dimensions)
  • scissors
  • possibly a motif punch
  • Bastelleim or double-sided tape
  • colorful fineliner or other colored pencils
  • possibly decorative elements such as bow or gift ribbons at will

Free Download | Artwork Tinkering for Father's Day

Step 1: Pick up our printed artwork and select the designs with captions you want to use.

Tip: You can use chocolate bars or Duplo candy bars for the banderols, for example. We have created different print templates for you.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out the artwork. The lines in the artwork give you the cut guide.

Tip: If you have a paper cutter on hand, you can also use it to cut out the templates. So you can cut the templates even faster from the hand.

Step 3: Now glue the small, cut-out banderols around the small, packed pieces of chocolate and fix the seam with something Bastelleim or double-sided tape.

Tip: Decorate the inside of the box of chocolates with small hearts or the like, which you make with a motif punch and glue the hearts together sometimes more or less close together.

And you have your first present with a very personal touch and can give it away in the right hands.

This is exactly how you proceed with the chocolate bars from Duplo. Cut out the templates provided and glue them around the chocolate bars and fix them with craft glue or double-sided adhesive tape.

Proverbs and poems

The children's shoes outgrown long ago,
I still like to think back.
Thank you today dad
for carefree children's happiness!
(Anita Menger)

The smart dad

My dear dad, you are a stunner!
You chose me as a child.
Mum also took to your wife,
Hey dad, you're really smart!
It's so nice to be with you
and this poem, that's yours!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

Artwork Superhero


Dear Papa,
Today is your day of honor.
Because I like you,
I'll give you this football here.
Come on now and play with me!
You are my dribbler hero.
The best thing is: we are two together
the best team in the world.
(Niko Anders)

Today is Father's Day,
and I am so incredibly happy that I have the best father.
You are smart and brave, tall and strong
and always there when I need you, just everyday.
Today I want to tell you: "I love you so much,
You're my dad, and I'll never give you that! "
(Christoph Bolte)

The best dad!

Dad, you are the very best
not only at your honor festival!
You are so strong and clever
full of love and justice!
Like you, I would like to become
You are the best here on earth!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

Dear dad, for your honor day
should you know how much I like you.
You my best dad, there is,
are loved by me very doll!
(Frieder Hopf)

Thank you daddy

A good team

If we are in all these years
did not always agree
so we are a good team
and that's what matters.
Thanks for always being able to rely on you.
(Anita Menger)

You work all year,
so that nothing is missing.
We know what you do for us,
even if it torments you sometimes.

So today we celebrate your day,
and want to pamper you,
Dad, we all love you very much,
We wanted to mention that!

The best father

Everyone has a father,
but I have the best!
Yes, the raving he understands,
he's playing soccer with me
and on strong shoulders he wears
through the childhood years me.

Everyone has a father,
but I have the best!
(Anita Menger)

If I fall, you catch me
I'm afraid, then you help me
I would be completely lonely without you
You are the best dad here!
(Susanna Duchilio)

Artwork Best Dad Ever

Our father takes care of us,
so there is nothing missing.
Playmobil and Barbie House,
although he prefers fishing.

Today is the big day,
where we think of you,
we are glad that you are with us,
want to give you our love.

We love you, dad!

My dad, I love you
and I am so glad that you exist!
So today I say with my sweet pout:
I wish you all the best on Father's Day!
(Nannette Grimmer)

Dear Papa,

You are the best father in the world,
I love you so much, and you are my hero.
Thank you for everything, you are always there,
we hold together, that's clear.
(Christoph Bolte)


My dad is a superman,
who can just fix everything.
He knows a lot - is really smart,
willing to play with me.
Is tall and strong, almost like a bear,
carries me around on the shoulder.

He throws me up and catches me -
and I rely on
because dad can do anything,
after all, he is Superman.
(Anita Menger)

Being a daughter is not difficult
but father be very much!
I ignite you from the heart
many small candles.
And because I want
not because I have to,
I'll give you another big kiss.

Dad, you are my hero!
(Le Cusom)

Artwork is daddy

Thank you, dear dad!

You always take time for me
and that's why, daddy, I love you!
You always give me good advice,
we have a great "wire"!
You are so great and nice to me
and for that, daddy, thanks to you!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

Your protection accompanies me for all time,
You hold to me in joy and sorrow,
Doing everything to give me my happiness,
you would never think of yourself.
You are a father whom everyone loves
I'm thankful that you exist.
(Christie Loyal)

A picture of a man
one who can do everything.
A real guy, a great guy,
Everyone who sees you knows that.

You like one like you,
Hard on the outside, with a soft core.
Cool sow and cuddly bear,
You as dad, what more could you want ">

Artwork Dad

For a great hero

Dear dad, today is your big day,
I have to tell you how much I like you.
Am I sad and need it warm,
Do you take me comforting in your arm.
When playing football you are my star,
that is also true at home, that's clear.
I like to laugh with you, like your jokes,
Oh Dad, you're just great!

You are a comforter for me and also a hero
simply the best dad in this world.
(Norbert Becker)

Thank you, Dad

You hold my hand from the beginning.
Show me what I can do anything.
I can entrust myself to you
and build my life for you.
You are always there for me.
Thank you and love you, dad.
(Manuela Mark)

Artwork Herz Thank you daddy

The best dad in the world

We thought, "Give him a medal!"
Now it has become a poem.
Because words are today 'our gifts,
they show how much we love you!
You are the best pop in the world,
the dearest under the sky!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

We wish you a lot of joy in crafting for Father's Day and, of course, just as much anticipation as to give your poems for dad to the man's day!

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