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Crafting: making pompoms yourself - ideas made of tissue paper / wool

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In this tutorial, we show you different variations on how you can make pompoms yourself - whether as small decorative elements for hanging or as a dancer.

Cheerleader dance frills fast, easy and individual

In this tutorial video, we show you today how to easily and quickly make pompoms at home. The main focus is on the basic materials tissue paper and wool. Homemade pompoms are also very cheap to buy and make something pretty!

Halloween is already the first harbinger of the Carnival, in this country on 11.11. at 11:11 clock is officially heralded. If you still lack a matching costume, we can offer you here a suggestion: homemade pompoms for your cheerleading outfit! The sewing instructions for matching skirt skirt can be found in our eponymous tutorial.

You wear a color-coordinated long-sleeved top and sneakers and your costume is already done!

Difficulty level 1/5
(easy to implement with children)
Material costs 1/5
(variable depending on the basic material, but very favorable)
Time required 1.5 / 5
(Tissue paper is faster, with wool it takes a little longer)


In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make pom-poms from tissue paper and wool. Depending on your taste, choose your basic material in your favorite colors. For woolen pompons, the rule of thumb is: the thinner the wool, the more you need and vice versa.

For a pompon made of tissue paper, a full sheet of tissue paper (8-10 sheets) is usually sufficient. You can also combine several colors. Depending on the variant, you will also need a pair of scissors, a solid fabric tape or yarn.
For a pompom made of wool you need depending on the wool size and desired volume of the pompons about 2-4 ball wool (if the pompons are to become round, then more) and a pair of scissors. You will also need a piece of cardboard at least 30 x 30 cm.

Make silk pompom

For a classic cheerleading pompom, tissue paper is used differently than a decorative ornamental pompom. Because both are very fast, we can also introduce all two variants.

The classic silk pompom

Fold the tissue paper so that you have a width of 30 cm in front of you. The open pages should come to your right. Now cut all the webs from bottom to top on the right side. Mark yourself from the left edge (the front of the bow - there is no open side here) is 10 cm apart, which you can draw with a vertical stroke. Now cut from the right side always with a distance of 2 cm to your 10 cm mark. Then carefully roll upwards starting from the bottom until they have formed a roll. Tape this roll to the left of your mark several times - this is the handle of your pompom. And already the first dandelion is ready!

The ornamental silk pompom

Halve the tissue paper sheet (8-10 sheets) in front of you for this pompon and cut all creases at the fold lines.

Fold now from the bottom starting at a distance of 2-3cm, like an accordion. Round off the corners with scissors.

Fold your strip in the middle and cut a few millimeters on both sides of the resulting fold. Then trim the appropriate thread and wrap one end of it around the center of the tissue paper strip so that the yarn is exactly in the cutouts. Tie it two or more times.

Now you can fray your pompon layer by layer. In this variant, there is no handle, so the pompon can be hung on the yarn like a balloon. And the second variant is ready!

Tinker wool pompom

Surely you still remember your handwork lessons at school. Everyone I know has made pompoms of wool at this time, be it as a pompom for the knit hood or as an accessory for small, funny animals. The basic principle is the same, only the dimension is different. And to make things fast, and handles to hold them, you do not have to cut cardboard circles, but you can simply work with a square piece of cardboard.

The pompon including the handle should again be 30 cm. Of course you can adjust this length individually for yourself. For this you need a piece of cardboard with a width of 30 cm, the height is variable, but should also be at least 30 cm, as it is more handy when winding. Now wrap wool around the box. The more voluminous the pompon should be, the more wool you need. When you've got enough wool, tie a thread around all the wool threads and knot them tight. Push him up to the edge and then cut all the threads on the opposite edge. Now hold your binding thread at the top with one hand and the tassel below with the other hand at the top. Then let go of the binding thread and bind at a distance of about 10 cm all the threads of your tassel together and knot this binding thread multiple times. This is your grip - and your wool pomp is ready!

The detailed instructions for a Wollbommel for decoration purposes can be found here: //www.zhonyingli.com/bommel-selber-machen/


Recycling Pompon

Since I am a big recycling fan, I would like to introduce a very special variety: a pompom of old shopping bags. Depending on the size and thickness, you will need about 6-10 bags. Lay them flat and cut off the edges. Fold it so that the width again at least 30 cm. In the main fold place BETWEEN the layers (ie in the middle) several of your trimmed strips (they can knot these, otherwise they are too short). Now cut from the right in 2 - 3 cm intervals up to a distance of about 5 cm to the bow. Now pull together the cut strips and knot them. And also the recycling pompom is ready!


Depending on the volume you need 30-50 meters of gift ribbon. Wrap this diagonally around two legs of an upturned chair. Tie all the bands in the middle with a piece of gift ribbon and cut the bands on both sides of the chair legs. Grasp the bundle in the middle and place all open ends on the same side. Wrap the first 8-10 cm with adhesive tape or fabric tape for your grip. Finished!

Also from crepe paper, paper towels, bang foil, scraps of fabric and much more great colorful pompons can arise. Depending on the material, just choose the right variant for it. Have fun making pompoms!

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