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Crafts with paper for Christmas - ideas for Christmas decorations

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, the family comes together and decorations adorn the houses. Christmas has always been crafted to create pretty Christmas decorations from a wide variety of materials. The most popular materials include paper in various thicknesses and qualities. Numerous ideas make crafting paper at Christmas time a pleasure for young and old.

Crafts with paper is a creative experience due to the easy processing of the material for children and adults, in which your own ideas can be implemented in an appealing way. Especially at Christmas there is great joy when numerous craft ideas are implemented that embellish the fir tree, the windows and gifts. For all of these, only a few materials are usually required, which you ideally even have at home or can buy in a craft shop.

Furthermore, the ideas are easier to implement if you have detailed instructions on them, but you can also implement them just as effectively on your own. Design your personal Christmas decorations out of paper.


  • Crafts with paper for Christmas
    • Materials and utensils
  • Instructions | Christmas paper garland
  • Instructions | Paper wreath
  • Instructions | Christmas construction paper window decoration

Crafts with paper for Christmas

Materials and utensils

If you want to tinker with paper, you don't need much. Crafts with paper is possible with just a few utensils due to the simple use of the material and you can implement a large part of the ideas below if you have the following list ready.

craft materials
  • scissors
  • possibly small nail scissors to cut out the small motif parts
  • child-safe scissors (if children tinker with it)
  • Glue or hot glue
  • Construction paper or sample paper
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Pens of your choice
  • Colors at will
  • Yarn in different thicknesses
  • our Talu handicraft templates
printed Talu handicraft templates

We have prepared our Talu handicraft templates for you to get your handicraft ideas on the topic of "crafting with paper for Christmas" even faster and easier.

Free Download Crafts with paper for Christmas Talu-craft templates

In addition to these, of course, there is also paper. This is selected according to the craft project, since for some decorations for Christmas a thicker paper is better than a thinner one. Likewise, the color should be selected according to your own ideas, as this gives the craft ideas their own character. In addition to white, the classic Christmas colors often include gold, red, green and silver. But these are not the only colors that you can use for the craft ideas. Let your creativity run wild and enjoy yourself while crafting with paper.

Note: If you want to implement one of the ideas below with a template, you must print it out beforehand. If you do not have a printer available, you should go to a copy shop or a library, but it is also possible to trace the original off the screen onto thin paper.

Christmas decoration | 20 ideas

Christmas is contemplated not only by the presence of families and friends, falling snowflakes or a romantic fireplace, but also beautiful decorations. Christmas decorations can be made yourself with little effort and even cheap because you can use paper for them.

Paper is much more robust than many people suspect and for this reason you can use it to make Christmas decorations for a wide variety of ambiences. If you want to test your ingenuity and your willingness to experiment yourself, you should take a look at the list below. This contains 17 ideas on how you can make suitable decorations for Christmas from paper.

Craft paraphernalia
  • decorative paper Christmas balls
  • Christmas candles wrapped in decorative paper
  • folded poinsettias
  • colored paper lace for the Christmas tree
  • Paper figures for the nativity scene
  • Craft gift tags, gold paper tags
  • paper snowflakes
  • Paper boots for visiting St. Nicholas
  • Reindeer as a table decoration
  • Paper snowmen on the fir tree
  • Origami fir trees | Fold origami fir tree
  • Origami animals like camels or penguins
  • small decorative gifts made of colored paper
  • Classic: Hampel-Santa Claus | Tinker Santa Claus
  • homemade paper advent calendar
  • pretty paper gift boxes
  • star-shaped bowls for tea lights

You can already see how extensive the craft ideas with paper can be at Christmas time. The best thing about the above ideas is the possibility to design them according to your ideas. This way, poinsettias can be implemented in many different ways, as can angel wings and Christmas balls. If you want a little insight into paper crafting, be sure to read the following three sections. In these three further ideas are presented to you and illustrated in detail with instructions. In this way you can achieve a decorative result in a short time.

Tip: If you want to tinker with children, you should always make sure that they do not handle scissors, glue or other utensils without an adult. There should also be sufficient light in the room, as this will prevent injuries and make craft projects easier to implement.

Instructions | Christmas paper garland

Handicrafts with paper are made for garlands of all kinds and especially during the Christmas season you should not miss to decorate your apartment, your Christmas tree or your windows with them. Garlands are characterized by the fact that they are very variable and can be used for a wide variety of holidays. When crafting a Christmas garland, you should first think about which pattern is used for the individual elements.

As a suggestion, you can use some of the following:

  • snowflakes
  • Stars
  • Christmas cookies
  • Christmas figures like Santa Claus or elves
  • Reindeer and sleigh

Use our prepared and free Talu handicraft templates here too!

Talu-craft templates motifs

No matter which shape of garland you choose, the decorative aspect can be easily integrated into your own premises. Select a motif and get the appropriate colored paper from which you can make the figures for the garland . Simple motifs are always easier to attach.

In addition to these materials, you also need a long cord or a package tape to which you attach the individual elements. This should be so long that it is, for example, as wide as your window or can be placed around the Christmas tree. Measure the necessary length thoroughly beforehand. As soon as you have all the utensils ready, you can start crafting.

Step 1: Cut out your selected motifs from our printed Talu handicraft templates. Or alternatively, start by drawing the selected motifs on paper and then cutting them out . You have two options here to draw the motifs on the sheet, which also determines the type of garland.

If you only paint the motifs once and then cut them out, they must be attached with a thread or optional wire. If a motif is mirrored, it is placed around the tape . You need more paper for this, but neither thread nor wire. At the same time, the look changes.

Cut out templates

Use your cut-out Talu handicraft motifs as a template and transfer the shapes to sample or construction paper.

Use handicraft motif as a template for the construction paper

Step 2: Cut out the motifs from the pattern or construction paper and decorate them as desired.

It is best to use small nail scissors for small motif parts. This makes it easier for you to cut out the small parts.

Cut out small motif parts with nail scissors

In this way you can put a little personal stamp on the individual motifs, which will be a highlight, especially in large families. Make sure to prepare enough motifs so that the garland does not look empty and thus achieve the desired decorative value. Depending on the length, the distance between the elements is two to five centimeters. It is best to measure these beforehand so that you can be absolutely sure.

Step 3: Now start to attach the cut motifs to the ribbon or the cord.

ready-cut craft template motifs

If you only use elements that have not been mirrored, you must now glue them to the tape with hot glue or alternatively provide them with a small hole in the upper part. Then run a craft wire or yarn through the hole and tie it tight. For mirrored elements, place them at the connection point around the tape and glue the underside. This prevents the elements from slipping off the garland, which makes the Christmas decoration appealing.

Glue motifs on a string as a garland

Step 4: Then simply tie the garland where you intended it. With heavy garlands, you should definitely use small hooks or tie them tightly, since tape is usually no longer sufficient for these. You can also decorate your garland with a battery-operated chain of lights.

Decorate the garland with a battery-operated chain of lights

The best thing about such a garland is the ability to easily customize it. The following year, you can simply remove some of the elements and replace them with new ones. If you don't always want to see the same motifs exclusively, this possibility should not be underestimated.

Tip: You can also integrate battery-operated light chains into the garland or use them as the basis for one to integrate a little more the shining aspect that has been part of Christmas for decades. You can either equip a self-made garland with it or attach the decorative paper to the fairy lights, which can save you time and effort when crafting.

Garland with motifs and lighting

Alternatively, you can also use our already prepared garlands of our Talu handicraft templates and provide them with a thread or cord and then decorate them. Also glue various prepared template garland parts to one another as desired.

different garland variants

Instructions | Paper wreath

Yes, you can easily make an advent wreath out of paper, which with the appropriate safety precautions can even be used together with the candles. You only need enough paper for this, which is easy to bind and does not tear as quickly. Newsprint, wrapping paper or similar variants are particularly suitable for this. Just try out which paper is available and can be bound easily.

Newsprint and craft wire

In addition to the paper, you need a thicker wire that is easy to bend. No more is needed for the wreath, which enables even children to create it together with you. Tinkering with paper is never too difficult with such projects. The following instructions cover the individual steps.

different colored craft wire

Step 1: Start by cutting off the wire of the desired size from the roll. You can orient yourself on other wreaths or cut by eye. Now bend the wire in a circle and if possible seal it. If you've chosen a sturdy wire and don't have enough strength to bend yourself, just ask a friend or family member for help.

Step 2: When the wire circle that forms the basis for the wreath is finished, you have to prepare the paper. To do this, simply cut off strips that can either all be the same or different in width and length. Some people like an orderly look, while others want it to be a bit more chaotic, which is just as appealing. You need a lot of strips and should therefore have enough paper available.

Shape the craft wire into a circle

Step 3: Cut the paper strips to size, please use our handicraft template "paper strips" again.

Cut out paper strips from pattern or construction paper

Prepare the cut out pattern or construction paper strips.

cut out paper strips

Now glue the strips to the wire circle to complete the wreath . To do this, take a strip in your hand, place it in the middle of the wire and then guide it around the wire and then glue the paper strip together in the middle. Repeat this step until all strips are attached to the wire. If the wreath is still too thin for you, just add a couple of strips or wrapping paper in between.

Fold the paper strips together in the middle and attach them to the wire

Step 4: Check the individual glue points and the wreath is ready. If you want to use this together with candles, you can either attach light bulbs in the form of candles or bowls for tea lights or candles that have to be fixed high enough with wire. You don't want the individual strips to start burning due to the heat or flame.

Advent wreath made of paper strips

Decorate your crafted wreath from paper strips with four LED tea lights . An absolutely safe variant with which nothing can ignite guaranteed.

Advent paper wreath with four LED tea lights

Your finished advent wreath can now be decorated on your banquet table.

Decorate the advent wreath with paper strips as desired

Other wreath variant

For another variant of this wreath , do not close the wire immediately after bending.

Advent wreath from pieces of newspaper

Punch the wire through the middle of the strips or newspaper or wrapping paper and pull them open.

Thread newspaper pieces onto craft wire

Attach as many pieces of paper until the wreath appears full enough and you are satisfied with your crafting result.

finished advent wreath from pieces of newspaper

Note: If you do not want to use this wreath exclusively for the advent season, you can add Christmas elements to it and attach it to the door or the fireplace. This can be done in a few simple steps and is just as appealing.

This is how your Christmas wreath decorated from pieces of newspaper could look.

Decorate newsprint advent wreath for Christmas

Instructions | Christmas construction paper window decoration

A classic is the use of construction paper as a Christmas decoration for windows. Especially at Christmas, the window decoration creates a unique effect, as the light penetrates through the windows from the inside and illuminates the decoration. In addition, it is particularly easy for children to tinker with paper because they only have to cut out shapes. To do this, select construction paper in different colors and sizes and then proceed as follows.

  • Paint Christmas motifs or houses on the construction paper or use our Talu handicraft templates prepared for you again
  • cut out the window decoration houses of your choice, use them as a template for your clay or sample paper and then cut out the houses again
tinker Christmas window decorations
  • cut out individual areas as desired
  • this includes, for example, windows in the house window decoration
  • this makes it easier to recognize individual motifs
  • Attach the cut motifs to the window with double-sided adhesive tape
Attach window decorations from houses to glass panels

You can easily combine the individual motifs into small scenes. For example, a Christmas village or a wintry forest with a sleigh and fir trees can be placed at the window . Children can even tell whole stories about Christmas decorations in this way. The imagination knows no limits.

finished house window decoration
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