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Crafting with corks - 6 craft ideas for wine corks

  • Making stamps out of corks
  • Making table decorations out of corks
    • Tischkartenhalter
    • Vases
    • coaster
  • Creating order with corks
    • Make pin board with corks
    • key Chain

Do not throw away old wine corks! Cork is perfectly suited to be further processed as crafting material. You have no idea what to do with corks ">

Cork is a versatile material, for many, but often just a waste product. Wine or champagne corks end up in most junk boxes or directly in the garbage. The sturdy closures are made from the bark of the cork oak. The natural product is very light, can be processed very well and is thus made to be recycled as a crafting material. So do not throw away corks, but process!

Browse through and discover clever and decorative craft ideas for the further processing of corks. Whether table decoration, pin boards or even stamps - Cork is a robust, yet malleable natural product an all-round talent.

Before you start crafting, we have a tip for you: Cook the cork for about 10 minutes before tinkering. These become so supple and can be processed more easily without breaking.

Making stamps out of corks

You want to upgrade old corks and not throw them away. You also have the desire to design greeting cards, fabric bags or gifts individually or you just want to tinker with your children ">

Tip: If the cork is very round at both ends, just cut off a slice of this with the cutter - this gives you a straight surface.

Step 2: Now it takes some skill. Use the knife to cut away the edges of your stamp motif so that only the surface of the stamp remains. Be very careful at this step.

Tip: If you have a vise at home, the cork can be clamped in and cut better.

Step 3: When the design is cut and the edges are nice and even, stamping can begin. Depending on the surface, use different colors - on paper and cardboard, it is best to stamp with simple acrylic or color box paint. For stamping on textiles, there are also special textile dyes that are not washed out during washing, to buy in stores.

Apply the paint with a brush on the cork and then press the motif on the sheet of paper or cloth. Press briefly and the cork can be pulled away jerkily - so you avoid blurring the color.

With these simple stamps you can decorate all sorts of things, be it furniture, cards, signs, T-shirts or even the room walls - the cork stamps can be used everywhere.

Making table decorations out of corks

The rustic look of corks is perfect for table decorations - for festively laid tables, such as for a wedding or for Christmas, the brown natural material fits perfectly. If you would like to surprise your guests with an individual and decorative table setting, simply use corks - these collect as if by themselves and are easy to work with.


These little helpers should not miss on many a celebration. Usually you need such place cards at weddings to sort the guests quickly. A cheap and noble variant are the card holders made of corks. These two options are available:

Cork with slit - carefully cut one edge from top to bottom with the craft knife in the soft-corked cork. Use a cut-resistant base for this. The printed place cards can then be pushed upright into this slot. If you want, the cork can still be decorated with all the little things - with flowers, glitter or gemstones. Finished!

Corks with paperclips - for this variant you need paper clips for the corks. Take a clip and bend it so that one side is straight down. Put this end with some pressure in the top of the cork. Of course, this works better again, you have the cork cooked before. Now bend the other end of the clip so that there are small cards or pieces of paper in it. With the right brackets (possibly in white or gold), this is certainly a nice variant for a wedding table decoration. But even in the office as note holder this crafting idea is very practical.


As a vase or sheathing for glass vases, the small corks are also ideal. In combination with table card holders, cork vases look very classy in the center of your table.

In addition to some corks, you also need hot glue for this. If you want to create your own vase without a template, just start with the bottom row. For this first row you need 12 corks. Since you just stick the corks together in this case, they do not have to be soft-boiled first.

Step 1: Arrange the corks as follows and glue them together in square.

Step 2: Continue with all upper rows. This works best, glue a row of 12 corks together and wait until everything has dried. Then you can put the vase together with as many rows as you like and glue everything together.

Since the corks so naturally do not hold water, this vase only dried or fake flowers can be placed in it.

Of course, if you have a glass vase as a template that you want to cover with corks, you'll need to keep track of how many corks you use in a row. Of course, the cork coat fits perfectly around the glass and does not make it look lost. With a glass vase in the middle real flowers can find a place here.

Tip: The cork vases can also be used as storage for pencils or other crafting utensils.


Coasters are often forgotten, but are an important part of any table decoration. Glasses can often leave rings and stains on the table. Annoying residues on a noble wooden table need not be. So make coasters easily from corks and the overall picture is becoming more uniform.

Step 1: At the beginning, boil the corks in water until soft. Then use a craft knife or a sharp knife to cut rings of the same thickness (1.5 cm - 2 cm) from the cork on a cut-resistant surface. Pay attention to the uniformity, otherwise the glasses could wobble later.

Step 2: Glue the rings to each other, lying flat on the table, side by side with the hot glue gun. Arrange the corks either in a regular circle or a little more messy - just as you like. Depending on the shape you need 15 - 20 rings for a coaster.

Creating order with corks

The soft texture of cork is made to put things in it. Once they are pinned, they can easily be found again. Take old wine corks, tinker and at the same time create order.

Make pin board with corks

The best way to clean up is with a pin board. A simple wall of cork, where you can keep your flying notes is practical, but not really decorative. Therefore, you can just make a nice pin board, matching your decor.

You need:

  • decorative picture frame
  • measuring tape
  • enough corks
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • hot glue
  • dekomaterial
  • Cuttermesser

Step 1: At the beginning, the corks are processed - paint them in a desired color or in different colors of a shade and let them dry for a while.

Step 2: Now pick up the picture frame and remove the glass, only the frame and the back wall are needed. Reinstall the back wall to the frame. Now take the corks and lay out a pattern on the back wall and inside the frame. Fill the entire area with corks. For sure corks have to be cut out.

Step 3: Once you have decided on a pattern, it will be glued. Now stick each cork with hot glue in its place. Simply pull a small line along the cork.

Step 4: Let the glued corks dry - afterwards you can decorate what you need. Are you satisfied can the bulletin board be in its place and stocked.

Use the pin board made of corks to store jewelry, postcards, slips, photos - no matter what you want. Even a small smudge has a decorative effect on this pin board.

key Chain

Key Search is no more - with these cork trailers you will always find your keys. In addition, you can let your creativity in the design of the key chain run wild. This one-of-a-kind has no other.

You need:

  • cork
  • eyebolts
  • tongs
  • Decoration material such as paint, feathers, glitter, wobbly eyes, gemstones, pipe cleaners etc.

Step 1: Paint and decorate what it takes. Whether a sailor, animals or a sweet fairy - you can let your imagination run wild. Paint the cork at will with acrylic paint. Allow everything to dry well before you can use hot glue to attach small elements.

Step 2: Now push a screw eyelet into the top of the cork with your finger. Turn the loop with the pliers to the end of the thread.

Already you can attach a key ring with a key to the eyelet. As an individual gift, birthday children will be happy about such a pendant.

Tips for quick readers:

  • Do not throw away wine and champagne corks
  • Cork before tinkering for 10 minutes
  • Use cutter knife for cutting
  • Acrylic paint for painting corks
  • Cork is malleable, it is easy to poke through
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