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Crafting toilet paper rolls - 5 DIY ideas for creative paper rolls

  • Make cardboard from cardboard
  • Make subwoofer for the mobile phone
  • Gift wrap from a cardboard roll
  • Make artful flowers from toilet paper rolls
  • Tinker pen holder from cardboard rolls
    • Pencil holder made of cardboard and wood
    • Organizer made of cardboard rolls

These crafting ideas are both practical and decorative, as well as good for the environment. Paper rolls of toilet paper and kitchen paper are annoying leftovers from the household, which should be kept and processed. Recycling and upcycling are in vogue and quite rightly so. We show you 5 easy-to-DIY DIY ideas for crafting with toilet paper rolls.

Whether practical storage and sorting boxes, decorative flowers or gift wrapping - toilet paper rolls can be recycled up to many, useful and beautiful things. These five craft instructions will surprise you!

Of course, you can also implement the following craft ideas with paper rolls of kitchen paper - just halve them and you're ready to go.

Make cardboard from cardboard

Our first craft idea will inspire your children. But maybe you are looking for even the next carnival party, theme party or bachelorette party still the matching headgear ">

You need:

  • Cardboard roll of toilet paper
  • scissors
  • needle
  • Paint, brushes and decoration material (felt, glitter, pearls, glittering stones)
  • hot glue
  • rubber band

Step 1: First cut a point on one end of the cardboard roll - if you are not sure, you can draw it out with a pencil first.

Step 2: Afterwards you become creative. Paint the cardboard crown at will and according to the motto. Acrylic paint dries very fast. Glittering stones, felt and pearls are easy to fix with hot glue after drying the paint. Especially sparkling sequins and gemstones, as well as colorful beads are best for a crown.

Step 3: Once you have done the decorating and decorating, the crown only needs one fastening strap. Using a needle, prick two opposite holes in the cardboard on the side of the crown. A piece of string is quite sufficient, which is threaded through the holes. But the best thing is a rubber band that holds the crown in the right place by itself.

Finished is specially created crown from a toilet paper roll - it is so easy and at the same time so cheap!

Make subwoofer for the mobile phone

The next crafting tutorial for crafting toilet paper rolls could interest all smartphone users. With a single cardboard roll and two plastic cups you can make your own subwoofer for your mobile phone.

You need for the smartphone subwoofer:

  • a cardboard roll
  • two plastic cups
  • pen
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • possibly acrylic paint and brush

Step 1: To start, pick up your smartphone and transfer the width and depth of the device to the cardboard tube - simply trace the outline with a pen.

Step 2: Now cut out this outline with a craft knife. First of all, try it out, if the phone can be plugged in easily. If not, just cut the edges a bit more.

Step 3: Now transfer the diameter of the cardboard roll with the pen to the two plastic cups. Place the circle about 1 cm from the ground. Cut out the circles. The cardboard roll is now placed on both sides in a cup. The cell phone opening points up. Cardboard and cups should be kept in one another by themselves. If that did not work out, the cups can still be fixed with adhesive tape.

Step 4: If you do not like the gray of the cardboard, you can decorate and decorate it. With acrylic paint you can paint not only the cardboard but also the plastic cups.

Now plug the smartphone into the opening and play a song - the plastic cups amplify the sound. For on the go, this DIY subwoofer is perfect!

Gift wrap from a cardboard roll

Now it becomes practical and decorative. Toilet paper rolls are also real helpers in need. Would you like to give someone a little surprise and you are missing wrapping paper or small gift boxes ">

  • a cardboard roll
  • Paint and brush
  • Gift ribbon, tape
  • Decoration material

Step 1: First fold in the two sides of the cardboard roll. Each side is buckled so that two crescents overlap and close the roll.

Step 2: Now it's getting colorful. Matching the motto, whether it's a birthday, wedding or Christmas, make the little cardboard boxes. Acrylic paint dries very quickly on cardboard. With the necessary decorative materials such as natural fiber tape or felt, the rollers need no paint. Decorating is completely up to you.

Step 3: If the paint is dry, stash the gift in the box. With adhesive tape, the sides can be closed well. But actually the lacing with gift ribbon should be enough.

These beautiful, fast and easy DIY gift boxes are finished. Nobody will believe that these are toilet paper rolls.

Make artful flowers from toilet paper rolls

How about an elaborate flower decoration ">

Step 3: Now your creativity is in demand. Pastel shades and soft colors are blümerant and fit to almost every Einrichtungsstil. Once you have decided on a color, the small cardboard rolls with paintbrush and paint have to be painted.

Should it go a little faster, you can also spray the cardboard in the desired color. We used a gold and silver paint. If possible, use this outdoor.

Let the cardboard dry thoroughly.

Step 4: Now the individual petals are connected. Craft or hot glue, which dry transparently, are best suited for this purpose. Connect all petals together at one end and in a circle. Always put one circle at a time in the previous one. The overall picture should then make a flower from the side.

Done is the noble Pappblume. Now connect several of these flowers to a standing construct. On a sideboard or shelf, these flowers look very elegant.

Tinker pen holder from cardboard rolls

Our last instructions for crafting toilet paper rolls will help you to get organized. Collected cardboard rolls can also fulfill a practical purpose. The small round cylinders are perfect for tidying up and sorting things. These two pen boxes are the proof.

Pencil holder made of cardboard and wood

You need:

  • three cardboard rolls
  • scissors
  • a piece of cardboard
  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • bamboo
  • ice cream sticks
  • Nature sliver
  • pen

Step 1: First, transfer the diameter of a cardboard roll to the piece of cardboard. Do this three times. Then cut out these three circles with scissors.

Step 2: With Bastelleim and the three cardboard circles you now close the three cardboard tubes on one side. Depending on your preference, you can design the tubes for the same length or in different lengths.

Step 3: Now the pen holder is disguised. We stuck a tube with coffee stirrers, one with bamboo and one with natural fiber tape. These three natural materials fit perfectly with the natural look of this pencil box.

The pencil holder is finished in a natural look for your desk!

Organizer made of cardboard rolls

You need:

  • small to medium cardboard box
  • Wrapping paper
  • several toilet paper rolls (here 12 pieces)
  • Paint and brush
  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • scissors

Step 1: First of all, decorate and cover all cardboard materials.

It would be advantageous, they have found a cardboard box, which can be filled completely with standing cardboard tubes, without being squeezed or too far apart.

The cardboard rolls are brushed with acrylic paint and the cardboard box is wrapped with decorative wrapping paper and Bastelleim.

Step 2: Wait for the paint and glue to dry. Now glue the cardboard tubes upright in the box. Also spread some glue on the bottom and inside of the box, which keep the rollers firmly in place.

Now that the glue has dried, the pencil box can be equipped with all the important utensils you need. In the future, you have everything in one place. With 12 cardboard tubes you can store all things and small rams in this organizer.

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