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Handicrafts on Halloween - Instructions for 11 craft ideas

  • Halloween lanterns
  • Tinker skeleton
  • Make a bat
  • Make owl
  • Make ghosts
  • Halloween fairy lights
  • Pumpkins from salt dough
  • fake blood
  • Creepy Mucus

Halloween - the scary horror festival finds more and more attention in Germany. Too right! The hauntings of monsters, ghosts and witches fascinate many - big or small. In this overview we present 10 creative ideas that you can make on Halloween and make any party an unforgettable experience.

Halloween lanterns

For crafting you need:

  • empty jam jars
  • Transparent paper or tissue paper
  • transparent drying craft glue
  • black construction paper
  • scissors
  • black felt-tip pen

Step 1: Tear off transparent or tissue paper in matching Halloween colors to small pieces.

Step 2: Then brush the jam jar abundantly with craft glue. The scraps of paper are now stuck with glue. Ummaneteln the entire glass.

Step 3: Cut your eyes and nose out of black construction paper. These are also attached to the glass with glue.

Step 4: After the craft glue has completely dried, use a black felt-tip pen to paint further details, such as a mouth, on the glass.

Now only a tea light is lit and placed in the glass.

Done is the Halloween lantern! Think creepy grimaces and faces - in combination with bright and poisonous colors, the lanterns become real highlights.

Tinker skeleton

For crafting you need:

  • 11 white paper plates
  • pencil
  • black felt-tip pen
  • scissors
  • Lochzange
  • twine

Step 1: Draw the contours of a skull on the first paper plate in pencil. Eyes and nose are cut out. The mouth with the teeth is painted.

Step 2: Next, paint the upper body on a second and the pelvis on a third paper plate. The picture shows exactly what they should look like. Cut out the elements.

3rd step: Now the skeleton also needs upper arms, forearms, as well as thighs and legs. The leg elements are slightly thicker than the arm elements. For each part you need a paper plate. That means you need 8 more paper plates. Draw out the outline and cut out each part.

Step 4: Use a punch to punch holes in each element for connections. The picture shows exactly where the holes must be. Lay the skeleton as it should look like later. So you know exactly where a hole must go.

Step 5: The pieces are now connected with a piece of twine.

Make a bat

On Halloween, field mice may not be missing. The dark flying animals are at least as important as the pumpkin or the ghost. We have explained three great ideas for you in a guide. Here is the detailed description: Making a bat

Make owl

For crafting you need:

  • Paper plate
  • scissors
  • black felt-tip pen or acrylic paint and brush
  • construction paper
  • glue
  • Holzklammer

Step 1: Fold the paper plate once left and right. Then fold down the top edge.

Step 2: Then the owl is painted with a felt-tip pen. Think about creative patterns and geometric shapes. You can also make the owl colorful and autumnal with Arcylfarben.

3rd step: An owl has pointed ears. Open the top fold again. Cut the cardboard with the scissors left and right. The part between these cuts is completely cut out. The result is two pointed ears.

Step 4: Then make your eyes, beak and feet. Cut everything out of construction paper. The white eyes are still decorated with an eyelid and a pupil.

Step 5: Glue eyes, beak and feet to the paper plate.

Step 6: So that you can also hang the owl, attach a wooden clamp with hot glue to the back.

Autumn can come - with this decorative owl you are perfectly attuned to it.

Make ghosts

For crafting you need:

  • pressed leaves
  • white acrylic paint
  • brush
  • black felt-tip pen

Step 1: First of all, you need dry and pressed leaves. You can dry them in a book or build a flower press. Here is a guide: pressing leaves

Step 2: The leaves are then painted with white acrylic paint.

Step 3: After the paint has dried completely, paint your eyes and mouth with a black marker. These can have the craziest shapes. Whether even and circular, oval or shaped like spots - ghosts are quickly made.

These leaf ghosts can now be hung on a string as Girlanade, glued to the window or made into a curtain. Just let your creativity run wild.

Halloween fairy lights

For crafting you need:

  • LED fairy lights (20 bulbs)
  • 20 table tennis balls (possibly black and red felt-tip pen)
  • nail
  • lighter
  • Cuttermesser

Step 1: First of all you need scary table tennis balls. We were lucky enough to find some with printed eyes. The pupil and the bloody eyes can also be easily painted with Edding on white balls.

Step 2: Now take a nail and heat the tip with a lighter. Hold the nail with a cloth, because it gets really hot. Melt a hole in the table tennis ball with the hot nail. Repeat this for all balls.

Step 3: Now use the craft knife to nudge a small cross into the hole.

Step 4: Slide the light of the fairy lights into the hole. The balls should be held firmly on the fairy lights.

Done is the perfect Halloween decoration - a creepy fairy lights with bloodshot eyes.

Pumpkins from salt dough

For crafting you need:

  • 2 parts of flour
  • 1 part salt
  • 1 part of water
  • twine
  • scissors
  • Acrylic paint and brush

Step 1: Mix flour, salt and water into a smooth dough.

2nd step: Then you form a small ball, about the size of your hand. Press the ball flat on the table so that it has a straight edge at the top and bottom. Just think of a classic pumpkin when molding.

Step 3: You reach the distinctive notches of the pumpkin by wrapping the ball around wool several times and tightening it tightly. You can leave the wool in such a way until the dough is thoroughly dried or directly removed.

Step 4: After at least 24 hours drying time the pumpkin can be painted.

Finished are the decorative pumpkins! On Halloween they should not be missing - so let's go!

fake blood

An important element of Halloween is fake blood or theater blood. Whether for your own styling or decoration for the food - the red liquid makes the Halloween party really scary. There are many recipes and variations on how you can easily do this yourself. In this guide, the methods are described in detail: make fake blood yourself

Creepy Mucus

Or how about sticky, green mucus "> make mucus itself

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