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Sewing Bandana for Kids - Instructions & Sewing Patterns

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Need a summer hat for your child ">

In this guide, we'll show you how to sew this summer cap made of cotton very easy. She is tied at the back of the head with a binding tape, so that it adapts well to the child's head.

The pattern is adapted for a head circumference of about 53 to 55 cm. However, you can always enlarge or reduce the cut (see size chart) as long as the conditions remain the same.

Difficulty 1.5 / 5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 2/5
0.5 m cotton costs about 5 - 10 €

Time expenditure 1/5

Material and preparation

What you need:

  • Classic sewing machine and / or overlock
  • cotton
  • pen
  • patterns
  • possibly fleece-lined (for the shield)
  • pins
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

The material selection

For the cap you need a cotton fabric. Take the fabric in a neutral color that suits every outfit.

We chose a 100% cotton muslin fabric because it is very comfortable and easy to wear. The fabric has slight irregularities in weaving and printing, which gives it a used-look. For us, perfect!

The amount of material

You need 0.5 m of the cotton fabric. If you want to sew a bandana with a shade, you will need a small piece of a liner, such as a fleece or vliseline, to keep the shade nice.

Tip: A great opportunity to process the fabric remnants! Do not have enough material ">

Click here: To download the pattern

Note: Print the pattern without page adjustment / actual print size on A4 paper.

If you need a smaller or larger cap, you should adjust the sides of the pattern according to this size chart.

Size chart at a glance

age of the childhead circumferenceencore
7 - 8 months46 - 49 cm1 cm
18 - 24 months50 - 52 cm0.5 cm
2 - 5 years53 - 55 cm0 cm
from 6 years56 - 58 cm0.5 cm

Tip: If you do not have an overlock, fold all edges inwards and sew them with a zigzag stitch. It should be remembered on the seam allowances!

First, we cut the cap according to the pattern, once the middle part, twice the lateral parts of the cap, a 90 cm long and 9 cm wide cuff and possibly a screen. Anyone who has opted for the umbrella should not only cut it out of the cotton fabric twice, but also twice from the sewing inlay.

For the umbrella, the little girl has to be cut in half, so that you get two pieces. If you want to sew the cap without a peak, it is a bit easier. The cuff is then folded in the fabric and later sewn together.

The pattern already contains seam allowances (0.5 cm).

Tip: Please take care when cutting to the threadline and the motives!

Sew bandana

After we have cut all the pieces according to the pattern, we will finish the middle part. We have three options for how we can do that. Either we nibble the edges with the overlock sewing machine, with the classic sewing machine with a zigzag stitch or with a double impact.

Who wants to have a bandana with umbrella, next sews the two parts of the umbrella together with a cut part of the near-insole. We put the fabrics on the right side to the right and the sewing pad on top. In order to prevent the fabrics from slipping when sewing together, we fix the three parts with pins. Then we sew all three parts together on the outside of the screen. We turn the screen and who likes, can still quilt him.

Next, we need to sew the screen to the cuff. We pick up the pins and mark the center of the cuff, as well as the center of the screen. Then place the shade on the mark of the cuff - the second part of the cuff will come on top. We attach these three parts with the pins and sew the whole cuff to the outer side. The outer side is only sewn together with the cap at the end.

Now we pick up the middle part of the cap and the last two side parts of the cap, which we attach with the pins to the marked places.

Then we sew on the two side parts and take the headband (with or without umbrella) in the hand. We put the center of the headband on the front center of the cap and connect these parts with the pins.

Then we sew the outer (last) side of the headband so that the edge is nice and clean. When the headband hits the side panel, we sew the outer edge of the headband together with the cap until we arrive at the end of the second side panel. Then we sergify the last edge of the headband as before.

Finally, we can sew on two buttons or a label, which enhances the hat a lot!

Quick guide

1. Print out the pattern
2. Cut out the size you want
3. Transfer the pattern to the cotton fabric and cut it out
4. Dress the middle part of the hat
5. place two parts of the umbrella right to the right and place a near-insole on top
6. Sew the shade along the long edges
7. place the shade in the middle of the two headband strips and sew together
8. Sew and turn the headband strips on the sides
9. sew the two side parts of the hat to the middle part
10. Close the outer edge of the headband and sew on the hat

Have fun sewing!

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