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Knitting baby socks - Instructions for baby socks with boomerang heel

  • Material and preparation
  • Knitting instructions - Babysöckchen
    • cuffs
    • shaft
    • heel
    • footboard
    • top

Soon a little man sees the light of day and you want to give the mother a present ">

In many instructions you will find the tip, rather a little larger knit. Especially with newborns you do not know exactly how tall you will be. But so it is the fate of many little babies to swim in their clothes at first. In the wise foresight, that they will still grow into it, most of it was purchased rather larger than smaller. A matching pair of baby socks is therefore an extraordinary gift for the offspring. Dare to start with the smallest size. If it does not fit at all, the baby socks can be separated again and again and processed into larger socks.

Material and preparation


  • 4-ply sock yarn: depending on size 15 g to 50 g (100 g / 420 m)
  • Pinpoint size 2.5
  • Tape measure / ruler
  • wool needle

Tip: A short needles game of only 15 cm in length simplifies the work on the tiny Babysöckchen considerably.

From a ball of sock yarn you can knit lots of baby socks. Since it is so wonderfully fast, it is quite feasible to make a whole assortment of baby socks in different sizes. Alternatively, the expectant mother could even get a pair of the same wool.

Previous knowledge for baby socks:

  • right stitches
  • left stitches
  • Circular knitting with double-needle play
  • Remove stitches

Here is the procedure for the smallest size of baby socks described. Thanks to a simple boomerang heel, this manual is easy to imitate even for inexperienced knitters.

Size Chart

Age (months)0 - 23 - 67 - 1011 - 1516-19
shoe size1617/18192021
casting on2832364044
cuff height2 cm3 cm3, 5 cm4 cm4.5 cm
leg height4 cm4.5 cm5 cm5.5 cm6 cm
Splitting the heel5-4-55-6-56-6-67-6-77-8-7
Length of foot with heel7.5 cm8.5 cm10 centimeters11.5 cm13 cm
Decreases every 2nd round23344
Decreases every round44556

Knitting instructions - Babysöckchen


For the cuff, hit with 2 needles 28 stitches. Close the stitches to a round. If you work with short knitting needles, four of them in one round will not cause you any trouble. With normal length knitting needles can be worked to the heel on only three needles. A division of the mesh of 10-10-8 lends itself to this.

Over the entire cuff of your baby socks you work in the same pattern: a right-hand stitch, a left-hand stitch. The matching cuff height can be found in the size chart. We decided on a folded cuff and therefore knitted it 4 cm long.


The shaft of the baby socks knit only with right stitches. When the specified height is reached, it continues with the heel.


As a heel we knit the so-called boomerang heel. This is very easy to knit. If you have knitted with 3 needles so far, first distribute all stitches evenly on four knitting needles. The needles are numbered sequentially. This means that the knitting needle at the beginning of the round is needle number 1 and the last in round number 4. You work the heel over these two needles. At the smallest size for baby socks you have a total of 14 stitches on the two needles.
Knit right stitches until the end of the first needle. Turn the work over. Lay the thread in front of the stitches and lift off the last knitted stitch on the left. Pull the thread tight to avoid creating a hole. Now knit all remaining stitches left over the 1st and 4th needle.

Apply the work again and lift the first stitch left again. When you tighten the thread, you have 2 threads on the needle at the point of the first stitch. Now knit all the stitches to the right, except for the last stitch you just lifted off to the left. This is no longer knitted. Instead, turn the work over. The first stitch is lifted off to the left and the thread tightened before you knit the following stitches on the left.

In each row and in each back row, the knits to be knitted thus reduce by one stitch. In the size chart you will see the division "5-4-5" for the smallest heel size. This means that on the outside of both knitting needles there must be 5 double stitches each and there must be 4 normal knitting stitches in the middle. When you arrive at this point, knit 2 rounds over all 28 stitches. The left-hand, double stitches are knitted like normal stitches on the right. You just have to be careful to pull the thread through both threads.

Finish the second round as usual at the end of the needle number 4. Continue knitting 3 stitches and do the work. Lift off the last knitted stitch with the thread on the left before working. Knit 5 stitches on the left and work again. Again, the first stitch is lifted off to the left. Now knit back to the lifted stitch. This is also knitted on the right. Then knit another stitch on the right, which is now lifted off to the left in the back row. So you work out row after row, one more stitch to the outside.

The heel is ready when the first stitch on the fourth needle has been lifted off to the left. You turn the sock one last time on the usual working side for rounds and knit from now on in rounds on all stitches on. In the first round, the last stitch of the 1st needle and the first stitch of the 4th needle appear as double stitches. They are knitted as usual on the right.


The foot part is knitted like the shaft in rounds with right stitches. If you only worked with 3 needles in one round before the heel, you can do that again. If the foot has barely reached the specified length under "foot part with heel", continue with the top.


For a nice round end of our baby socks we knit a ribbon lace. Spread the stitches evenly over 4 knitting needles again. The arrangement must be identical to the division during the heel. In the acceptance rounds 4 stitches are taken. To do this, on the 1st and 3rd needle, lift the last but one stitch on the left, knit the last stitch on the right, and lift the penultimate stitch over the last stitch. At the beginning of the 2nd and 4th needle, knit a single stitch on the right and then the next two stitches together on the right.

Initially, only in every second round is taken. Then, take each turn according to the specified scheme. The number of times you lose weight every second and then every round is shown in the bottom two lines of the size chart. At the end there should be 2 stitches left per needle.

Cut the thread and pull it with the wool needle round by all 8 remaining stitches. Now you can remove the knitting needles and tighten the thread. Prick on the inside of the sock and sew the thread end there. Her baby socks are ready now.

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