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Knitting Baby Hat - Free Pattern + Knitting Pattern

  • material requirements
  • Knit baby hat
    • earflaps
    • Knitted pattern for the cap

In this knitting pattern, we explain how to knit a pretty baby hat easily. This cute accessory is done in no time and warms baby's head from day one. Fixed and simply knitted, you can make the perfect hat for every jacket on a few television evenings. Also for the birth of a small earth citizen our cute baby hat is a nice attention, about which the newly mum is sure to be very happy.

Knitting pattern for a cute baby hat with earflaps: The perfect knitting project for newcomers

Even inexperienced knitters make this cap on a few television nights. It is sufficient if you master the stitching as well as right and left stitches. On request, you can beautify the cap with a small crochet border or attach tie straps to the earflaps. Colorful patterned yarns are just as much for little girls and boys as they are and can be perfectly combined with the existing wardrobe.

The size described here is perfect for a first hat and head circumference of 35 to about 40 centimeters. For five to about nine-month-old babies with a head circumference of about 38 to 44 centimeters you have to strike a few stitches more. The required mesh size for this second size can also be found in the knitting instructions. We have written the design so detailed that it is no problem for beginners to rework the cap in the individually required size and to adapt the declines accordingly.

material requirements

  • 1 ball of sock wool or
    a remainder of about 25 grams with a yardage of 420 meters / 100 grams
  • 1 needles 2.25 or 2.5 gauge

Tip: We used cuddly soft socks wool with a high percentage of cotton. Alternatively, you can entangle special baby wool, which you can also easily clean in the washing machine. Sock wool with a high percentage of wool is very well suited for the colder seasons, as it keeps you warm through the properties of the natural fiber without overheating.

Do not forget: The stitching for a good fit: So that the cap sits well you should make a stitch test. 28 meshes in width and 36 rows in height must be 10 by 10 centimeters square. If your mesh does not match this information, please use thicker or thinner needles.

Knit baby hat


First, the earflaps are worked. Make 3 stitches, do the work and knit back on the left. The first and last stitch of each row is knit on the right, creating a firm and even knot edge.

On the right side of the work a stitch is added at the beginning and end of each row. After the edge stitch, increase a stitch right-crossed from the cross thread, knit in front of the edge stitch, in turn increase a stitch from the cross thread, work edge stitch.

Tip: Knit right-twisted increase: lift cross-thread between the two stitches on the left needle. Pierce from right to left with the right needle and catch the thread (right-hand stitched stitch). This increase looks particularly clean.

Continue working until there are 21 stitches on the needle. Knit 2 more rows and cut off the thread.

After this knitting instruction knit a second ear flap. In the last row the working thread is not cut off. Hit 10 more stitches at the end of the last left row.

Tip: Since you only have the work thread for attaching the stitches, you need to hit them with the simple thumb stop or alternatively knit them.

Knitted pattern for the cap

Work, knit 10 stitches and 17 stitches on the right earflap. Use a second needle, knit the last 4 stitches on the right and cast on 23 stitches. On the third needle knit 23 stitches and knit 4 stitches of the other earflap on the right. On the 4th needle the remaining 17 stitches of the earflap are knitted on the right and 10 stitches are re-struck.

(2nd size: in the back row, make 12 stitches and knit them to the right, knit 17 stitches from the earflaps on the right, 2. use the needle, knit 4 stitches of the earflap on the right, reposition 26 stitches, 3. use the needle, 25 stitches Cast on 4 stitches of the earflap 4. Needle: 17 stitches of the earflap, cast on 12 stitches.
In order to get the number of stitches for the 9 declines, it is necessary, unlike the smallest cap size, to add one more stitch to the front.)

On each needle are now 27 (29 and once 30) stitches that are closed for the round.

Tip: You can vary the size of the cap as you like. Simply knit one or two more at the earflaps or, as in our example, take a few more stitches between the earflaps. So the cap can be easily adapted to the head circumference of the baby. The number of decreases depends on the number of stitches. This should be divisible by 8 or 9, so that the cap shape is nicely round by the decreases.

Now knit 32 rows of plain right. If you try on the cap gently, the head should be at least ¾ covered. If this is not the case, then knit several rows of smooth right.

Followed by decreases, which rounds the cap in the upper head and adapts the shape of the head.

First knit the 11th and 12th (12th and 13th) stitch together. Insert a stitch marker before each removal. This makes it easier for you to find the right place for acceptance again.

Tip: You will receive stitch markers in many different versions in the specialized trade. Alternatively, you can use simple thread loops in contrasting color.

Decrease 4 times in every 4th row. In each case, the acceptance pocket is knitted together with the following stitch on the right.

Then it is removed in every 2nd row until there are 8 stitches left on the needle.

Variation options: If the child has a very round head, you can alternatively lose weight 4 times in every 3rd realm. If you need a slightly longer cap shape you can take 4 times in every 4th row, once in the 3rd row and then in every 2nd row.

Cut off the starting thread and pull it through the remaining stitches. Sew thread end well.

With a crochet hook number 2, the cap is now crocheted with a series of tight stitches. It also looks very pretty if you then crochet a row of cancer meshes or another lace top.

At the earflaps you can attach a very tightly twisted cord from the cap yarn. However, we have renounced it, because for various reasons in children's clothing is almost always omitted closure solutions with tapes. Due to the fixed crochet edge, the hat sits well even without binding tape.

If you would like to knit your little one to match baby hat, blanket and socks, we have these two instructions for you:

  • Knit baby blanket - //www.zhonyingli.com/babydecke-stricken-strickanleitung/
  • Knit baby socks - //www.zhonyingli.com/babysocken-stricken/

Short instructions - knit baby hat:

  • Material: baby wool or 4-thread sock wool
  • Needle size: 2.25 or 2.5
  • Knit earflaps with three stitches.
  • Cast on additional stitches and close the round.
  • After about 30 rows for the rounding evenly decrease.
  • A small crochet edge forms the beautiful and stable finish.
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