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Crochet baby dress - Instructions for a baby dress

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  • Material and preparation
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  • Basic pattern for the chest area
  • Basic pattern for the skirt
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Crocheting a baby dress is one of the favorite pastimes of mommies, omis and girlfriends. Simply because such a little dress is very lovely to look at. It is also crocheted quickly and the little Wonneproppen looks just cute in it. Such handicrafts no longer leave a nursery. Most girls take their first little dresses into marriage and later show them to their own children. A baby dress has therefore a very emotional value.

Today we present you a baby dress that is easy to crochet. It is important to us that even beginners of crochet art can easily crochet our featured work. Therefore, we have chosen this dress again a simple pattern that receives its charisma only by the wool or the yarn.

Give the baby dress its own charm

You can incorporate your own imagination with these baby dresses. We show you here only a basic pattern. And this basic guide can be easily changed. For example:

Use a special yarn or a fine wool. The skirt on the baby dress can be worked in different crochet patterns. It can be crocheted tight or with a large hole pattern. Depending on the season then a summer dress or a dress for the cold season. If you want, you can crochet or sew different little accessories. A flower, a butterfly, a bow, there are many ways to customize the baby dress individually.

And of course you can always create a new dress with the colors.

adjust size

You see, our baby dress is very changeable from the model. This also applies to the dress size. We worked two models.

This is a very small baby dress. We also thought about premature babies. A baby dress for babies until about 3 months thought. It is always very difficult to name the right size for the very youngest with a precise number of stitches. Especially with the babies, the sizes vary a lot. There are now very small babies, and besides, there are already very large babies at the same age.

You can vary the size of the baby dress very well yourself. Please consider our mesh information only as a guideline, which may change from child to child.

Tip: To make the baby dress a bit bigger, it is often enough to work with a stronger crochet hook.

This also applies if you are processing a thicker wool or a stronger yarn.
Importantly, crochet a stitch sample. At her you can see exactly how her crochet work will look like and how many stitches are on a width of 10 centimeters. This will help you figure out the number of stitches you need.

Material and preparation

When buying baby wool or baby yarn, pay attention to high quality. It should be particularly soft and tender, and fluffy in winter. There is now a very large selection of particularly soft and soft yarns. Baby wool may be made from natural fibers, but there are also high quality synthetic fibers that are great for processing baby clothes. It is important that the yarn or wool is suitable for the sensitive skin of the young child.

Model 1

The baby dress model 1 we have a bamboo-viscose blend processed. The bamboo yarn is very soft and very suitable for the delicate baby skin. Our yarn has a running length of 230 meters / 100 grams.

You need:

  • 50 grams of bamboo yarn
  • Crochet hook 3, 5 mm
  • Crochet hook 4.5 mm

Model 2

For the baby dress model 2 we decided to use a yarn mixture of polyacrylic and polyamide. The Rico Design Baby Classic by Wolle Roedel is perfect for this.

You need:

  • 50 grams of yarn mixture
  • Crochet hook 4.5 mm
  • Crochet hook 6.0 mm

Then you still need for both Babykleidchen 1 Stopfnadel for sewing the threads
and buttons for the lock.

Basic pattern for the chest area

The chest area is crocheted with half sticks.

Half sticks:

Put an envelope on the crochet hook, like a regular stick.
Pierce into the loop of the preliminary round, get the thread and pull through all three loops at the same time.


Each row ends with a half-stick, which is worked into the second ascending air mesh of the preliminary round.

After the last half-stick crochet again two ascending air-meshes,
turn the work and continue working in the following stitch of the preliminary round.

Basic pattern for the skirt

cross chopsticks

The cross-stick is crocheted from simple sticks. When puncture from the first stick a stitch from the preliminary round is skipped. Crochet chopsticks. The second stick is now crocheted in the skipped stitch from the preliminary round. Two sticks are now worked crosswise.

Crochet - Fixed stitches

We crocheted the model 2 at the neckline and the skirt with fixed stitches.

Stop and armhole

We have worked the stop without chain stitch. That is, air mesh and 1st row half sticks are worked at once.

It works like this:

  • 3 air meshes
  • 1 envelope

Pierce into the first air mesh, fetch the thread, pull through the first two loops, bring back the thread and pull through the remaining two loops. There are now two stitches visible. The first stitch is slightly larger, the second stitch, which is still at the needle, contracts more and is therefore a little smaller. Again put an envelope on the needle, in the first of the two stitches, which were crocheted, pierce. Fetch the thread and pull through the first two loops, get a thread again and pull through the last two loops. You can already see the base of the chain of airmesh.

At the end, crochet two pieces of air and work is turned over. Crochet on the side with half sticks, which is slightly bent.

Crochet baby dress

The baby dress is crocheted down from the neckline. There are several increases worked, so that at the end of the upper part of the chest creates a nice open circle. This crocheted circle is closed just before the skirt. The opening is used for easier dressing of the dress. At the end of the crochet work buttons are sewn on and a loop is knotted for the buttons.

Crochet baby dress - Model 1


  • Cast 52 mesh + 2 riser stitches = 54 stitches
  • Cast on an air chain including 1 row of half rods.

1st row

Work 1 half stick in each stitch of the chain. Anyone who has worked the chain of links including half the sticks can continue to crochet with the second row.

2nd row

Crochet half a stick in each stitch of the preliminary round.

3rd row

Work 2 half sticks in every 2nd stitch of the preliminary round.

4th + 5th row

Crochet half a stick in each stitch. There are no stitches added.

6th row

Crochet 2 half sticks in every 3rd stitch.

7th row

Markers are set in this row. The armholes are crocheted. Put a marker in the 40th stitch from left and right.

Crochet 15 half-sticks and 5 air-stitches or 5 air-stitches including half-sticks. Crochet these 5 stitches with half a stick into the stitch that was marked.

Crochet half rods until next marker. Crochet again 5 air stitches or the air stitches incl. Half a stick. Crochet the chain with half a stick in the second marker.

Work the remaining stitches with half sticks. Now the two armholes are set.

8th row

In each stitch, even in the stitches of the armholes work half rods. The open circle is crocheted with a tight loop. It will now be crocheted in rounds. So that the skirt falls airy, we have worked the skirt with a crochet hook 4.5 mm. Now begins the pattern of the cross-sticks. You work as described in the basic pattern, continue the entire rounds with cross-sticks.

You decide the length of the skirt yourself. Our model 1 has a skirt length of 13 centimeters. The crochet work is finished with a chain stitch. Sew all threads. You can now crochet the sides with sturdy stitches.

For the buttons we chose flat buttons. They should not necessarily be thick so the baby can still lie comfortably on his back. For the loops, crochet an aerial chain opposite the buttons.

Crochet baby dress - model 2


This baby dress we have worked bigger. Only 6 stitches were struck. But we crocheted it with a slightly stronger wool and with thicker needles. The chest area was worked with the needle size 4.5 mm. The wool, however, was only excellent for needle size 3.5 - 4 mm.

  • Cast on 58 pieces of air + 2 risers

Again, you can work the air chain with the integrated half-rods.

1st + 2nd row

Crochet half sticks in all stitches

3rd row

Work 2 half sticks in every 2nd stitch of the preliminary round.

4th + 5th row

Crochet half a stick in each stitch - without increasing

6th row

Crochet two half sticks in every 3rd stitch.

7th row

Work in each stitch half a stick - without increase

8th row

Crochet 2 half sticks in every 4th stitch

9th row

It is the series in which the armhole is worked. To do this, proceed as described for model 1. Put the markers in the 43rd stitch from left and right.
17 half chopsticks work. Crochet 10 pieces of air and crochet with half a stick into the marked stitch. Crochet half rods until next marker. Again work 10 air stitches and crochet this web in the marked stitch with half a stick.

10th row

Crochet half a stick in each stitch of the preliminary round. Close the open circle with a tight loop. Now the skirt begins. To make it more airy, we have further crocheted with the needle size 6 mm. In each row are now worked cross-sticks. There is no increase anymore. You can choose the length of the baby dress yourself. Our skirt is 15 inches high.

Also with this model we have sewed on the back of the neckline buttons.
The hem and the neckline we crocheted with strong stitches.

The second baby dress is ready.

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