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Instructions - Fold napkin: Christmas tree

Folding napkins is a high art in gastronomy. Get the noble restaurant chic simply home. Especially at Christmas, the table should be pompous and heartily decorated - which fits even better than neatly folded paper napkins ">

The Christmas tree as a symbol of the life force belongs to Christmas as well as a good meal, contemplation and of course gifts. So the Christmas tree napkin is best suited for the big table. The napkin folds lightning fast and easy. Of course, you can also use this folding technique in cloth napkins, which would then give the table decoration even more chic.

Folding napkin

Step 1: Pick up a paper napkin, at best in a shade of green, and place it on the table with the closed corner facing up.

Step 2: Then, grab the first layer at the point that points down and fold it upwards, folding it upwards so that there is an edge of about 2 cm from the outer edge.

Step 3: Then take the next layer and fold it up the same way. Now keep the same distance to the first layer.

4th step: Repeat this with the last two layers. After that, there should be no layer left and the napkin should look like this:

5th step: Now the napkin is turned. Hold the individual folds firmly so that nothing can unfold.

Step 6: Now grab the right corner of the napkin and fold it to the middle. Brush the fold well with your fingers. Repeat this with the left side.

Step 7: Now turn the fir-tree back to the back with the tips facing down.

Step 8: Now the individual layers are laid up. For this, pin the tips under the previous position.

Step 9: Use your fingers to pluck the five layers.

Finished is the napkin, which is very decorative as a Christmas tree and at the same time still practical.

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