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Advent calendar fill for adults - ideas for filling

  • Great ideas - fill Advent calendar
    • The 1st door
    • Goodies and alcoholic drinks
    • Personal gifts
    • Poems, sayings and books
    • Cooking and recipes
    • romantic
    • Puzzles and games
    • Vouchers
    • Christmas decoration
    • miscellaneous

You want to give this year a self-filled Advent calendar to the friend, best friend or mom ">

Getting Christmas presents can sometimes be difficult. If then there is also the organizing of 24 small Advent gifts, the pre-Christmas time for many becomes a stressful nightmare. But if you still want to surprise someone with an advent calendar to fill yourself, you are in the right place. As you have different ideas for filling listed - there you are sure to find quickly.

Great ideas - fill Advent calendar

The 1st door

The first of December heralds the advent season - with the opening of the first door, the Christmas spirit slowly but surely arrives. So just give away a Christmas calendar on this day. There are many, little advent calendars for the bag, the office and the desk to buy, for example:

  • Mini Advent Calendar with Smarties
  • Tea Advent Calendar
  • Christmas Miniature Library
  • Small chocolate christmas calendar to set up

Goodies and alcoholic drinks

With a sweet or a small bottle of your favorite schnapps, you will enjoy a little pleasure. If you want to make your Advent calendar even more personal, you can also make and bake some of the treats yourself.

  • cookie
  • gingerbread
  • Chocolate, chocolate bar
  • granola bar
  • Cookies
  • chocolates
  • Chocolate Santa Claus
  • Eggs for the double surprise
  • Mini-Stollen
  • fortune cookie
  • gummy bear
  • nuts
  • small chips bags
  • small liquor bottles
  • different beers
  • Wine, mulled wine
  • Liqueur (eggnog)
  • coffee

Personal gifts

A personal and individual gift is very popular at Christmas. When giving a gift, think about exactly what the person to be gifted is happy about - what is eaten, etc. Adapt the ideas for the advent calendar demensprechend and you will succeed.

  • Gingerbread heart with name
  • Key chain with name
  • small, framed photos
  • homemade cookies with names
  • customized fortune cookies
  • Mix CD with the favorite songs

Poems, sayings and books

Today, people are sending terse and impersonal messages via their smartphones. Take a step back and give away self-written lines or contemplative books at Christmas. Of course, you can also provide quotes and lyrics for Christmas mood - but your own words are still best.

A selection of Christmassy poems and texts can be found here: //www.weihnachts-gedichte.net/

A classic among the Christmas stories is "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

Cooking and recipes

Is the person to be gifted a passionate cook ">


Give with love - the advent calendar offers you the opportunity to express your love or to give the relationship a little spice. Romantic or erotic little things for the advent calendar are great surprises.

  • gingerbread heart
  • Love poem or love letter
  • Jewelry for the woman
  • chocolates
  • photos
  • candles
  • Invitation to the restaurant
  • Mix CD with the favorite songs together
  • snow globe
  • Romance, Romance DVD
  • Voucher for a shared bath
  • Friendship bracelet
  • funny, special condoms
  • erotic stories
  • Love dice
  • erotic toys (restraints, blindfolds, handcuffs, massage oil, kamasutra, etc.)

Instructions for homemade scented candles with Christmas scent can be found here: //www.zhonyingli.com/duftkerzen-selber-machen/

Puzzles and games

Christmas time is also the time of play, especially when it's cold outside and snowing. If the recipient is a playful puzzler then little puzzle games and mini puzzles are a good idea.

  • small travel games ("man do not fret", "Halma", "chess")
  • puzzles
  • Puzzle games made of wood
  • Sudoku
  • Crossword


Give away with the advent calendar but just something of your own time - about vouchers, which you can then perceive together with the recipient, everyone is happy.

  • massage
  • breakfast in bed
  • Go ice skating
  • Sledging
  • long winter walk
  • Clean up, wash dishes or vacuum
  • to cook dinner
  • nice dinner in the restaurant
  • Party night in the disco
  • joint baking cookies
  • a visit to the Christmas market
  • Shovel the snow and scratch the car
  • Voucher or ticket for: Cinema, Zoo, Theater, Sports Event, Concert, Wellness, Sauna, Swimming Pool, Climbing, Bowling, Billiards, Amusement Park, etc.

Christmas decoration

Of course, the appropriate decoration may not be missing at Christmas time. Just fill the Christmas calendar with decorative Christmas decorations.

  • Christmas balls
  • Christmas tree decorations (angels, drops, icicles, stars)
  • Smoker and incense candle
  • Small arcs of light
  • Candles and scented candles
  • Poinsettia for hanging

Just make a poinsettia out of paper yourself. Here you will find the instructions: //www.zhonyingli.com/weihnachtsstern-falten/


Here are some special ideas for the filling.

  • ice scraper
  • gloves
  • Cap
  • Taschenwärmer
  • small cherry stone pillow
  • cookie cutters
  • lottery ticket
  • DVD's or CD's
  • Guardian Angel
  • funny office utensils

You see, with some creativity, filling the advent calendar is a breeze. Are you still looking for crafting ideas for the calendar, there is the necessary inspiration:

  • //www.zhonyingli.com/adventskalender-basteln/
  • //www.zhonyingli.com/adventskalender-naehen/
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