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Tinker advent calendar - instructions for DIY ideas

  • Making advent calendars - three ideas
    • Mini Advent calendar
    • Christmas calendar for hanging
    • Calendar with Advent boxes
    • Sew advent calendar
  • Filling for advent calendars: Gift ideas

Advent calendars are surprise charms for the Christmas season, which should not be missed. Not only children, but also adults always enjoy opening the door and can hardly wait until the 24th can be opened. Just design your own advent calendar for your loved ones. Whether for the children or the husband, about home made almost everyone is happy. Tips for the calendar filling and creative craft instructions can be found here.

DIY calendars is not really complicated - theoretically you can transform all possible variations of boxes, packaging and bags to advent calendar doors. Possible ideas for a self-made advent calendar can be found in the household - let your eyes wander. Cardboard rolls, paper boxes, bags or even plastic cups can be decorated in a flash with a little color and decoration.

The following three ideas and instructions for advent calendars are sometimes simple and sometimes more elaborate to tinker, but they are all real eye-catcher in any case.

Making advent calendars - three ideas

Mini Advent calendar

This miniature of an advent calendar is ideal for small gifts and surprises. Without taking up much space, the matchbox calendar will fit on any busy desk. All you need is 24 empty matchboxes for this Christmas calendar. You can find a detailed tutorial here: Making mini advent calendars

Christmas calendar for hanging

If you would like to give away something more, we recommend this Christmas calendar from paper bags. The Advent calendar definitely makes a big impression when it is attached to the wall in a decorative way. At the same time it becomes a Christmas decoration. The paper bags are folded relatively quickly - how exactly it works, you can find out here: Christmas calendar of bags

Calendar with Advent boxes

This advent calendar needs a little more time - but it's worth it. Just fold 24 small origami paper boxes, place them on cotton wool or artificial snow and Christmas can come! In the following instructions, we will show you step by step how to fold square and triangular paper boxes of this kind: advent calendar with paper boxes

You see, with few means and a little craftsmanship you can make wonderful advent calendars in different sizes. The cost of each calendar are not worth mentioning. The individual gifts do not have to be expensive either. Individual ideas and wishes can be brought in better with a home-made Christmas calendar.

Sew advent calendar

For those who are a little skilled in using the sewing machine, there is also the possibility to sew advent calendars. It costs a lot of time, but the sewn calendar is so robust that it can be reused every year.

How about a calendar consisting of 24 boots?>> Sewing Nicholas boots After you have sewn 24 of these boots, all specimens must be filled, attached to a leash and hung.

Tip: You can make the 24th boots a bit bigger. Or you can combine the boots with the paper bags - so the advent calendar is definitely an individual highlight.

Or you sew a complete advent calendar with 24 compartments or bags. The time you invest in it is well worth it. With Christmas applications and matching fabrics you create a calendar that really does not exist again - a unique piece. Here you will find the illustrated sewing instructions: sewing advent calendars

Filling for advent calendars: Gift ideas

Now you already know how to make an advent calendar - now only the right filling is missing!

The classics among the Christmas calendar fillings are sweets - small chocolates, Santa Claus, candy or cookies are very popular and come from the heart, if you yourself are made.

Or give away small Christmas things such as Christmas balls, straw stars, incense and incense candles or cookie molds. This can actually be of use to anyone in the Advent season.

For your children, who are already expecting enough sweets on Christmas Eve, of course, small toys, cuddly toys or collectible figures are ideally suited as calendar filling.

  • Here you will find more creative ideas for Advent gifts for your children: Advent calendar fill - children

You can surprise your lover with earrings, a ring or a necklace - with 24 calendar doors you can give away some accessories.

  • More surprises for the Advent season for the girlfriend or the wife, we have here for you: Advent calendar fill - women

For adults, even small schnapps bottles are a nice change for the Advent season. You can also organize your husband a 24-piece box of the favorite beer and label the individual bottles with the numbers.

  • You are looking for additional gift ideas for men advent calendar "> Fill Advent calendar - Men

Are you due to the expensive Christmas gifts short of cash, but still want to give away an advent calendar, you should read on.
Advent calendars can also be filled cheaply and still provide joy and surprise:

  • Fill in the little doors with small, individual wisdom and Christmas poems. So every day of Advent can be special.
  • Give away personal vouchers: such as joint baking cookies, a winter walk, tobogganing, ice skating, cinema, DVD evening or just for tidying up.
  • For gourmets, you can also hide 24 recipes for cookies or cakes behind every door.

With little money and a lot of love, you can make and create a personal Christmas calendar - let your Christmas creativity run wild!

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