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Make your own arrangements - 4 ideas and craft instructions

  • Variant 1: Classic Advent arrangement
    • manual
    • Two alternatives
  • Variant 2: Small Advent arrangement
    • manual
  • Variant 3: Modern Advent arrangements
    • manual
  • Variant 4: Natural Advent arrangement
    • manual

It does not always have to be an Advent wreath. Alternatively - or on request as a supplement - to the classic, you can decorate your home with one or the other arrangement (before) Christmas. The elements are no less traditional and at least as beautiful as their relatives. We show you how to make charming Advent arrangements without much effort!

When strolling through the shopping streets you will certainly encounter numerous arrangements. The variety of designs ranges from small to large, simple to pompous, cheap to expensive. But leave the pre-made Advent arrangements simply on the left and sit at home at the table to conjure up which ones. On a cool autumn afternoon, there is nothing better than being with family or friends and giving free rein to your own creativity. Our detailed instructions will tell you which materials and tools you need and how to use them to create an Advent arrangement. So let's go!

Variant 1: Classic Advent arrangement

First of all, we would like to introduce you to a basic guide with which you can design a wide variety of Advent arrangements.

You need this:

  • Straw or Styrofoam blank (alternatively also wooden plate or bowl as well as a wooden basket possible)
  • one or more candles
  • Branches (eg Thuja, fir, ivy or book etc.)
  • Decorative materials (eg pine cones, chestnuts, dried fruits etc.)
  • secateurs
  • Wire, raffia or gift ribbon
  • candles Dorn
  • hot glue
  • Spray paint (optional)

General note: When selecting branches, be careful not to use spruce or blue spruce . These are enormously prickly and dry up quickly. Regarding the size of the branches, the best rule of thumb is: The smaller the blank used, the smaller the branches used must be.


Step 1 - Trim the branches with the gardener's shears. Cut off the branches of your choice (Fir, Thuja, Pine) only the tips, as they bend and shape better.

Step 2 - Let's get to the blank. You can use a styrofoam or straw blank. If you opt for a white Styrofoam blank, then you should wrap it in advance with some green crepe paper, so that no ugly white spots shine through the green.

Before you can fix the branches, attach the wire (raffia, ribbon) to the blank by wrapping it around a few times. Now begin with the attachment of the branches. The way also depends on the variety. We work with Thuja, because it is very flexible. Take some branches and place them on the blank. Also on the inner and outer edge should be some branches.

Tip: Make sure that all branches point in the same direction.

Attach the branches to the wire by binding it around the blank and the branches. Much does not always help a lot, so 1x is sufficient. Keep in mind that you have to hide the wire again in the second round.

Step 3 - After the first layer, wrap another layer around the blank. Here you should make sure that the branches overlap one another and cover the wire well.

Tip: Using green craft wire makes it easier to hide it.

Step 4 - In the well-assorted craft shop or "junk shops" there are candlesticks for plugging. These are now attached to your taste. It is recommended to attach the candles to it beforehand.

Step 5 - Now it's time to decorate. For this you have a variety of utensils to choose from. How about chestnuts and pine cones ">


  • You will ensure a particularly harmonious result by using color-coordinated decorative elements. At pre-Christmas time gold, silver, red, green, white and various shades of brown are very good. Great effects can also be achieved with spray paint, which you apply to individual branches.
  • Overall, it is advisable to adapt the arrangement to the other Christmas decorations in order to obtain a unified overall picture that radiates peace and elegance.

Two alternatives

Your Advent arrangement does not necessarily have to be round. You can also make it elongated. The best way to do this is to use a flat, rectangular wooden bowl that you can lay out with plenty of fir and / or other twigs - until the wood is out of sight. The remainder is similar to the one described above: with the help of candle holders, place the desired number of candles on the arrangement and then decorate it to your own taste.

Tip: If you use four candles, you also have an alternative to the conventional Advent wreath.

And we also do not want to deprive you of a second potential - and very fast - modification: Drape the branches in a small wooden basket and decorate them as usual with all sorts of pretty accessories. In addition, you can decorate the basket or the handle of the same with a nice ribbon. In this way, you create an inspiring basketball arrangement, which is also recommended as a gift for a visit to the family or a friend.

Following this basic guide, we would also like to present you with three concrete recommendations - one in a simple traditional garb, then in a very modern version and finally in a particularly natural edition. Which Advent arrangement suits you best "> Variant 2: Small Advent arrangement

This wonderful little Advent arrangement of materials, which are either already present or can be easily made by yourself, has an individual charm. Just take a look around at home or in the office. Sometimes you can still find old Christmas decorations from the previous year's floral arrangements or you just go to a "junk shop" and take some small decorative items with you. You do not need much for this little Advent arrangement.

We used the following things:

  • small container made of metal
  • floristic
  • 2 shish kebab skewers
  • Wooden stars from the "junk shop"
  • 1 pine cone
  • 2 small, old decoration balls
  • 1 candle and candle holder ("junk shop")
  • some thuja (optionally spruce or fir branches)
  • dried apple and slice of orange


Do not worry so much in advance. Often, a nice arrangement of doing it all by itself. This manual is designed for the pictured Advent arrangement and should serve as a guide.

Step 1 - Cut the sponge into shape to fit into the container. Steckschwämme can be easily processed with a normal knife.

Step 2 - Now assemble the candlestick and the candle and put them in the sponge. It is recommended to place the candle in smaller arrangements in the front area.

Step 3 - Then attach the wooden stars to simple shashlik skewers. We bought stars with a small glue dot. If you decide to use other stars or decorative elements, just attach them with hot glue. Stick the skewers behind the candle.

Step 4 - Cut some thuja (conifers). Again, use only the fresh and green tips. There are no limits to your imagination. We have arranged the branches behind the candle, as in the front part of a little decoration should be seen.

Step 5 - In the rest of the decoration we have provided old small balls with a wire and placed them in the arrangement. Instead, you can also use cones, rosehips or nuts here.

Step 6 - Then you can attach some dried apple or orange slices with hot glue.

Apple rings can easily be made by yourself: Cut the apple into rings and place them in salted water with lemon for about 20 minutes. Then dry on the heater. not only looks great, Richt also good.

Variant 3: Modern Advent arrangements

In the following, we provide you with a guide to a modern Advent arrangement that works without any branches. It consists almost exclusively of Christmas tree balls and is completed in no time.

You need this:

  • Styrofoam blank
  • glue gun
  • Christmas balls in different colors and sizes (also small beads with a diameter of only 1 cm may and should participate)
  • Aluminum foil or spray paint


  1. Step: Take the styrofoam blank and wrap it with aluminum foil or spray it with gold or silver paint. Depending on which ball color you want to use.

Tip: This measure brings with it a big advantage: Small gaps between the Christmas balls are hardly noticeable later on, as the aluminum foil shines just like the beads.

  1. Step: Now place larger tree balls around the blank first so that a circle is formed and then glue them with the glue gun.


  • In spite of the foil technique, make sure not to allow any gaps. Show some, fill them with very small balls.
  • The hangers of the balls should not be visible. For this reason, they must point downwards, ie in the direction of the blank.

  1. Step: After the outer side follows the inner area of ​​the blank. Then decorate it with Christmas balls again. To do this, use the next smaller ball size and glue the pieces to it.
  2. Step: In the following rounds you probably have to vary the ball sizes. The goal is to operate as seamlessly as possible.

Tip: You can achieve a particularly nice result by alternating larger and smaller balls relatively evenly. First, test a few variations on the dry before you decide on a design and stick the beads.

  1. Step: Last but not least, it's the smallest balls in the row. Fill in any remaining gaps with the elements. Finished!

Variant 4: Natural Advent arrangement

With our last guide we return to the origin - in several ways. For this Advent arrangement you need almost exclusively natural materials and a few complementary tools to attach the natural treasures. It can be quickly and easily tinkered and set up at any location.

You need this:

  • Tree slice or piece of wood
  • Twigs (juniper, pine and fir branches)
  • natural decorative elements (orange slices, cinnamon sticks, nuts, berries)
  • Stumpenkerze
  • Hot glue gun or tacker
  • Wood drill, wood screw (about 35-50 mm long, depending on the thickness of the tree wheel)


Step 1 - Take the tree disc and the wood drill at hand. Drill a hole in the center or slightly laterally (depending on where the candle should stand).

Step 2 - Turn a suitable screw through the hole. Then turn the pillar plug onto the screw so that it is secure and stable.

Step 3 - Then decorate the tree with the twigs. There are no limits to your imagination. To attach the branches you can use either hot glue or a stapler.

Tip: First place the twigs on the disc just to test a few variations and find out which arrangement suits you best.

Step: Finally, decorate the natural arrangement with your favorite elements, such as nuts and berries, slices of orange and cinnamon sticks or even small cones. The parts are attached with the hot glue gun. Finished!


It is not difficult to make an Advent arrangement yourself. You also do not have to spend much money on it, because most of the arrangements are mainly made of natural materials that you can collect during a lively forest walk. In short, there is nothing to stop you from taking one or two hours to create sumptuous Advent arrangements for your own space or as gifts for loved ones. We wish you a lot of joy and a contemplative Advent season!

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